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The Colloquial Yurble: Popular Phrases

by kidagakash_nedakh


As we go about our Yurble Day celebrations and there is talk of gifts, excitement, and festivities galore, we mustn't forget that there are things that are simply inherent in our natures, such as the sayings that we grew up with. It is known around Neopia that Yurbles in particular are very fond of exchanging words of advice through a select amount of popular phrases. You can use these to show your Yurble friend that you are rather enlightened, or you can keep them in mind for when the situation is right. Although not every possible saying is listed in this article, many of the popular ones are mentioned.

"Some are born Yurbles, some achieve being a Yurble, and some have their species thrust upon them."

This simple phrase is usually the exasperated response of a more motherly Yurble who is consoling a younger Neopet about being morphed for the first time. It quite basically means that they will still be the same person, no matter which species they become, and that they should not fear it. It is especially told to Neopets that are being morphed into Yurbles, but the latter part of the phrase allows it to become applicable to many different species. It is viewed as a very encouraging saying and can even be said in situations other than those detailed above.

"To spin the Wheel of Extravagance, to paint the Faerie Yurble."

If you've ever been told to tone things down a bit, to resist gambling away your hard-earned Neopoints, or even not to worry further, then you would understand this. Seeing as how Faerie Yurbles are extraordinarily beautiful Neopets and are considered very lucky by others of their species, Yurbles see it as unnecessary to repaint them, which explains the latter part of the phrase. Other species can also give this advice amongst themselves, but it is done much less frequently. It is also commonly heard as Yurbles are going a bit overboard in their customisation.

"A Yurble by any other name would be as sweet."

A consolation given primarily to badly named Yurbles, this comforting phrase has an obvious meaning. It tells you that it isn't what is on the exterior that counts, or how you are portrayed, but how you shape your character and personality and other things that matter much more than a physical appearance or a rather unflattering typo typo in your name. It is also used by Yurbles who are attempting to persuade their owner to adopt a new friend they met while browsing the Pound with them, even though it may not have the most personable name in the world. :)

"I will wear my mood upon my sleeve."

Whether a Yurble is feeling depressed, miserable, unhappy, content, cheerful, joyful, or delighted, their emotion is bound to show on their adorable face. The above saying can be interpreted as a pledge, of sorts, indicating that bold Yurbles should not be afraid of displaying their true feelings. This phrase is very old (dating back past even Year 5!), and in today's society, it is generally reflected upon all Yurbles. (One exception would be Grey Yurbles, as well as the much older, unconverted Yurbles who are now too old to be influenced by such a saying.)

"Eaten out of Neolodge and Neohome."

Some Yurbles are more voracious eaters than others. This quote draws upon the unpleasantness of having an all too hungry dinner guest. Being 'eaten out of Neolodge and Neohome' means that your Neofriend (or your pet's friend) has eaten almost everything in sight, including Gross Foods! It has a more humorous allusion, too, as the first part of the saying refers to the Neolodge; it also says that even the Neolodge was unable to harbour their excessive eating habits!

"Beware the Ides of the Month of Collecting."

Halloween is a very spooky holiday! As Neopians everywhere are preparing for the fright fest, this is a popular saying that can be heard amongst Yurble families. It only means that one should prepare for the upcoming holiday and decorate accordingly, taking care to stay away from the Haunted Woods. :) As you can see, it has both a practical and a slightly creepy meaning, but it is usually said in the best of spirits.

"All that glitters is not unbuyable."

This saying pertains to the delicate art of restocking. Many Neopets who are on their path to becoming a scholar in business are sent off to the User Shops or the Neopian Shops to begin bartering for items. They may sit for an hour or so and begin to get edgy as they wait for the more notorious shops (such as the Magic Shop) to restock. When a restock does occur, there is often a large flurry, during which many equally-excited (but less knowledgeable) Neopets immediately grab and set off to haggle for the shiniest item. A wise old Yurble, who set their eye on a rare basic morphing potion rather than a flashy one of a lower rarity, thus wrote down this quote. Of course, as prices have changed and as wheels have been-- *cough* I mean, Neopoints have been spent, there are few potions that aren't actually unbuyable, but the phrase still stands.

"A nester, a nester, my Habitarium for a nester!"

It's known widely amongst connoisseurs of Habitariums that Nesters can be the, er, most abundant P3 to be found. Yurbles have not lost out on this fact. However, after most of their P3s have reached the end of their life cycles, the Yurbles who failed to harvest their nester eggs can often be found crying out with this saying. It means that they would sacrifice something much larger for something that they need 'in the now' and might have taken for granted before.

"Much ado about Jelly World."

Yurbles are incredibly logical creatures. When they notice other Neopians or Neopets arguing about the existence of Jelly World, they only shake their heads and affirm to one another the above saying. It also applies in other situations, too-- why would you make a small issue much larger than it actually is? And, besides, it is known amongst all Yurbles that Jelly World does not exist. It is simply common sense, hence its placement in this phrase.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the elusive avatar."

Many Neopets believe that having an owner who is an avatar collector is something that is very pleasurable. However, there is a common phrase in the Yurble community that may hint otherwise. Avatar collectors are usually more prone to morphing their pets and moving them off to side accounts as they wait to be lent pets that give off avatars; this can be an unfortunate thing for Neopets. Although this saying pertains to any Neopet, it was the Yurbles who began it and it is more popular with them.

Well, do you think of yourself as being slightly more knowledgeable now? ;) I wish you a very fun-filled Yurble Day! Thank you, TNT, for carefully reviewing and (hopefully) deciding to publish this article! My thanks extends to the editor in particular. Thank you to all of Neopia for reading my article, and again, happy Yurble Day to all!

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