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Petpet Appreciation Day In...

by amitybelle


The Petpet Protection League makes sure the Petpets of Neopia are all taken care of and happy at all times. If your Neopet has their own Petpet to love, hopefully you have taught them to take care of their little friend. Petpets can be found nearly everywhere in Neopia, so let's get to know a few of them from a few different lands!

The Haunted Woods


You thought I was going to mention the Meepit, didn't you? They may look deceivingly adorable in their cotton candy shade of pink, but they are not my favourite Petpet found in the Haunted Woods, and no amount of big staring eyes will sway me. I am partial to the Slorg, a slimy little critter which does leave trails of slime wherever it goes, but if your Slorg is painted Custard, is that really such a bad thing?

You can find Slorgs in a few Neopian items, too. Munch on a Cheesy Slorgwich while you read De-Slorg Your Farm, an informative book which will help you master Attack of the Slorgs. Springy Green Slorg and Purple Squeaky Slorg are both fun toys if you're not up for a game where you're denying poor Slorgs their lunch (I wonder if the PPL frown upon this game). There are also plenty of huggable plushies based on different coloured Slorgs if you're really not keen on constantly ridding your Neohome of slime, custard or not.

Oh, have you ever noticed that Slorgs also have those big staring eyes, as well as one of the largest smiles in Neopia? As the Meepits have us convinced of their evil, no one would expect the Slorg... I'd keep an eye on them if I were you.

Other notable Petpets from the Haunted Woods include the Meowclops, Ghostkerchief and if you prefer mud to slime, the Sludgy.

The Lost Desert


If you own a Petpet from the Lost Desert, chances are you bought it from Peopatra, a kind Peophin who takes in abandoned Petpets and nurses them back to health. A Petpet Peopatra comes across occasionally is the Scarabug; they will often come to her with a broken wing. When in good health, these colourful little Petpets enjoy flying, either alone or in swarms. They can be used as a remedy for a hot day too (and what else would you expect from the Lost Desert?); they are more than happy to fan any Neopian who is feeling a little too warm. They may look somewhat sinister, but they are faithful friends to those who love them.

Other notable Petpets from the Lost Desert include the Anubis, Geb and Wadjet. Peopatra has her own Wadjet named Kerble, who she rescued one day on her way to the market.

Terror Mountain


The Snowbunny is a very cute, very popular Petpet which first came bouncing into Neopia as a prize from the Advent Calendar in Year 4. Akin to the Cybunny, Snowbunnies enjoy hopping and exploring in the snow. They enjoy a quiet environment and don't make a lot of noise themselves; they are a little too good at playing Kacheek Seek.

Like the Slorg, there are a range of items in Neopia which feature this Petpet. Snowbunny Chair is very comfortable and can be placed in either Classic or 2.0 Neohomes. For fans of the NC Mall, Winter Snowbunny Earmuffs will keep any Neopian warm when venturing to Terror Mountain. And for any Neopet who is either too noisy or boisterous to look after a Snowbunny, or is afraid of them (who could be afraid of a sweet little Snowbunny?), Wind Up Snowbunny is a fun toy which hops just like the real thing.

Other notable Petpets from Terror Mountain include the Fir, Jinjah, and if you plan to stay in the cooler climates, an Abominable Snowball is a loving companion.



If you're looking for a Pink Petpet which isn't evil, return that devious Meepit and replace it with one of these. Like the Snowbunny, Flouds don't make a lot of noise and spend a lot of their time daydreaming, which makes them perfect buddies to any creative mind. They are fantastic storytellers and have quite the knack for finding lost items, as they have a tendency to float around until they bump into something.

Other notable Petpets from Faerieland include the Cirrus, Faellie and Teemyte. No, you didn't do anything wrong, Teemytes always look upset...



The Quintilc is a unique Petpet which is very delicate and light, perfect for any Neopet who hasn't had a lot of Battledome training. Despite their incredibly light weight, they are talented fliers and actually enjoy windy days. (If it's very windy, tying a piece of string to them probably isn't a terrible idea...) When the Quintilc trusts its owner, it may allow him or her to mould it into a different shape; most of these Petpets are skilled in the art of origami and don't mind a new fold or two for a short while.

Other notable Petpets from Shenkuu include the Kazeriu, Sandan and a popular recent addition to Neopia, the Belonthiss.



Many lists end with the best of the best. This Petpet may not necessarily be the best, but it's definitely the easiest. As Tyrannians are far too busy looking out for Monoceraptors, creating furniture made of stone and dung or waiting for the Wheel of Monotony to stop spinning, they have little time to spend looking after a Petpet. Industrious and clever as the Tyrannians are, they came up with a fantastic solution - what could be easier than caring for a Rock? They don't require daily food or exercise, can take care of themselves when you leave for holiday and they will not chew your furniture. Although, living in Tyrannia, who can blame them... They can be painted various colours, my favourite being the Island Rock; it looks just like a Mau Codestone! Just don't try to use them at the Mystery Island Training School; you won't be received with a friendly reception...

Other notable Petpets from Tyrannia include the Niptor, Mazzew and Krawk. If you do have a Krawk, feed it some fungus in the Fungus Caves and see what happens...

As you can see, there are many different types of Petpets; finding just one for your Neopet can be a difficult task with such a variety to pick from. Whichever you choose or have chosen, make sure you help your Neopet look after it and they will come to be the best of friends. Make every day Petpet Appreciation Day!

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