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Neopia's Heroes and Villains - Get that Look!

by marthaandseal


Every pet has a favorite hero or villain: a faerie or neopet that they idolize or aspire to. What better way is there to show their appreciation of that person than to follow their fashion? This can be simple, for example, a Moehog who wishes to impersonate Dr Sloth need only acquire a Halloween paint brush and Darkest Faerie fans can head down to the NC Mall and pick up a beautiful Darkest Faerie Dress for just 200 NC. However, for other pets things aren’t that easy. That’s why I’m going to show you how to get the looks of some of the most fashion conscious members of both the heroes and evil galleries right here.

First up, we have Lisha. This yellow Aisha proved essential in the Kass war when she was able to see through the Court Dancer’s disguise and break her spell, earning her a spot in the Gallery of Heroes. The most obvious place to start for the outfit of this intelligent Aisha is to purchase a pair of Lishas Glasses. These can be found on the Shop Wizard for approximately twenty-one thousand neopoints. However, glasses alone do not make an outfit. With Lisha’s school girl chic, the most obvious option (but not the best) is the School Girl Shirt and the School Girl Skirt. However, these items are both extremely expensive and the wrong color. A cheaper and superior alternative is to head down to the General Store and pick up a Basic White Shirt and Khaki Skirt which capture Lisha’s studious look perfectly. As for shoes, School Girl Shoes are ideal as they come with long white socks, but they are extremely pricey; a cheaper alternative is a pair of Aisha Maiden Shoes. For accessories, the Magical Wand of Magicalness is a passable imitation of Lisha’s wand. Now to get a background: Lisha is famous for protecting Meridell so the Meridell Entrance Background is just perfect for her. Alternatively, the Meridell Stone Wall background also gives a nice castle feel.

Next we have another highly intelligent neopet, who, unlike Lisha, chose to use her intellect and magical powers for evil. She is the latest addition to the Gallery of Evil: Xandra. Librarian is definitely in this season and what better way to proclaim yourself as one of the Xweetok’s loyal followers than to rock the bookish look. First things first, for this look we need a Speckled Paint Brush. Luckily, speckled is one of the cheaper colors and Speckled Paint Brushes can be found on the Shop Wizard for just over forty thousand neopoints. Once your pet has a shiny new colour, head on over to Prigpants & Swolthy Tailors and pick up a Fancy Pink Gown. The initial reaction to this may be something along the lines of "What, a girly dress! Xandra wouldn’t be seen petrified in this!". This statement may be true but the art of fashion is accessorising and with a few choice pieces this dress will be transformed into something fit for a villain. Our first accessory is a Simple Fur Lined Cape. This has the advantage of being fairly inexpensive and practical for cold or wet climates; after all, nobody wants an evil scheme to be halted by bad weather. Team this with Elegant Gear Boots, Sea Foam Green Wig and last but not least Xandras Cunning Disguise, and we have an outfit fit for the destroyer of Faerieland. For a background, I would recommend the Faerielands Destruction Background, which can easily be teamed with a Sinking Faerieland Trinket for added effect, or the Xandras Library Background with the Pile of Books Foreground. A Glowing Book of Spells can then be added to make your pet look extra studious.

Our penultimate look is that of the fiercest pirate ever to terrorize the high seas: Captain Scarblade. This green Lupe’s list of credentials for the Gallery of Evil include attempting to destroy Maraqua TWICE, and the aforementioned terrorizing of the seas. The primary item needed for this outfit is the Fancy Frock Coat. This can be worn alone or with the Lupe Grandma Blouse in order to provide a little more detail around the collar. As for trousers, Khaki Trousers are cheap and effective when teamed with Elegant Gear Boots or Wellington Boots. A good pirate must always have a sword and the Warrior Lupe Maiden Sword or the Lupe Knight Sword both fit the bill, although neither is particularly cheap. Scarblade’s hat and eyepatch pose a problem; the closest eyepatch is probably the Designer Eyepatch, but this is not available to buy and all attempts to find a suitable hat have failed. However, we can easily be imaginative; pirate hats can easily be lost at sea during a sword fight or after a gust of particularly strong wind. Possible backgrounds for Scarblade include the Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background, the View of Krawk Island from Ship Background or the Underwater Shipwreck Background (as he was responsible for so many of them). The Haunted Pirate Ship Wheel can also be used to add to the pirate vibes.

Finally, we have a neopet who is the star of not one, not two, but four games... Adventuress and heroine, Hannah the Usul! Although Hannah has many outfits, here I’m going to go retro and style her Pirate Caves look. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact replica of Hannah’s skirt. A similar skirt is the reasonably priced Snowflake Skirt; although the pattern is different, the color is similar to the original. This can be teamed with Rustic Male Usul Warrior Boots, which are practical and comfortable or with Embers Boots which are much cheaper and have the added advantage of heat resistance. For a top, the Kyrii Peasant Bodice Top would have been perfect, except Usuls can’t wear it; a close alternative is the Leather Bodice. To copy Hannah’s luscious locks, try a Rustic Female Usul Warrior Wig, and to accessorise the outfit, look at pendants, such as the Gormball Necklace or the Replica Lucky Coin, and treasure chests like the Kreludan Treasure Chest. And for a background, what better place for a Pirate Cave Hannah look-alike than a cave? Try the Creepy Cave Background, the Fungus Cave Background or if your neopet is scared of the dark, the Krawk Island Silhouette Background is another alternative.

So, there you have it, the secret behind the looks of four of Neopia’s most famous members. All that’s left to do is to warn you that if you attempt these looks, your neopet may find him or herself followed by adoring fans, hordes of minions or the Defenders of Neopia. Wear at your own risk!

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