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PPL: The Top Five Under-appreciated Petpets

by kadface


Additional content from blackfriar

This is an official PPL (Petpet Protection League) bulletin:

Dearest Neopians, it has recently come to our attention that some petpets have not received the reverent respect and affection that some of the more prestigious petpets have come to grow and love. Whilst we at PPL appreciate and applaud your diligent efforts in the promotion of healthy and happy petpet growth, some Petpets remain unloved and indeed, unknown.

With the recent advent of Petpet Appreciation Day, we felt it prudent to display this bulletin for all to see. Hopefully this will help to highlight the plight of these five Petpets and perhaps some who read this will be tempted to take one of these petpets in for themselves.

1. Pickulsaur

Perhaps one of the unusual petpets, the rare Pickulsaur comes from a distant land where Burger Trees and Tomato Sauce swamps were rife. Following the great Burger Bubble of Year 2, the Pickulsaur fled from the once prosperous forest, looking for a new home. Often mistaken as an edible item and shunned by the fresh food industry, the Pickulsaur has been looking for a loving individual to hold him close.

The Pickulsaur can often be found frolicking in the Kitchen, and has even been known to extend the life of your short-lived food, through a process which is popularly known as 'Pickul-ed'. Furthermore, a Pickulsaur is extremely cheap to feed. One Ultimate Burger, less than 1000 NP, will both feed and house a Pickulsaur for an entire month. As value for money it is perhaps the most sustainable Petpet on the list, and far less demanding than the much more popular Kadoatie.

2. Jowlard

Of all the Petpets, the Jowlard has attained a reputation for being inseparable from its owner. Rumours of Jowlards keeping up neighbourhoods when left outside for the night have caused the negative perception to intensify to the point where Jowlards are on the list of banned Petpets in many regions. However, this reputation is unwarranted; whilst it is true that a Jowlard requires attention and love, they are quite happy living outside if that is the owner's wish.

Indeed the Jowlard is fiercely loyal to its owner, and can be a great deterrent to any would-be thieves. The image of a scowling, angry Jowlard, jaw open wide, is enough to scare even the most determined of prowling menaces in the night. But despite its dangerous appearance, the Jowlard find its happiest moments in a cuddle from a grateful owner. A Jowlard is also extremely adept at eating household waste items, to the point where rubbish collecting is useless. However, as much waste food has been consumed, this does mean the owner will have to be prepared to clear up much dung. Fortunately, for every Jowlard adoption, the PPL will provide a complimentary voucher for a Basic Shovel, allowing for ease of mind.

3. Cheerlub

Often described as the happiest of all petpets, this petpet wants nothing more than to spread happiness and joy into the life of Neopians everywhere. With a light sprinkling of water regularly, this petpet will frolic and play all day long, never tiring or losing a sense of purpose. This underappreciated petpet has unfortunately been placed into the category of 'Too Loud'. When beds have been tucked in and eyes shut, through no fault of the Cheerlub, the 'meeba' sound that escapes from its mouth has kept more than a handful of Neopians awake.

However, the PPL is proud to present the house trained Cheerlub! Through a non-threatening and loving training approach based upon respect and co-operation, the Cheerlub community has been taught the benefits of remaining quiet at night. Fear not, this does not diminish their cheerfulness during the day, as a restful sleep enables the Cheerlub to continue its mission without fear of reprisal. To this day in the PPL headquarters the high pitched 'Meeba meee' never fails to bring a smile to the face of the staff. Adopt a Cheerlub today!

4. Aroota

This cute Altadorian Petpet is extremely adept as catching fish. Indeed, in times of antiquity the Aroota could feed an entire city of Altadorians when the harvest was poor. However, with the advent of modern farming techniques, inspired by the famously popular book The Way Windmills Work, the popularity of this useful petpet has rapidly declined. This has been furthered by the misconception that looking cute means an inability to defend oneself. The Aroota must be treated with care, due to the spines on its back, which can cause injury if the petpet is not handled correctly.

However, the Aroota, if handled with love, affection and a very thick pair of gloves, can provide an endless supply of fish. Paired with a Pickulsaur, the caught fish can be stored for vast periods of time, which can be especially useful for longer winter months. The Aroota is a hardy petpet and does not require much from the owner. With a place to sleep and a little bit of attention, the Aroota will lovingly supply the household for as long as it may.

5. Xepru

You'll be over the moon with our final petpet. Xepru are often considered the most beautiful of all the 'Robot Petpets'. An advanced AI and and high-tech fur-included interface has prompted many to consider the Xepru as not a robot. However, this precarious position has led to the unfortunate situation where Robot lovers do not adopt this petpet, and regular users shun the Robot Petpet community. The cheerful Xepru has no person willing to adopt it, and its style and joy remains unloved.

Perhaps this perception of the Xepru can be changed. If you draw your attention to the raised paw, and elegantly curled tail, you may see the Xepru is a beautiful creature. The antennae, in addition to providing the Xepru with perfect balance, are extremely sensitive to atmospheric change. So if, one day in your space ship, you detect your Xepru appearing off-colour, rather than attempt to reboot your petpet, you ought to check your ship air monitoring system. Many a Neopian's life has been saved through the loyal vigilance of these astonishing Petpets. Isn't it time you upgraded your life with the installation of a new Xepru?

Thank you for taking the time to read this official PPL Bulletin. We hope to see you at the PPL adoption centre soon.

~~ PPL Promotion & Production Team

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