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Top Ten Terrible Trinkets To Customize With

by damemicorazon


First off, I hope you enjoyed the attempt to alliterate the title. It went bad, but it took me six hours to come up with. So.


We have all been there: our beautiful pets have been put in their cutey-wootey outfits, their wigs styled and plumped, face paint applied with utmost care and they've been plopped in those backgrounds that complement everything else. But then, there's something missing. That little empty spot in the bottom left corner! Oh, what to put, what to put?

Well, my good friends, today I have come to inform you about what NOT to place there. Let us start, shall we?

10. Lava Puddle

Okay, well, I’ll agree that for Magma pets, this trinket is a-okay. But for the rest of the Neopian population? The horror! To step into the puddle and suddenly find that the smell of something roasting was indeed their foot and/or tail. What a wake up call, eh? This trinket is definitely not recommended for baby pets.

9. Shop of Mystery Grab Bag

You might think this would be exciting to have. You might think of the wonders that are waiting inside the bag. You might also think “I don’t like the way Chia’s hair feels”, like me, but that is neither here nor there. Now, of course this being a Mystery Bag, nobody really know what lies inside. But more often than not, it is a nasty surprise that awaits. Like dung! And just a question to anybody out there right now, who takes the time to actually put dung inside a bag?! Anyways, stay away from this smelly trinket.

8. Darigan Spike Ball

Ouch! This ball should not be played with. Those spikes are one-hundred percent real, and one-hundred percent pure pain to touch. If your pet were to touch this, I can guarantee you, folks, it’s an instant trip to the Neopian Hospital with a big old bill right beside it. Also it seems to horrify Darigan Kikos immensely. *shrugs* Who knows why?

7. Toxic Waste Barrel

No, Johnny, this is not the way to get superpowers. This little trinket here is Dangerous with a capital D. (Hence, the capital D.) Not only will it mutate your precious pet, but if your pet were to touch this putrid waste, it would develop a taste for nothing more than Toxic Shrooms which will empty your bank account... and fast. Also, side effects include your pet having desires to vanquish evil and become the ultimate hero. Alas, all who are brave and delusional by the radiation from this trinket become sure that they have superpowers. But rest assured that only happens in comics, and your pet is only dreaming.

6. I Lost to Roothless Sign

Who wants a sign publicly declaring their failure?! No one, that’s who. It’s not like people just like to say, “Hey! I lost today! But it’s cool. I just wanted everybody to know and if you didn’t hear me well, I’ll just put a sign up for you.” Also, just for your information, this sign is not on the list because I lost and am bitter about it. *sobs* It’s not.

5. Suspicious Shovel

*shifty eyes* Nothing really here... I mean, it’s just a shovel. Just a shovel... Nothing bad about it, right? I mean, really, it is just a shovel - that I just happen to carry around because I’m like that. Aha... ha... ha. I didn’t do it!

4. Sinking Faerieland Trinket

Because nobody wants to be reminded of the horrors and pain and the waiting for the next plot step. (wink, wink, TNT.) Faerie pets especially seem to cower at the sight and sob when they are reminded of the devastation that ruined their home and took their teddy bears. Queen Fyora and her fellow sisters aren’t all that fond of this reminder, either. Although good for those of Team Xandra, I wouldn’t bother with this trinket.

3. Anything with snot on it. (Snot Garland, Snot Cobweb, etc.)

Eww, has Meuka been here recently or do you need some tissues? Mhmm. These gross trinkets are sure to disgust all (minus Meuka, obviously), and absolutely petrify Usukigirl Usul. Wipe your nose once in a while and stay far away from these unless you’re feeling like a trip to the hospital soon.

2. Pile of Dung

Aha! I bet you thought this would be the first on the list, didn’t you? Well, you are wrong, my friend! Although I can’t argue that this is the least popular and most avoided trinket (and for a good reason!), hundreds of these piles of dung are donated to the Second Hand Shop every day and they are gone within minutes, if not seconds. Who takes them all? Are Neopians really that desperate for some smelly wearables? I should think not, with all the other wonderful trinkets TNT has released. *crosses fingers for King Hagan wearable plushie*

1. Molten Pile of Dung

Yes, my friend, this is the big winner. A pile of dung, which is molten. Which mean this dung is really hot. Which means it really smells. Which means that this wearable is not recommended for anyone! Originating from the depths of Moltara, this trinket was brought to the surface after the adventurers Clara and Roxton discovered it. Although Jordy seems to want to take all credit for this 'amazing' discovery. How smelly and embarrassing it would be to have a Molten Pile of Dung just sitting there like it’s nobody’s business. I do declare, what a putrid and disgusting trinket no one should ever have to witness/smell/wear.

That’s it, ladies and gents! The top ten most terrible and dangerous trinkets NOT to customize with! Hope you learned some lesson from this and don’t go out to buy these, for the sake of your pet and your own humiliation. Although I will admit, I will chuckle at any and all pets who try to be fabulous looking with them on. (And by chuckle I mean a hearty HAHAHA. Ha.)

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