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The Next Moehawk: Your Neopian Rock Band

by mheetu


Do you wanna rock and roll all night? Hold your unis, you’ve got a few things you need before you start your Neopian rock band. I’ll be your manager, Steve, helping you through every step of the way.

Instruments: Obviously, to start a band, you need something to play. There are a few essential instruments you need to check off of your list so as to have a solid sound.

First and foremost is a rhythm section. Without a rhythm section, the entire band will fall apart in a mish-mosh of tempos and time signatures. There are many ways to achieve this; one of the most widely known is with a drum set. There is always the classic Drum Kit, which includes a snare, bass drum, toms, and cymbals all in one. Depending on the mood of your rock band, you could get some Heart Drums or Gloomy Drums. Some Rototoms or Taiko Standing Drums can give you a whole new sound. Make sure to pick up some Drumsticks to play with!

Of course, you don't always need the standard drum set for your rhythm section. Lots of percussion instruments can be used for this purpose, like a Green Tambourine, Silver Triangle, or the ever-famous Kau Bell.

Usually, a rock band has at least one guitar. They can play the melody, provide a background for singers, and be used for some rocking solos. They come in all shapes and sizes. You could go with the standard Electric Guitar, or try out some different shapes like the Limited Edition Guitar or the Axe Guitar. If you want more notes, you could go for the Double Neck Guitar. And of course, there are acoustics out there, like the Twelve String Guitar, Rainbow Guitar, and Autumn Guitar.

Make sure the one you pick matches your rhythm section in some way, and be smart: don't get the Origami Guitar or the Plushie Guitar, for obvious reasons. I also advise against using guitars you've picked up at other bands' performances; you're trying to set your own style, not take Wock Til You Drop's.

Most rock bands also have a bass. A good bass line will make your music sound much more full and appealing. Although you don't have as many choices, you can still pick up a Fire Bass, Stone Bass, Flower Bass, or even a simple Bass Guitar.

If you want, you could get a String Bass, but beware of sounding too jazzy.

If you have a singer, be sure to grab them a microphone and some speakers, and if you don't, get some anyway to blare your music across Neopia. I suggest getting a Xweetok Popstar Microphone, Kyrii Host Microphone, or Hissi Pop Star Microphone. The Old Fashioned Toy Microphone works well, but don't let anyone see it, or you'll be the laughing stock of the rock and roll community!

Speakers automatically play music, but if you plug in a microphone, they'll play what they pick up, meaning your music. There are lots of different styles and colors of speaker, and you can pick one up that matches your band. A Coconut Bongo Speaker, Funky Green Speaker, or Battle Speaker are my recommendations.

Now that you have the basics, you can add some instruments that make your band more unique and recognizable. You can pick up a Banjo for some country flair or a Sitar for Shenkuu-inspired tunes. Grab a Saxophone or a Trumpet for a bit of jazz, a Ukulele or a Steel Pan for an island sound, or even a Yellow Kazoo for... well, whatever you want! A Grand Piano can be used for more bands than just the Neopian Philharmonic; have you ever heard of the famous rock pianists Elton Jub or Bori Joel? The sky is the limit, so pick out a few cool instruments to try.

Attire: Every real rock star has their own individual style. It helps you stand out from the crowd, and your image is nearly as important as your music. It should reflect your band’s style, too. And after all, you want to be able to sell authentic accessories based on your bands’, don’t you?

Of course, your clothes are about free expression, but I’d keep your shirts and pants relatively minimal and instead go crazy with accessories. You can pick a solid color or a simple pattern and get by on your awesome boots, great necklaces, and of course, fabulous hair. I don’t recommend getting a shirt with a logo, famous neopet, or other advertisement on it, especially not another band’s logo. You want people to dress like you, not the other way around! If you want to completely customize it, you could always get a Basic White Shirt and pick up some paint, scissors, and sewing materials to do whatever you want with. Really, it’s all up to you; you’re being a trend setter!

Accessory-wise, you should pick some that have to do with your musical style. For example, Jazzmosis has dark sunglasses and grey clothes, Twisted Roses has spiky wristbands, and the 2 Gallon Hatz have... 2 Gallon Hats. See the connections? It would be rather silly if you went on stage with thick ski jackets if you were an island themed band. Remember that accessories can also mean hats, shoes, socks, face paint, and much more, not just bracelets and necklaces. And accessories are for boys, too!

Merchandizing: Ah, merchandise, a large part of your income and a way to spread your popularity, not to mention a way to recognize the true fan from the leisurely listener.

There are lots of different ways you can merchandize. The standard swag includes hats, shirts, posters, mugs, other attire, keyrings, magnets, the occasional instrument, and of course, CDs. Anything that has your picture or logo on it, you can sell to fans. Don’t feel limited to what other bands have done in the past, either. Try using buttons, stamps, stickers, toys, even gummy snacks to get your image across! The most important things to sell are CDs, ensuring that people can hear your music before they see you in concert or in case they can’t.

Another part of merchandizing, although it doesn’t cost money, is signing things people have already bought, or, in absence of that, their body. It makes the public see that you’re a neopet too and you care about your fans. You care about your fans, don’t you? Just be sure to always carry around a pen!

Of course, there is one more thing you have to possess if you really want to be famous. That crucial part is...

Talent: Sure, you can lip-sync all you want, but really, you’ll never get anywhere unless you know how to play. You can purchase a book like Trumpet Lessons or How to Play the Viola to get started. Don’t give up, practice makes perfect. This has been your manager, Steve, assuring you that with a little bit of time and effort, you can be famous!

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