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Restocking, Part 2: Picking the right shop

by toon_link_dancing


So, now that we have the basics covered, let's get to looking what shops you want to restock, in-depth. Before I go any further, I would recommend that if you have not, read my earlier article, Restock, Part 1: the Basics; it will help you a lot.

A lot of restockers ask, "What are the best shops to restock at?" There is no right or wrong answer; it depends on a few things. First, you must determine how long you are planning on restocking. (Yes, it matters a lot!) Second, you must know your own speed on the keyboard and try not to overrate yourself; it's going to hurt you. Third, you must see how many items are in a shop at once. A shop can only have four rows of items at once. Yes, that means only twenty four items. No more. So if you see that it is full, it will not, I repeat, WILL NOT restock new items, so do not waste your time there. You would be doing yourself a favor by looking for a different shop to restock at.

So now let me get into some shops you can restock at.

The Pharmacy

Difficulty- 6

Restock- Usually every 5-10 minutes

The pharmacy is a very good place for beginners. It restocks fairly often and usually has one to two good items per restock. Rare items (that you make a profit off of) sell in about five seconds, plenty of time for a beginner to get the hang of restocking and typing. The rare items are pretty easy to pick out because of their color and design. One good thing about the Pharmacy is that it always has room for a rare cure to restock because there are only twenty-two common cures. The Pharmacy does not have very many unbuyable items, though. In review, you can be a beginner to restock the Pharmacy, and it restocks fairly often and restocks items you can make a profit off of.

Plushie Palace

Difficulty- 7

Restocks- Usually every 20 minutes (if the shop is not full)

The Plushie Palace is a place for restockers who have mastered the Pharmacy. It restocks about three times an hour and typically has one or two plushie that will bring in profit per restock! The rare items move in about four seconds or less so you must type about a second faster. This shop is not a good place to get restocking practice at. One bad thing about the Plushie Palace is that it can fill up on junk plushies so it cannot restock any good items. When it is full of common plushies, you should take your restocking talents somewhere else. The Plushie Palace does have a lot of unbuyables, so if you can type fast, you will be fine! All in all, restockers that are fairly good at restocking can restock and be successful.

Neopian Post Office

Difficulty- 8.5

Restocks- About 20 minutes

The Neopian Post Office is a place for very experienced restockers. It restocks about three times an hour and usually every restock has something valuable. When this shop restocks you must be lightning fast. It usually restocks one unbuyable per restock and this stamp will move fast. There are a few junk stamps, but it does not usually fill up on junk due to the fact that it restocks two or three valuable stamps a restock. The stamps you may restock are pretty easy to sell since they are highly sought after as collector's items. The long and the short of it is that if you are fast at typing and can spot a rare stamp fast, you will thrive here because it restocks plenty of unbuyables.

The Magic Shop

Difficulty- 10

Restocks- About every 30 minutes

The Magic Shop is where the best restockers restock. It restocks morphing potions, usually ones that are worth millions, and they sell very fast. The morphing potions are very easy to spot because they are usually priced between 10k to 100k and because of their unique design. It is not rare that you have two or three morphing potions a restock, but you would be considered lucky to restock one. The morphing potions sell in two seconds or less. There are over 150 morphing potions in Neopia, so you never know what morphing potion will restock and when it will. You must be one of the most elite restockers around to restock this shop. All I can say about this shop is good luck.

Collectable Coins/ Collectable Sea Shells

Difficulty- 8

Restocks- About every 15 minutes

I put these two shops together because they are almost exactly alike. They both restock items for your stamp album. They restock fairly often since they sell only coins or sea shells which there are very few of. What items they do restock are pretty valuable. The items move awfully fast, so you must be able to type very fast. I would recommend that when you start, you buy any item that you see restock and then shop wizard it. You will get the hang of it and the prices of the items. If you wonder where the shops are located, Collectable Coins is in the art centre in Neopia Central and Collectable Sea Shells is in Maraqua.

One thing I must mention is about how often shops restock. I only give a rough estimate of when they will restock. Some days the shops restock almost every five minutes and other days they restock once an hour or less. It is not only a game of skill, but also luck and chance, so one of the most important skills in restocking is patience. Be prepared to wait and wait and wait. Something will happen sooner or later. Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in Neopia than restocking an expensive item. Good things will come your way if you wait.

I wish you all the best of luck to get restocking! You can build a fortune! Good luck and have fun!

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