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In-Depth Training Made Easy

by heart_of_sword_


Staring in awe at this glorious creature in front of you, you wonder how on earth they amassed those impressive numbers on the right, how difficult it was, how much it cost and how long it took. Does it take a master genius to spawn such a worthy adversary in the Battledome? The answer is no. You, yes, YOU can train your beloved pet to the heights you always dreamt of. Whether or not you are into battling, we all wish to have a pet that can turn heads, and this isn’t that complicated, believe it or not, if you are just willing to invest a few thousand Neopoints and at least half an hour of your time every day.

For successful fast-paced training right from the beginning, you would need to follow these simple helpful tips.

1. Train in the Mystery Island Training School. It costs a codestone per two hour session at level 1 – 20. Add one more codestone and hour to the total cost per every 20 levels reached until you get to Expert. Make sure to re-enrol them to a new course the very moment they finish for best efficiency. Every codestone should cost about 3k – 10k neopoints depending on the random codestone type required.

2. Keep on the lookout for Faerie Quests. Since the new faerie quests were released, training through them has become ever so helpful indeed. Now, the earth faerie actually contributes to ANY stats and the faeries will reward your ACTIVE pet the stats, instead of randomly choosing any of your pets. They are worth it and they don’t often ask for much, with the exception of Fyora, the Space Faerie and the Fountain Faerie.

3. Do dailies. Several dailies can increase your pet’s stats. This includes the Coltzan’s Shrine which can increase any stat by more than one point if you’re lucky (doesn’t work for high levelled pets), The Fruit Machine (if you land on three Puntec Fruits, it can increase level or strength along with giving you a nice lovely paint brush), Count Von Roo’s Deadly Dice, which can positively or negatively affect level, and Turmaculus, who can increase either your level or strength if you wake him up, but with the risk of him munching away on your petpet.

Even if dailies don’t increase stats directly, they can also contribute to training. Coltzan’s Shrine is known for giving away dubloons that you can use in your training if you use the Academy in Krawk Island. The Tiki Tack Tombola and Deserted Tomb also give away one or two codestones at a time. Save these up in case you need them in future training. Faerie bottles can also be gained via the Tombola. Releasing the faerie will give you faerie abilities which can aid you very well in the Battledome.

Let’s not forget the Fishing Vortex. There is very little chance of it happening but in higher fishing levels, you can find an Irritable Genie-In-A-Bottle which can increase your pet’s level by 1-3 points. Either you use it or you sell it, depending if using it is worth it for you.

4. Give the Mystery Island Chef some well needed company on a daily basis. He asks for three or four food items in exchange for either Neopoints, random items or about one third of the time, a RANDOM stat awarded to a RANDOM pet. Do NOT do the quests if the sum of the items he asks for goes higher than 7k if your pet is less than level 80, if you have more than one pet in your account or if you don’t want to waste so many Neopoints. The reason behind this is that 7k * 33% chance of stats = 21k per stat and if you are below level 80, you will only be spending on average 20k per stat via the training school (although it will take longer in the school). You can only do ten chef quests a day so you will be gaining about three stats per day – use this wisely as a healthy complement to your normal school training. Remember, the more neopets you have on your account, the smaller chances there will be that the one you are training will receive the stat.

5. Invest in neggs. Calculating from negg costs and the chances of getting any stats from them, I can recommend their use from when your pet has reached level 100, at least. But since they are costly little things, you can start exchanging your neggs for tokens in the Neggery right from the start. At the moment, each negg token is worth 2.1k. For example, to increase your defence by a definite one point, you would need the Armoured Negg which costs sixteen tokens. 16 x 2100 = 33600. Normal training by school would now be costing you an average 35k AND eight hours waiting time. So if you think about it, negg is the faster way forward. Try investing maybe two tokens a day into the Neggery as it’ll pay off in the long run.

Also, rarely buy your stat increasing neggs from other Neopians through trades and shops. It is cheaper buying Icy Negg (2 tokens/ 4k) and Yellow Negg (6 tokens/ 13-15k) than exchanging them for tokens rather than buying the actual neggs themselves as Neopians will bump up the price for profit. In addition, DO NOT use neggs if the price of getting it is incredibly higher than what you would pay for it in the training school, and be wise in your choice of neggs to use. For example, the Basic Power Negg has a chance of increasing your pet’s defence by 1 measly point for 39 tokens (about 82k) whereas the Armoured Negg would only cost 16 tokens (about 34k) for a sure point.

6. Once you get up the level 100s, you should have gotten at least 200 speed by now if you have been training all the stats consistently, in which case you can now stop training speed and invest neopoints and time into hit points, strength and defence. Speed does not contribute to the battle and in order to use the 100% stealer Heavy Robe of Thievery, only 200 speed is required. Plus, you would much rather have strength, which is very useful for boosting Battledome icon damage to the opponent.

7. Strength should be taken into priority once the other statistics have reached around 500, but always keep hit points in mind as it would be a contributing difference between victory and defeat in the Battledome. How much your pet’s strength is determines how much damage an icon can do to the opponent. At the moment, the strength needed to get the maximum strength boost is 700, so that would be one’s target for the foreseeable future.

8. This one’s for the rich, crazy or just plain crazy rich. The newest addition to Neopia’s vast array of wheels, the Wheel of Extravagance is a pretty risky way of boosting your ACTIVE pet’s stats. As you know, it costs 100k for ONE spin. Since there are twelve sections of the wheel and two of them have stat boosters, let’s say you have a sixth of a chance of getting it, but it’s probably less than that, knowing our luck. One section offers +5 of a random stat and the other, more desired one gives +10 random stat. Either way, if you don’t land on either, there’s still a chance of receiving a rather spiffy rare item or avatar. :D

9. Other strategies in gaining statistics are: Scratchcards (increases your pet’s level if you get three arrows pointing up), potions, special fruit and food, shrooms and scrolls. Potions include Altador Strength Potion, Essence of Drackonack and Twisted Potion of Strength. Some potions and fruit/food only have a chance of increasing a stat whereas other give at least definitely one. They are costly, though, and you might need to do some calculations before you buy one. Shrooms surely increase stats, but are VERY expensive, rare and most of the time, not worth it. An example of this would be the Level Up Shroom (+1 level only) which costs more than 700k, if you’re lucky to even find one up for sale. Whereas scrolls are a tricky bunch – they will increase a stat, but will also take a different stat away in exchange. Use at your own risk.

10. Randomly, you might get Something Has Happened events that increase your pet’s level. There is no sure way of getting this, though, and I myself have been unlucky enough to not receive this for the last three years.

11. If you don’t mind the risk or don’t have sufficient amount of neopoints to train, you can always go for the Lab Ray option. It can add OR take away 2-3 strength, defence or speed, ADD but never reduce 2-5 to hit points, change gender, color and species... and sometimes, it does absolutely nothing. This is very risky if you want a good balanced pet, as the laboratory often takes away defence and level but puts on a bulk of hit points and strength.

12. Be a miser and save some neopoints for your training needs. It might not be expensive for you to train your pets at the moment, but once they reach those high 100s, you will start feeling the pinch. Try your luck at random games, find ones you’re personally good at, keep playing daily and stash a few thousands in your bank every now and then. The Habitarium is a very good, fun and addicting way to earn neopoints. Plus, it’s something to do onsite while you wait for your pet’s training session to end. Key Quest is also a profitable fun game with a chance of winning codestones.

13. To complete your dream Battledome pet, top him/her off with a decent set of Battledome equipment. You can only carry up to eight items, though, so make them count. You would need a freezing item, a healer, a defensive weapon or two, and a couple of multiple use offensives. You can also throw in a couple of one-use items that pack a big punch if you’re fine spending a bit on one battle. The more icons the equipment can hand out, the better.

A decent Battledome kit can include any combinations of the following buyable equipment:

Offensive: Stone Club (50k), Ice Club (70k), Earth Faerie Slingshot (35k), Unstable Slime (1k).

Defensive: Downsize! (3k), Super U-Bend (4k), Double Dryer (4k), Turbo Flame Reflector (4k), Shovel Plus (45k), Dual Battle Mirror (5k), Ultra Dark Reflectorb (2k).

Healing: Greater Healing Scroll (70k).

Bombs: Illusens Earth Potion (500 NP), Brain Tree Splinters (200 NP).

If you require stronger weapons, then you are going to have to invest a much more considerable amount of neopoints, but if this isn’t a problem, then your journey to becoming a Battledome legend should be like a walk in the park. So long and enjoy battling!

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