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Grundo's Legend: The Escape To Kreludor

by mooniebunnypenny


"These Grundos are sealed tightly in cages, Master," said a brown Grundo Sloth minion. "There's no way they can escape. I will get the transmogrification potions to test on them." He picked up a Moehog Transmogrification Potion and gave it to a Blue Grundo sitting in a cage. The Grundo slowly began to transmogrify into a Mutant Moehog. "MUST DESTROY WORLD!!!!!!!" said the Moehog.

     "Perfect," whispered Sloth. "Just perfect. We will transmogrify all of the Grundos into Mutants, and then unleash them on Neopia. They will take over, and I will rule!"

     "Err, master…" said the brown Grundo.

     "Oh, yes. We will rule," said Sloth. "Well, let's turn some Grundos into Mutant Rukis." He entered the room where all the Grundos were being held in captivity.

     Meanwhile, Narikii stared through the bars of her cage. She knew what her fate was. She was going to be transmogrified into a Ruki, then take over Neopia with all the other mutants. She knew more than the average Grundo, because she had once had an owner. She tried her hardest to remember what had happened before she came here, and this is what was on her mind:

     Narikii had once had an owner. He would always give her Booktastic Books to read, and she always would thank him. He also fed her the best space foods. But one day, all of that changed.

     "I can't take it anymore! I can't stand being a pet owner. Narikii, we're going to the pound," her old owner said. BotBot, her Diddler, was removed and sold. Narikii took one last look at her Neohome as she was dragged out the door.

     There Narikii sat in a cage in the pound, awaiting her new owner. She wanted to see someone who would open up her cage and welcome her into their home. She watched the front of the pound, as potential owners walked in, then out with other pets. She envied the pets who were adopted. "I don't care who takes me! I just want SOMEONE!!!!!" she shouted.

     Narikii instantly regretted what she had said. Because right at that time, Dr. Sloth and a brown Grundo minion entered the pound. The Grundo zapped all the cages holding Grundos, and then brought them onto their spaceship. He put them all in cages which were about 10 times smaller than those at the pound. And Narikii was one of those Grundos.

     Narikii looked up and saw the Grundo walk past her cage with a potion. Uh-oh, she thought.

     The Grundo pushed the potion into Narikii's hands. "Drink this, slave," he said. When Narikii refused, she suddenly felt her hand moving up. She tried to pull it back down, but she couldn't control it. The potion was moving closer to her mouth…


     Narikii tried her hardest to get control of her hand, but no luck. She tried again, and was not successful. She only had about one second left before she would have to drink the potion. She tried again and…

     Smash! The bottle containing the potion fell and broke into a mega-billion pieces. Narikii rushed through the open cage door just before the cage she had been in turned into a Mutant Ruki. She ran out of the room, out of the space station, and realized she was floating…

     "Oh, no!" she shouted. "Somebody get me out of here!" Narikii tried her hardest to get into the Space Station, even if Sloth and his evil minions were in there. She couldn't take control of the position she was in, so she was spinning around and around. She was sure she was not going to make it any farther. She was sure no one would come to help her, and she'd just drift out into space, to stay there forever.

     Narikii was just about to give up hope…when the doors to the space station opened. Out came about twenty Grundos with a rope! "We will help you," said a red one.

     "Will you help me get back into the Space Station?" asked Narikii, hopefully.

     "Oh, no," said the Red Grundo. "Sloth is in there. We cannot go back. So the other Grundos and I have thought of a plan. We will take this rope, and, with the help of some other Grundos from across the galaxy, take it all the way to Kreludor; where all the Grundos can be free!"

     "But how did you get out of your cages?" Narikii asked curiously.

     "When we saw how you got out of your cage, we tried the same thing. About fifty Grundos though, weren't so lucky. They either, got transmogrified before you would have, or didn't know to use the plan we came up with. They must have come straight from the Adopt-A-Grundo, or had owners but never read books."

     "But what about Neopia?" asked Narikii. "The mutants are going to destroy it!"

     "We have a wireless webcam which we left with Sloth," said the red Grundo. "If we see anything wrong in Neopia, some of us will return to Neopia to stop them. But, it is possible we will not have to go there." Yeah, right, thought Narikii.

     "Come on, let's be on our way to Kreludor!" said another Grundo. "We don't have a year."

     So the Grundos began their journey to Kreludor. However, they had not gotten far when the doors to the Space Station opened, and they saw a shadowy figure standing in the doorway.

     "It's Sloth!" shouted Narikii.


     "There are those pesky Grundos who escaped from the space station," said Sloth. "It is time to transmogrify them!" The brown Grundo hurried out with a box full of potions.

     "RUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!" shouted Narikii. They hurried across the rope, trying to go faster than the brown Grundo. They hurried past the stars and the sun (well, if there ARE any of those things in Neopian space!) They rushed past many other space stations; ones that were run by friendly Grundos. Soon, everyone was tired and decided to stop at a space station.

     "But what if Sloth and his minions notice?" asked one of the Grundos in the crowd.

     "Look over there! There's a hologram projector!" shouted another Grundo.

     "It's asking for the secret code," said the Red Grundo. "Does anyone know it?"

     A murmur spread across the crowd, then soon it settled and everyone said, "Nope."

     "Wait," said Narikii. "I think I read it in a book somewhere! I sure hope I remember it,"

     "Well, then type it in!" shouted the red Grundo.

     Narikii hurried over to the hologram projector, typing in the code from memory. When it was rejected and Narikii had to start over, someone noticed Sloth and the brown Grundo, not to far behind the space station.

     "Hurry! Sloth and the Grundo are coming!" Narikii typed in the code as fast as she could. It too was rejected. Don't worry, there's still time! Narikii thought to herself. Straining to remember the code, Narikii typed in the code faster than she knew she could type. Finally, it was accepted and a question came up on the screen. What would you like to project? it asked.

     About 20 Grundos running, Narikii typed. They all looked out the window, and saw 20 hologram Grundos running across the line. Whew, we made it, thought Narikii.

     "Hooray!" shouted all the Grundos. "Hooray for Narikii!" Narikii was proud of that, but then she remembered something. "We really need to get on with our mission!" she told everyone.

     Once Sloth and the Grundo had given up and gone back to the space station, the Grundos left and continued across the rope. After days of striving to get to Kreludor, and lots of determination, they finally reached Kreludor.

     But then, someone checked the webcam. It showed about one hundred mutants, all shouting, "MUST DESTROY WORLD!!!!!"

     Uh-oh, thought Narikii.


     Narikii and the other Grundos stared at the screen in terror. "Those mutants," said the red Grundo. "They're going to destroy Neopia!"

     Everyone was really starting to get worried now. Narikii heard things like "Oh, no!!!!" and "They're taking over Neopia!" and "How can we stop them!"

     They all tried their hardest to come up with a plan, but could not. They were just worried that the mutants would take over Neopia. And one day, they were all watching the webcam and heard Sloth say, "Today is the day I dominate Neopia!"

     Everyone was too scared to speak. They still didn't have a plan! And of course, they didn't want Sloth to take over Neopia. It looked like now; there was nothing to do but hope.

     They all hoped that everything would be alright. Every 30 minutes or so, someone would check the webcam and say what was going on. Soon someone said: "They're ready to take over Neopia!"

     Everyone crowded around the webcam, and saw the army of mutants. There was a loud murmur among them, until Sloth yelled, "SILENCE, MORTALS!!!!!"

     The mutants all stopped talking. "Now, do you mortals know what you are here for?" asked Sloth.

     "Well, duh?" asked a Mutant Techo, looking around.

     "No, seriously," said Sloth. "Why are you here?"

     "Uh, pie?" asked a curious-looking Mutant Kacheek.

     "WHY ARE YOU HERE, MORTALS?" asked Sloth.

     "Meow?" asked a mutant Cybunny.

     "Of course!" shouted Sloth. "These were the stupid Grundos! All the smart Grundos escaped!" Sloth angrily brought all of them to the pound, although people kept wondering why there were so many Mutants in the pound…

     Narikii and all the other Grundos on Kreludor found a stash of Orange Paintbrushes, and painted themselves Orange. They established Café Kreludor, the Booktastic Books book shop, Kreludan Homes, and all the rest.

     Now, most people don't know how Kreludor became inhabited by Orange Grundos, or why there were so many mutants in the pound, well now they know! And, if you go to Kreludor today and see the orange Grundos, one of them might be Narikii!

The End

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