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The Summer Months: Ideas to Keep You Busy

by xilimirg


For many Neopians, the upcoming months may be a bit of a drag with all this new time on your hands. This article will give you a couple ideas that will hopefully give you a couple ideas how you can spend the next couple months busy in the world of Neopia!

Rank Up in ACVI

This one sounds like a no-brainer to most! This summer classic brings teams from all over Neopia together to celebrate competition and great prizes at the end! Go for the best rank possible! The more points you have and the higher your rank, the better selection you will have at the end when the Prize Shop opens. Also, as most of you know, Yooyuball has new features and controls, so why don’t you sit down and perfect the new game? Also, don’t forget about the Staff Tournament to earn some extra NP and potentially some fun prizes at the end!

Set an Avatar Goal

Are you currently sitting at 284 avatars and have always wanted to hit the prestigious 300? Maybe you are a beginner and you are at 76 and want to get to 150? This is the best time to work on those avatars that might take a little time (NeoQuest I and II, Kadoaties, Sewage Surfer, etc.). A lot of users are maybe over 300, and are trying to get one of the most prestigious avatars, the Neoboard Avatar Collector avatar. Work your way up to when the scores reset as this will be your best chance to get it! Good luck!

Start/Work on Your Stamp Album

Stamps? Those really expensive things that you can’t get back once you put them in your album? Okay, they aren’t that bad. There are a lot of cool looking stamps out there that aren’t that expensive, and some of the cheaper albums are really fun to complete! Do some research and check your current albums out and see which ones you need. Make a list and see which ones you can cross off before the end of the summer. Also, if you are stuck because you are down to those stamps that are really hard to come by, make sure you keep checking back with the Auction House to see if any more of these rare stamps appear!

Start/Complete your Gallery

Obsessed with cheese? Plushies? Pizza? Show your love for these items by working on your gallery! Nothing shows your obsession and dedication to an item like having an entire gallery dedicated to it. Make some lists, do some research, and let your obsessions fly! Another important aspect of your gallery is to make sure you have a nice gallery layout too. Don’t know how to code a gallery layout? Well, isn’t this the perfect time to learn?


Nothing shows your love for the summer months more than decking your Neopet out in some summer garb. You wouldn’t want your Neopet sporting an Ugly Christmas Sweater in the middle of the summer! Check out the NC Mall for some Altador Cup Sunglasses or some Summer Fun Sunglasses. Of course there are other options for those users without access to the NC Mall. Some classic Round Sunglasses or Plain Black Sunglasses will definitely make your Neopet complete over the next couple months. Make sure to check out the different types of shorts and shirts that the Unis Clothing Shop located in the Neopian Bazaar has to offer.

Take a Vacation to Mystery Island!

Nothing says summer like a vacation to the island! Train your Neopet at the Training School or take a trip on the Tiki Tours for an overview of Mystery Island. Mystery Island also has tons of shopping, so don’t forget to check out the Island Market and Tiki Tack for some island souvenirs. Also, I hear the Lost City of Geraptiku is pretty neat as well. Make sure to check out the tomb! Don’t go too far in if you get scared easily, but if you do make it all the way through, you might find some treasure! If you aren’t into adventures, stay on the Island and visit Tombola for a free game instead!

Visit Krawk Island!

Wait? Did someone say island? Get your pirate on and visit Krawk Island if you and your Neopet aren’t into the whole laid-back island setting. Krawk Island also has a training spot for your Neopet called The Academy, which is run by Cap’n Threelegs. Yep, three. Cap’n Threelegs takes a little longer training your Neopet, but is a good alternative if you aren’t heading to Mystery Island anytime soon. Don’t forget to check out the games that Krawk Island has to offer, like Deckball, Bilge Dice, and Krawps. Also, if you are feeling a little risky, head over to Food Club to take some bets on some real pirates competing! Don’t stay on Krawk Island too long; you wouldn’t want to be associated with those smugglers...

Play Plushie Tycoon!

Plushie Tycoon is a game that many shy away from because they think it takes a lot of time commitment and being on for eight or nine hours a day. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some users that check on every single update, and are very successful; however, there are some users who just check every so often or play just part of the day. The summer is the best time to play if you were crunched with time because you will now have more flexibility in selecting the proper time zone that fits you best. Check out the Games Chat and if you have any questions or need any help!

Enhance Your Trophy Cabinet

Is your trophy cabinet feeling a little empty? Is your only trophy Beating Punchbag Bob? Even if your trophy cabinet isn’t lacking the gold, this is a good time to practice to get more! Practice and try on the first of the month (Most call it Trophy Reset Day) for the best opportunity to add one of these gems to your cabinet. Check your High Scores List and see which games you are do well in, and try and add a couple more points on to your score to be trophy eligible!

I hope that this article gave you some new ideas on how to spend the next couple months on Neopets, and that you enjoy the time you do spend playing. Don’t hesitate to get away from this list and start your own summer goals and try your hardest to complete as many as possible. Good Luck!

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