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Inexpensive Paint Brushes: A Guide to the Cheapest!

by fluppee__aa


Paint brushes... a whimsical, mystical and unimaginable dream for many Neopians. Often these paint brushes are incredibly pricey, some of the most expensive can fetch for 8,000,000 NP and above!! Saving up for the elitist of the elite when it comes to paint brushes can take a very long time (unless you win the Neopian Lottery regularly or play it big on the stock market).

However, there is an alternative. There are many different paint brushes that don’t cost Neopia and still look pretty cool on your neopet. I’m here today to show you what I think are the top 10 inexpensive paintbrushes, as well as giving you and tips and hints as to what wearables will make your neopet look fit for the customization contest!

Please note that these paintbrushes below are in order of price, from most expensive on my list to least.

Remember these prices are estimated at the time of publication, the actual price may vary depending on who or where the paint brush is purchased from. Make sure to look around for the best deal!

#10: Golden Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 150,000-200,000 NP

Gold. A colour that traditionally only the richest Neopians could afford to paint their neopets with. But, now with other introductions such as the Royal Paint Brush, the once great Golden Paint Brush has depreciated considerably in value. This makes it the perfect paint brush for the average Neopian who may be able to spare 150,000 NP for such an item, but not 1,700,000 NP.

And don’t fret! The colour gold will never go out of style, and there are a range of different wearables (NeoCash and non-NeoCash) that will look just splendid combined with such a regal-looking pet. Why not try a Stylish Red Purse if you’re looking for that perfect accessory or clothing item?

#9: Ghost Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 120,000-150,000 NP

For those who enjoy spending time around places such as Darigan Citadel or the Haunted Woods, this paint brush is for you. Cheaper than splurging on a Darigan Paint Brush or a Halloween Paint Brush, this paint brush makes any neopet look perfect for occasions such as All Hallow’s Eve or ghostly themed sleepovers!

Combined with wearables such as the Entrance to Haunted Woods Background or the Ghostkerscarf, your pet will be the envy of any Halloween party!

#8: Striped Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 95,000 NP+ (look around for the best deal)

There aren’t too many ways of making stripes look fashionable, but whoever designed the Striped Paint Brush certainly knew how to make them work! It looks particularly good if you own an Usul or a Xweetok, but it will look absolutely fine on any neopet, and will be the envy of their friends!

Wearables such as the Bright Striped Spring Shirt and the Fancy Pink Gown should look fabulous here!

#7: Starry Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 95,000 NP+ (look around for the best deal)

Kreludor standing high, the sky at night time is enough to inspire anyone. No wonder then that many Neopians want to share some of that wonder and mystery by painting their neopet starry. And it’s not expensive either, when searching around the cheapest price I could find was 95,000 NP, which is a pretty good price if you consider some of the more expensive paint brushes.

Mysterious wearables will look sublime here - particularly the Bonfire Night Background and the Floating Space Faerie Doll.

#6: Snow Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 80,000-100,000 NP

Everybody loves a snow day. Why? Well, why not? I’m sure most of you would love to experience that thrill all year round, so that’s why the Snow Paint Brush is on my list! For one, it makes most neopets look insanely cute and cuddly, but also it’s a great alternative to the Christmas Paint Brush (see below) if you’re willing to spend a few more neopoints.

Plus, there’s a great opportunity for aspiring avatar collectors, if you own a Wocky that is a certain number of days old, paint it snow and visit their lookup, you’ll gain an avatar that can be used whilst chatting on the neoboards!

There are so many wearables that suit a snow pet; however, I’d have to recommend the Snowflake Shirt and the Snowy Scarf.

#5: Biscuit Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 75,000-100,000 NP

As you may have guessed, with this paint brush look, your pet will look good enough to eat! Yes, the Biscuit Paint Brush, valued at a reasonable 75,000 NP, will make your neopet look sweet! However, we must remind you that your neopet will only look like a biscuit, not taste like a biscuit - so don’t go eating your pet!

Sweet and candy themed wearables will look great with the Biscuit Paint Brush! How about a Candy Heart Necklace if you’re strictly neopoints only, or a Candy Negg Garland if you can afford to spend some NeoCash?

#4: Cloud Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 75,000-100,000 NP

Everyone has once dreamt of floating amongst the clouds, feeling fresh and free. So, it’s only natural that there is a Cloud Paint Brush to allow you to feel that all the time! This paint brush is a charming and cheaper alternative to the more expensive Faerie Paint Brush, and fashioned with faerie themed wearables will look fabulous!

So, what wearables would I recommend? Well, the Faerieland Cloud Background and the Sassy Fire Faerie Wig should make your neopet look incredibly graceful and elegant!

#3: Glowing Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 45,000 NP+ (look around for the best deal)

Glowing Jelly, Glowing Sand and even a glowing yoyo... it seems everywhere you turn there seems to be something glowing! So, that’s why the Glowing Paint Brush is on my list! At around 45,000 NP, this paint brush is a lot cheaper than the Ghost Paint Brush featured above, so if you’re looking for a Halloween costume and you don’t have many neopoints to spend, this is a great idea.

The Halloween Shindig Background and the Spooky Skull Mask will really combine for that Halloween look.

#2: Speckled Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 40,000-60,000 NP

One of my favourites, the Speckled Paint Brush is one of the cutest paint brushes around, and is available to buy at such a low price! This is a great idea if your pet loves Easter as it will look egg-cellent with many different NeoCash and non-NeoCash items.

I’d heartily recommend the All About Neggs Background and the Colourful Festival Negg Skirt if you’re looking for that bouncy, spring look!

#1: Christmas Paint Brush

Estimated Value: 35,000-50,000 NP

And this is it! The cheapest paintbrush around, the... dun dun dun... Christmas Paint Brush!! The best time to buy this paintbrush is during the year since it reaches its bottom price around then. I wouldn’t recommend buying this during the month of Celebrating (December) as it tends to go up in price.

However, there is also a possibility that this paint brush will be given out free during the Advent Calendar event in December, as it has been in the past. Although, I wouldn’t rely on this since it hasn’t been given out every year and it’s much better to buy it early if you do really want it!

Another perk of this paint brush is that along with the festive shade it brings to your pet, it can also provide them with new clothes to go with it! These can be mixed and matched with other wearables (however, wearables given by a paint brush are not compatible with other species of neopet) to make your outfit look even more special!


So, that’s the top 10 cheapest paint brushes available at the moment! Hopefully it’s helped inspire those of you who don’t have 8,000,000 NP to hand and made you realise that you don’t need that many neopoints to make your neopets look stylish!

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