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Why Do Glowing Pets Glow? And Other Obvious Questions

by shoobydala


We all have asked ourselves questions that seem apparent, but silly, and then immediately disregard them. However, I am here to acknowledge all of those unanswered questions and those who ask them with my best attempt at answering them. My name is Nooboo Nooboo, if you care, and I hope this article responds to some of your most urgent desires. Well, here goes nothing!

Why do glowing pets glow?

This questions has been debated since the beginning of Tyrannia, but I have come up with a possible solution. For starters, I tested whether or not Glowing pets illuminate from within, or merely reflect light from around them. Light bounces off objects and into our eyes, which is how we see. Objects absorb every color except for the one that we see. For example, an Orange Negg is orange because it absorbs every color, but reflects orange. I took my friend Sushi Shishi (a glowing Aisha) and looked at her in a very dark room. She had a slightly greenish hue, so I checked to make sure there was no green light anywhere. Then I realized-----there was no light for her to reflect. Therefore, she was luminescent due to light from within, not from the outside. I have concluded that Glowing pets glow because of a chemical reaction between the air and the coloration (acquired from a magical paint brush, but is it really paint?) on the pet’s body. The same must be true for items like glowing asparagus, but I can’t be sure...

Do paper petpets have feelings?

My petpet, a Liobits, came from the newbie pack. Other petpets include Weeble and Frogler, among others, but these petpets are all made of paper. Their descriptions claims that this makes them easy to take care of, but it never says whether or not they are living petpets. Upon playing with my Liobits, I got a variety of lifelike responses, everything from hissing to hopping wildly around the room and sticking its tongue out at me. The responses appeared to be genuine, and I do believe that those petpets made of paper, although not acknowledged at all in the petpet puddle, do indeed have feelings and you should love them like you would any petpet, be it a slorg or a feepit.

Why are yellow fuzzles special?

Has anyone else gotten confused about the description of the yellow fuzzle plushie? It reads: Hello, I am a cute little Fuzzle, but I am very special because I am a yellow Fuzzle. Most fuzzle descriptions say that they want to be your friend, or that they want to play with you. But the yellow fuzzle claims it is special because it is yellow... but why? I looked into the matter by looking at the evil counterpart of the subject: the yellow evil fuzzle. It says it wants to take over the world, but then corrects itself and says it wants to be your friend. The yellow fuzzle might be a sign that evil yellow fuzzles are planning an attack. Or, it might merely be that yellow is associated with happiness. The yellow negg is worth six negg points only because it is yellow. Yellow is one of the basic color, and is also a primary color. Does this make it any more special than red or blue? You decide!

Is Blumaroo Steak really made out of a Blumaroo?

Assuming Neopets is a family-friendly site, I don’t believe that it is made of real Blumaroo (ew). This is still a touchy subject for me, however, being a Blumaroo and all. The steak is spooky food, and I think that it is really just an average steak made of some mystery meat named and described for the pure enjoyment of its creators. It was only intended to freak out neopets and their owners, making them think it was made of... y’know... ew.

Why does a Jelly Quiggle show up when you type “jelly” into the search box?

That is just one of those things we will never know. Its like asking Adam why he likes asparagus. He just does. Besides, why were you spending time searching for jelly? It’s like you believe in places that don’t exist or something...

Why are meepits evil?

Ok, I have to answer this one quickly for fear of being taken hostage by the evil meepits. I believe that not all meepits are evil; they are actually kind of *looks both ways to make sure no one is listening* cute. They are from the Haunted Woods, which might contribute to their being associated with evil, and their giant staring eyes add to their creepiness. However, some meepits are indeed evil, and have such bad reputations that Neopians like you have come to stereotype every meepit out there with evil. I can’t guarantee meepits are good, but I can say not all of them are evil. I can promise, however, that some of them are VERY evil whether we like it or not. *quickly saves document and locks all of the doors for fear of a meepit attack*

What is a neonip critter?

Adorable, is what it is. Technically, it looks like a mouse, and is described as “the Neopian equivalent of catnip”. I, personally, find it a little degrading, as neopets are not just pets but also people, in a sense, and should refuse to be treated like... erm... cats. It is, however, cute and pleasant smelling, so I have nothing against it. It is like a mouse toy for a cat, but for a neopet. Now, if only I knew what a cat was...

What is the right way to spell faerie?

Faerie is the spelling used in Neopia, which is really all that matters. Upon further research, though, I discovered many other varieties. Fairy, fairie, faery, fairey, faerey, fayry, or fayrey are all possibilities, but fairy and faerie are the most common. But you aren’t going to get anywhere in Neopia if you call Fyora a “fairy”.

Are Skeiths and Grarrls able to eat everything?

Well, I tested my friend, who happens to be a Skeith, to see if he really could eat anything. He devoured everything from furniture to codestones. He also ate actual food, but seemed to prefer eating abstract objects (he thought it made him cool). Whilst he would never eat a neopet, characters in the past have been known to threaten to do so. My friend did come down with Neezles every time he ate something with “cheese” in it though. Perhaps Skeiths are lactose intolerant only to cheese. Although the same does not appear to be true for Grarrls. They can also eat anything, and may take an item from their owner if not fed and their quick ref is visited, but they seem pretty ok with cheese. But the short answer is yes, they can eat everything (as long as you define everything reasonably).

Who is the Aisha on the inventory page?

Um... I don’t know. Maybe someone should enter that into the editorial and see if TNT has an answer. All of my research comes up with nothing on her. Hmm...

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading my odd and overly extensive answers, and if you have any other strange but seemingly obvious questions, feel free to let me know. My owner will gladly redirect any neomails to my personal research mailbox. I hope that some of your random questions have been answered, and I really enjoyed researching these topics. So the next time you are talking to a glowing pet, remember that they glow from within, and don’t reflect outside light. :)


Nooboo Nooboo

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