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Growing Profits: Restocking in the Garden Centre

by surferboy_17


Tucked away in the Neopian Bazaar, the Neopian Garden Centre sits as a gem waiting to be discovered. This shop is often overlooked and underrated by most restockers, but do not be fooled. Here, the combination of numerous valuable items that stock in bulk and items that are fairly easy to resell makes this the perfect shop to restock in whether you are new to restocking, or a professional restocker looking for some guaranteed profit. However, with around 640 possible items that can appear in the shop, it can be a bit daunting to begin restocking here. But not to worry! With the help of this guide, you will be well on your way to knowing all there is to know about the Neopian Garden Center and one step closer to that long awaited neopoint goal.

The Basics

In the Garden Centre, you have two types of items: normal items and Neohome 2.0 items. Normal items are just that, normal. At low rarities, most of these items are either barely profitable or not profitable to restock and they normally sit in the shop all day long. At higher rarities, normal items can be very profitable, but you will probably only see one or two of them restock in a day. On the other hand, Neohome 2.0 items have the little house symbol in the bottom right corner of the image. Generally, these items are always profitable, regardless of rarity, and only get more profitable as the rarity increases. There are also a few special items that are Neohome 2.0 items but lack the neohome symbol. I’ll be sure to point these items out in the next section.

The Items

So now for the important stuff: what items stock, in what quantity, and for what profit.

The first items to look at are the normal low rarity items. These are items like Mordongos, Bluebells, Yolkalia, Glant, Ring Vine, White Lulu, Swab Bush, Feather Weeds, Large Thorn Growth, Colour Lillies, Spiky Bush, Fuurn, Snake Rose, Instant Roses, Dunkydoos, and Orb Plant. These items will stock for 200 – 900 NP and in large quantities of about 15 at a time. Here, the strategy is not speed but research. These items will not sell out quickly, so search the Shop Wizard for their prices to see if you can haggle their prices down to earn a 300 NP profit. 300 NP may seem small, but with 15 in stock it easily adds up. Plus, buying these items up clears a spot in the shop for another better item to show up the next time the shop restocks. There is one item in this category that needs special attention, though, and that item is Bluesticks. Bluesticks are r7 and stock for approximately 1100 NP in quantities of about 20. Bluesticks are also asked for extensively by the Faerieland Employment Agency, so when that happens the selling price of Bluesticks skyrockets from about 1300 NP to 5,000 NP each. So definitely be aware of the price of bluesticks, as when they restock it can be a very easy 20,000 NP if you grab a few of them.

The second type of items is the Neohome 2.0 low rarity items. Here I’ll go item by item as it tends to be different for each one. But as you will see the general trend is that they are profitable, and stocking in large quantities makes them easy to obtain!

Blossom: restock roughly 20 for 1100 NP each. This resells easily for 1900 NP so buy it up.

Fire Bush: restock roughly 20 for 800 NP each. This resells for about 1200 NP, so again buy them all.

Rowzez: This is a Neohome 2.0 item that is missing the house in the bottom right corner. This restocks roughly 20 for 600 NP each and resells easily for 1300 NP. Again go for this item.

Rubber Plant: restock roughly 15 for 450 NP each. This resells for 800 NP, so again good profit in bulk.

Dragonbud: restock roughly 15 for 400 NP each. This resells for 800 NP. Another item to go for.

Autumn Blush: restock roughly 10 for 2000 NP each. This resells for 2500 NP, and won’t disappear too quickly from the shop, so haggle them down a bit first to maximize your profit.

Autumn Sunset Daisy: restock roughly 15 for 1100 NP each. This resells for 500 NP and is not profitable since it was a Key Quest Prize. Avoid buying this item.

Rock Tree: restock roughly 15 for 700 NP each. This resells for 900 NP, so they are mildly profitable.

Blackberry Bush: restock roughly 5 for 2000 NP each. This resell for 6000 NP, so definitely go for this.

Wiltadendhron: restock roughly 5 for 600 NP each. This resells for 1000 NP, so go for them.

Perfume Mallows: restock roughly 10 for 500 NP each. These resell for 1000 NP.

Spring Birch Tree: restock roughly 15 for 300 NP each. This resells for 800 NP.

Autumn Birch Tree: restock roughly 15 for 300 NP each. This resells easily for 3500 NP. These will go quickly when they restock, so don’t bother haggling the price down; they are profitable enough.

Chestnut Tree: restock roughly 15 for 450 NP. This also resells for 3500 NP and will go just as fast as autumn birch trees. Grab many of these as quickly as possible.

The final set of items is the very profitable Neohome 2.0 items. These items will restock in quantities much smaller than the items above and will sell out much quicker, so you will have to be fast to get these. But as a reward the profits are much greater. Here we’re dealing with mostly streams, fences, and paving stones. Note from now on I will use K as 1000, so 30K = 30,000 NP.

Plain Stream: restock 1-5 for 1200 NP each. This resells for 30K+.

Curved Stream: restock 1-5 for 1400 NP each. This resells for 25K+.

Meandering Stream: restock 1-5 for 1300 NP each. This resells for 20K+.

End Stream: restock 1-5 for 1500 NP each. This resells for 10K+.

Purple Hydrangea Bush: restock 1-5 for 500 NP each. This is a fairly new item and still resells for 20K.

Pink Hydrangea Bush: restock 1-5 for 500 NP each. Again, a new item, it resells for around 20K.

Bamboo Plant: restock 1-2 for 1800 NP each. This item is also a wearable, so they are quite valuable and will resell easily at 16K.

Slatted Fence: restock 1-4 for 1100 NP each. This resells for 10K.

Pine Fence: restock 1-3 for 1500 NP each. This resells for 18K.

Tribal Fence: restock 1-3 for 1500 NP each. This resells for 15K.

Iron Fence: restock 1-2 for 2000 NP each. This resells for 20K.

Nimmo Lily Stones: restock 1-4 for 1400 NP each. These will resell easily for 15K NP.

Square Stepping Stone: restock 1-2 for 2500 NP each. This is where it really starts to get difficult to get items. You will need to be fast if you want these. Definitely do not haggle down the price. These will resell for 40K.

Blue Stepping Stone: restock 1 for 2500 NP. Again, be quick if you want this item. If you get it, it will sell for 30K.

Heart Stepping Stone: restock 1 for 2500 NP. Be lightning fast to get this item as it will sell out quickly. It resells for 70K.

Pebble Stepping Stone: restock 1 for 2500 NP. Another huge profit item and it will resell for 65K.

Now a word on gnomes. These are items that you definitely want to avoid unless you know exactly what the item is selling for. Most gnomes end up being unprofitable to restock, and some are amazingly huge losses. For instance, Halloween Bruce Gnome and Halloween Blumaroo Gnome will both restock for approximately 13,000 NP but only resell for a mere 500 NP. Gnomes with the Neohome 2.0 symbol tend to be less of a risk, but still Curious Blumaroo gnome is a Neohome 2.0 item that restocks for 2500 NP and resells for only 500 NP. So again, be very careful with gnomes and make you know the reselling price before you purchase a gnome from the Garden Centre.

Closing Remarks

With over 600 different items that can restock, I’ve only scratched the surface of restocking in the Neopian Garden Centre, but this guide should give you a good sense of just how profitable the Garden Centre can really be. With more practice you will soon easily be able to discern the extremely profitable items from the junk! The final piece of advice I can give is to be knowledgeable of the Key Quest Promotional Prizes. If a gardening item becomes a prize, as a few normally do, their reselling price will plummet, and an item that was normally extremely profitable to restock can become unprofitable to restock. Key Quest Promotions do not change very often, so it is not a huge deal, but just something to keep in mind. Good luck restocking!

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