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Good, Yet Affordable Ice Cream Sundaes

by lovelyroses97


As we all know, summer is just around the corner. That means jolly JubJubs making their famous cannon balls in the pool, stylish Usuls wearing the latest bathing suits and tanning their flawless skin, and of course millions of neopets taking a break from the hot sun to enjoy a nice, cold ice cream. Now don't freak out. I know millions is a little bit of an exaggeration, but have you seen the weather lately? I think millions is an understatement. I know, I know, there are many choices of ice cream out there. I mean, let's think of the basics; Mint, Toffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Peach. Yeah, BORING! Even though they're at a fair price, don't you want to really treat your neopets? Think of all the times they have helped you! That one time you were sick and they fed you homemade soup, or what about that time you really wanted to re-do your Neohome. Your neopets gave up playing hours of new games at the arcade and were right there by your side. So don't they deserve something nice? It's okay; not all things in Neopia are thousands of Neopoints. That's why I'm here to help! I'm going to list all the best ice creams in Neopia at the best price you can get them.

1. Tigersquash Ice Cream

Although the name isn't as compelling as the taste, your neopet will be ga ga over this sundae. Tigersquash Ice Cream has honestly been one of my childhood sweets for a very long time. Just look at those stripes. Don't they look absolutely gorgeous? Your neopets will be even more happy than the time you bought them a magical plushie for the holidays. This ice cream has a unique, sweet taste bursting with flavor. It is perfect for vegetarians! This Ice Cream is perfect for holidays, birthdays, field trips, and really any moment you feel like having a sweet treat. Plus, the price is as great as the ice cream itself; only 142 NP! I can just picture me now. I am rolling in all the Neopoints I have saved while my Neopets are licking away at the treat as happy as I am. Oh, the joy of Tigersquash. There is really nothing that bad about Tigersquash. I mean the name sounds a little odd, but who wouldn't want to try something that has the name Tigersquash in it??? Only be sure to keep it refrigerated at all costs. Eat it as soon as the Ice Cream Man makes it, or it will literally become squash.

2. Banana Sundae

Please do not forget about the original Banana Sundae! This delicious treat isn't just gonna make your taste buds do front flips but it's also good for you! Well, maybe only a little. But think of it like this, it's made of 100% real fruit and even has a cute little cherry on top. You will be begging for this dessert. When you first get a glimpse at this original dish you might think, "Oh, it's just like any other original and boring treat I've had!" But think again, my good friend. This Banana Sundae isn't just any normal sundae. I went up close and person with the genius behind the Banana Sundae and gave him a good talking to. He told me that his Banana Sundaes were made with special ingredients different than the plain sundaes. He wouldn't tell me what, but I think I'm on to him. How about you take a bite and tell me what you think! It has such a sweet, acquired taste that will bring back memories. It's only 362 NP, which is quite affordable these days. The whole banana is smothered in whipped cream and tasty caramel. Oh, don't worry; there is no catch. It really is this good, at this good of a price!

3. Hot Fudge Sundae

I know that right when you read this, you started drooling. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love a nice Hot Fudge Sundae once in a while? Let's take this yummy desert step-by-step, shall we? Take a look at the nice and cold vanilla ice cream plopped down on a silver platter, the creamy whipped ice cream delight that melts in your mouth and makes even the Neopets painted grey smile. On the side of the bowl, there are small chocolate cookies that surround the main dish. On top of the ice cream is chocolate syrup that coats the cold ice cream with hot fudge. And to even top that off, it has small rainbow sprinkles covering the sundae making it look like a ice cream pinata! To finish off the whole dessert, you have a nice little scoop of whipped cream. Okay, now I need to be honest; the only people who won't like this treat are your dentist and your personal trainer. I mean, let's be just a little realistic here. Okay, it adds on a few pounds. And sure it gives you those awful and un-wanted cavities that you have been avoiding for years, but just look at it. I mean, even a little bit will make you fall into the awful trap of bad health. The price is only 1111 NP! So go down to your local Ice Cream Shop and have them fix up a batch of these babies!

4. Blue Moon Sundae

Although this name is a bit- eh, interesting, the flavor is out of this world! See what I did there? Anyway, this dessert is filled with not one, not two, but a gazillion different flavors! Just kidding, but there are a lot of unique flavors packed into one small ice cream dish. The secret ingredient? Sh! Come here, now a little closer. The secret ingredient is... moonlight! Hey, I'm not kidding! I saw you roll your eyes. This small little secret makes the sundae a simply dazzling dessert. Now the price is 4000 NP. Yikes! Just a little expensive, but really, it's not like it's 800,000 NP!

5. Pumpkin Ice Cream

Even though the ice cream may sound boring and unoriginal, it really has an interesting and delicious recipe. Made with real pumpkins! Rumour has it, you may even find some seeds in it. That is if you don't choke on them first! I tried to make one of these babies at home and I'm sad to say that my mission has failed. I got the basic ingredients of ice cream like ice, and well- cream, and sugar, but the pumpkin flavor is literally impossible to find. I am stumped. I have tried every store in all of Neopia trying to find this so called "Pumpkin" flavor. Then I thought, "Why not just go buy a pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch?" So I did, and let me say the whole process of taking out the millions of seeds and getting the little sweet bits of pumpkin left was really hard and all for nothing too! It tasted like dung which I was very displeased with. So don't waste time and money on trying to make a homemade version, and just go ahead and buy one. It's only 1000 NP, so get your sweet treat today!

Happy Licking!

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