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Flash Game Avatars and How to Get Them

by flapjackpax


Whether you are an avid avatar collector, love ranking up high scores on flash games or just want a flash game avatar of your own to show off on the neoboards, this guide is the place for you! So throw away those fears and doubts you have over tricky game avatars, read on and start collecting them today!

“But flash game avatars are impossible!” Does this statement sound familiar? I have heard it countless times before and I will hear it countless times again. Before you read anymore, I want you get rid of all those sketchy thoughts. Discard them, put them on the money tree, I don’t care! Just forget about flash game avatars being out of reach because simply, they are not! And you are about to learn why.

Ever seen a fellow Neopian with 320+ avatars? If you have, the chances are that this person has lots of flash game avatars! The same culprits that complain about flash game avatars being impossible to unlock are those who also might say; “But obviously they are just amazing at gaming and find it easy.” This one makes me laugh every time I hear it. As of the time this guide was written, there are over 40 flash game avatars which can be unlocked through achieving a particular score on a game. Do you think people who have collected every avatar were born able to get these scores? Nope, they worked very hard on them just like everyone else did. Although everyone may have a few games they find easy to get the score in, no one is great at all of them. But you CAN be great at all of them. And the most important factor in getting these avatars is learning what makes them unique.

The Difference Between Flash Game Avatars and Other Avatars

There are many factors that differentiate flash game avatars from any others. They don’t require NP, you can’t be “lent” an item to get these avatars and they aren’t random. But the most important difference is the work. Hard work.

Now obviously avatars such as the Space Faerie and expensive ones like Number Six require work too. But flash game avatars are different. No matter how much you practice a game, it stays the same. It is the same game and the score is still obtainable any time you come back and play the game. What I’m saying is, you can’t “accumulate” NP or Battledome stats over a long period of time to get a flash game avatar. All you can do is submit that one high score that gives you the shiny icon. It is a different kind of work and you must be committed to getting the avatar! If you are, read on.

The 8 Simple Steps for Getting a Flash Game Avatar

1. Pick One Avatar: Let me stress this point! So many Neopians have a skill within them that they need to develop to get a flash game avatar. But it is wasted. This happens because we all go through phases of trying to get them. We try for many avatars at once, and then don’t try again for a few weeks. This will almost never work unless you get very lucky. All you have to do is focus on one, play until you get it, and move on.

2. Read Game Guides: Before you play the game, I suggest you read the instructions that Neopets provides upon opening the game. After that, give the game a quick try just so you know how it works and what to expect. Now you have to turn into a flash game avatar sponge and soak up all the information on the game you can! The best way to do this is by reading game guides. To find a game guide for the game you want, head over to the Game chat board and ask around. You should find a pet page guide in no time! For a quicker approach, search the name of your game in the Neopian Times. Nearly every game on neopet’s has a guide in the Neopian Times! Read the guide's tips and tricks about the game and make sure you understand them. I like to read through one game guide thoroughly and skim through a few others just to see if they have anything different. Guides are very important as they provide us any cheat codes that the game has, strategy on how to play and other very useful pieces of advice. Trust me, they work!

3. Practice, Practice, Practice and practice some more: I know this step isn’t extremely appealing but it’s true. Flash game avatars require dedication and practice to achieve them. The more you play a game, the easier it gets. Sometimes you may not feel like it’s getting easier but each time you click that mouse you are gaining experience. When I am almost at the score required for a flash game avatar, my mind switches to game mode. I hardly even have to think of the tricks for level one, or the code you use on level two. This is because the more you play a game, the more it becomes second nature. Did you find level two hard at the start and now think it seems easy? That means you are getting better and this will reflect in higher levels or later stages of the game. It just takes time and that’s good because we have no deadline for flash game avatars!

4. Frequency of Practice: This is an important step in getting the avatar you want. You have to make sure that you practice the game enough but also that you don’t over practice! You should definitely practice the game at least every day. Don’t worry if you miss one, though; just practice the next day. But make sure you don’t open the game and play it straight for one hour without breaks. As well as this not being healthy for your eyes, it will only frustrate you and make you feel very sick of the game. I suggest you play the game twice for neopoints, then try and beat the last score you got without sending the score. Play again and try and beat that score and keep going until you can’t get any higher. This shouldn’t take longer than half an hour depending on what game it is. It is fine to do this a few times throughout the day. Just make sure you space out the practice sessions and try your best not to hate the game. If you start feeling extremely bored and tired of the game, take a good break. Stop playing and try again tomorrow.

5. Managing Stress and Frustration Levels: Everyone gets stressed and frustrated with flash game avatar scores. I know I certainly have! The most important thing to remember is to stay positive. Sometimes you may feel like all the odds are against you and you will never get the avatar. For example, my highest score on Ice Cream Machine right now is 14,435 points. This is only a few points off the avatar score! If I had lasted just a few seconds more in the game, I would have that pretty picture to use on the neoboards as you read this. But that score is not a negative thing. You know what it tells me? If I can score 14,435, I can absolutely achieve a little bit more! It’s common sense. DO NOT tell yourself that it was luck and you blew your only chance at getting the avatar. The reason you scored so close is because of all that work you have put in. This work hasn’t gone to waste! Take a day off then and keep trying. You will get there!

6. Fighting the Nerves: This step depends on the type of person you are. In general, when we try for a flash game avatar, the idea of getting the score becomes more and more important to us the more we practice. Because of this, if we find ourselves almost at avatar score, we panic and get nervous. Our hands stop doing what we tell them to do and our hearts start to beat fast. Don’t worry; this happens to many people, especially me! An excellent remedy for this is if you are playing a game which has levels, take a break between them. Let’s say you need a score of 1000 points on a game. You just finished level 9 and you have 898 points. You will most likely get the score you need in the next level, providing it goes well. Palms sweaty and heart racing? That’s fine; stop playing, get up and do something else. Once you are calm, come back, put your game face on and get that avatar! Your reflexes should be back to normal and by the time the nerves kick in again, you may already have the score.

7. A Pinch of Luck and Adrenaline: As we practice for a game avatar, we are all waiting for that one game out of fifty, one hundred, maybe even two hundred where luck comes our way and we push ourselves that extra inch further. The more you play a game, the better your chances are at getting lucky. It’s a fact. So don’t worry. That one game is in store for you somewhere down the line. Some game avatars take weeks, even months, but we all get there eventually.

8. Achieve and Move On: Finally gotten the avatar you worked for? Well done, give yourself a pat on the back and a jump for joy! That avatar shows how all your work and determination has finally paid off. As you are probably so tired of the game now, you can stop thinking about it and pick another game to focus on. Maybe take a week off before trying for a new one, but just remember; you made it!

Below, I have made a list of the flash games with avatars separated by their difficulty. Just remember, though; this is just my opinion and you may find yourself getting the avatar on the first try of a game I have labelled as hard!

Easy: Meepit VS Feepit, Advert Attack, Dice Escape, Hannah and the Pirate Caves, Whack-a-Kass, Gourmet Club Bowls, MAGAX: Destroyer II, Suteks Tomb, Grand Theft Ummagine.

Medium: Mutant Graveyard of Doom II, Faerie Bubbles, TNT Staff Smasher, Petpet Rescue, Meepit Juice Break, Attack of the Slorgs, Hungry Skeith, Dubloon Disaster, The Buzzer Game, Meerca Chase II, Snowmuncher, The Castle of Eliv Thade, Gadgagsgame, Ultimate Bullseye 2.

Hard: Carnival of Terror, Nimmos Pond, Feed Florg, Typing Terror, Destruct-O-Match III, Mynci Beach Volleyball, Ice Cream Machine, Freaky Factory, Stowaway Sting, Raiders of Maraqua, Chia Bomber 2.

Very Hard: Maths Nightmare, Korbats Lab, Snow Wars II, Escape from Meridell, Extreme Potato Counter, Petpetsitter, Volcano Run II, Extreme Herder.

You should be able to get most of the easy game avatars with a guide and a few tries. Medium requires some practice, may take a while and some luck. Hard games need lots of practice and patience; these may take weeks and weeks. Very Hard is well, very hard. There aren’t many Neopians who have every flash game avatar available and if they don’t have one, it is most likely in that list. These avatars are achievable but may take a few months of practice and/or a very lucky game to unlock.

Well, there you have it! A complete guide on how to get flash game avatars. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick a game, start playing and increase your avatar count. Good luck!

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