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Meepits: The Rulers of Neopia

by faeriequeenoffire


Dear Neopia,

     I have been doing research on Meepits since the beginning of Neopets itself and nothing has eluded me more than these creatures. Hopefully, I will finally be able to tell the world about these menacing petpets before it is too late – before the end is upon us – because I know what they're planning and I know it will be soon. I don't know how I will publish these results, but that's the least of my worries now – perhaps someone in Neovia... no, I must continue writing because I can feel them coming for me. Ever since I published that article in the Neopian Times about allying with Dr Sloth in an attempt to avoid this tragedy, I have been ridiculed and shunned by Neopians from across the globe, but that is no matter, because even if this information gets to them, I believe that it is still too late and not even Dr Sloth can help us now.

     These Meepits are, if unpainted, pink in colour and have enormous eyes, lulling its audience into a false sense of security. They are small petpets and don't seem to be able to harm any Neopet, petpet, or petpetpet, but I know that they were the ones behind the Secret Laboratory Ray and the Secret Laboratory Petpet Ray, changing all of Neopia, and turning petpets into soot, sometimes even causing them to disappear altogether! If any news on these disappearances is reported on the Neoboards or in the NT, it is quickly hushed – maybe by the Meepits, but maybe by those like me who know that they are petpets to fear!

     They are sly creatures, preferring to work out their plans in the middle of the night when most Neopians are asleep, and they hide in their caves in the Haunted Woods, a dangerous place in itself that is made even more dangerous once the Meepits are plotting world domination. In my opinion, even Dr Sloth would be a better ruler of Neopia – and, in addition to that, we would at least have a chance because at least the Space Faerie could come to our aid! But with the Meepits, no one can save us or stop them. Feepits have tried to gather together to try to and stop the Meepits, believing that they are the chosen petpets of Neopia who can bring about the end of the Meepits! But although they are clever enough to see how dangerous Meepits really are, and brave enough to do something about them, it is too late.

     We have waited far too long! We looked into their big, black, captivating eyes and saw them to be our friends. We chose to ignore the scratching of their feet at night, pretend their attacks against the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters were really the result of the villains of Neopia, and believe the lies told to us that The Neopets Team were behind the Neopoint sinks when in fact it was the Meepits who needed to fund their scheme to take over Neopia.

     I don't know what weapons are in their possession now, nor if they are anything I could recognize. Perhaps some are from Fyora's Hidden Tower! The Meepits have not been able to get into Faerieland because of their inability to fly – or fly far when painted Faerie – but since the fall (which I also believe they may have helped cause) not even the faeries are safe. And not even their weapons are safe from being used against us...

     I have suspicions that the citizens of Roo Island and King Roo himself may have helped the Meepits. Not aware of their intentions, of course, but not against their will either. They have always been kind Neopians and were never able to turn away someone in need; it is not just their help that aided the Meepits, however, and they should not hold more blame than the rest of us, but any help given to the Meepits causes us all harm.

     I tremble in fear when I think about what those pink petpets could do to us, yet I fear even more how it will be done. Neopia, gone? I can understand that, but I cannot understand how or even why. Why? Why do the Meepits want to harm us? Have we not treated them well? Have we not given them love, food, shelter, and friends to attach themselves to? Why do the Meepits want to dominate Neopia? Why would anyone want to? I think even Dr Sloth has no answer to that question.

     Perhaps we could move to the Space Station and have Dr Sloth protect us, but even if he were to help us it would be after we go through the same training that happens in his Grundo Reeducation Center. He may be able to put a fork in the Meepits' plans for a while and he will hinder their progress for a bit – because nothing angers an evil genius bent on world domination more than competition – but against the Meepits, even he will fall. It is too late. Too late.

     Our only other option is to move to Kreludor, but even if it were possible to fit everyone in Neopia in that small moon – provided that it too is not targeted by the Meepits – and to get everyone there, too, what will become of us if we don't have our home – Neopia?

     If only everyone had heeded my warnings in the past – if only they could see what I could see: that the Meepits pose a danger for all, heroes, civilians, and villains alike! But there is no use crying over spilt Neocola, because what's done is done. Here I will end my journal – perhaps for the last time because I no longer have any research that I can do on these Meepits, and even then Meepit domination will soon be upon us.

     I look out of my window and can see Neopia before me. I'm currently living in Neopia Central and can see the beauty of the Rainbow Pool from here! But it won't last, the Meepits-

     Is that a knock at the door? Who could it be? I'm not expecting anybody, and none of my friends know that I'm here! Unless...

     Oh, no! It's the Meepits! They know about my research! They know about my suspicions! They know everything! I must hide! But first-

     I'm curious to see what a horde of angry Meepits looks like and I do wonder why they're coming for me in broad daylight. They are night petpets, after all...

     What's this? These aren't Meepits, these are the fabled men in white jackets! Oh, no! But they only come for-

     Somebody must have told them about my belief that Jelly World exists! I haven't published anything on the matter or mentioned it to anyone outside my circle of friends. But who-

     Stop knocking, I'm not here!

     It must have been Hanso! Ever since he 'joined' the good side, he's been betraying people right, left, and centre! Or maybe it was just the Meepits. They're behind everything, after all. Perhaps they want to keep me locked away until the end to prevent mass panic. What a shame; I want to spend the last days of Neopia outside, free! Not locked away, being pestered by the men in white jackets. I must hide my journal before they get to me. Then at least if somebody finds it, they can know what's going to happen in the end!

     And that is why I've sent my journal to Altador. King Altador will make sure Neopia knows about the Meepits. They must know, because if they can't be saved, at least they can know the truth.

The End

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