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Florg's Favourite Food

by amitybelle


Do you ever find yourself inching slowly toward your bowl of snacks while playing Feed Florg? No, me either... The subject of the game is disturbing and should really cause a loss of appetite among us sane Neopians. However, there is a Neopet among us who begs to differ. A result of one of Dr. Sloth's evil experiments, this Mutant Chia roams the Space Station searching for his favourite snacks... Petpets.

I have compiled a list of several Neopian treats which are Petpet themed. More specifically, these items are inspired by the unfortunate Petpets Florg seems to enjoy the most.

Hasee Puff Cereal

Restocks at Neopian Fresh Foods, located in Neopia Central.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 10,000 NP.

This healthy breakfast cereal is gourmet, so you know it's got to be good. Before you shudder away from the word "gourmet," this one is fairly inexpensive, unless 7,000 NP is the entirety of your bank account.

I know what you're thinking - orange and grape. Wrong! Actually, the flavours are apricot and boysenberry. As these are not so generic, they give the cereal quite a unique taste. Boysencot, anybody?

If you can get past the fact that these are actually shaped as Hasees, this will surely become a favourite of both yours and your Neopets.

Kookith Vegan Platter

Restocks at Exotic Foods, located in Shenkuu.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 100 NP.

If you are in fact bothered by eating food shaped like a Hasee, this healthy snack may suit you better. Only the container has been shaped to resemble a Kookith, which you're not going to eat... unless you're a Grarrl or Jetsam, perhaps.

As you can reuse the container, give the Kookith a different expression whenever you do so. Other Neopians will always be impressed by your adorable lunch.

Kookith Cookies

Does not restock in Neopian shops; this was a prize for beating Abigail at Kookia during the 2011 Daily Dare.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 100 NP.

These yummy cookies are yellow and blue which is the same as an unpainted Kookith, so you can be sure there are no artificial colours here! The vanilla cookie base is decorated with sweet icing which many Neopians like to lick off before eating the rest. Eat it the other way around if you don't want that smiling face looking at you... only one side is iced.

Whoever thinks Abigail's prizes aren't as good as AAA's is clearly mistaken! You can't eat Kookith String Lights...

Thornberry Slorg Slime

Restocks at The Coffee Cave, located in the Deep Catacombs.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 1,000 NP.

Oh yes, I'm quite serious. Slorg Slime isn't literally Slorg Slime; the name is merely a guise so nobody will want to buy any. It's so good that the Shoyru vendor who owns The Coffee Cave wants it all to herself!

Slorg Slime comes in four delicious flavours (Thornberry, Chocolate, Fungi Fruit and Tangleberry). Personally, I wouldn't categorise Slorg Slime as coffee, it's a thick concoction which is best eaten as a soup, with a spoon. All four are served ice cold but I've found that heating Tangleberry adds to its flavour.

Cheesy Slorgwich

Restocks at Neopian Fresh Foods, located in Neopia Central.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 1,000 NP.

Everyone loves Slorgwiches, right? They're so easy to make, look adorable and taste delicious! This particular Slorgwich has been toasted so the cheese has melted, emulating slime. If you're not a fan of cheese, not to worry, there are two other official Slorgwich flavours, Leafy and Slimey.

If none of those sound appealing to you (and you wouldn't be blamed for passing on the Slime), the great thing about Slorgwiches is you can put absolutely anything you like in them. Ham, tomato, pickle and peanut butter are among popular choices; for the more adventurous, Chokato, seaweed, Doughnutfruit and popcorn could be added to any combination.

Spyder Ice Cream Sundae

Does not restock in Neopian shops;, this is a prize by redeeming a Key Quest code.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 10,000 NP.

Hopefully by now you trust me; once again I promise this is super yummy. A Spyder Ice Cream Sundae consists of raspberry ice-cream smothered in a rich mulberry sorbet, topped with a licorice Spyder; the teeth you see are finely sliced bananas. This combination makes for a freaky looking delight. One serving tends to be far too much food for one person, so feel free to share with me anytime...

Spyder Cupcakes

Does not restock in Neopian shops; this is a prize from Apple Bobbing.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 100 NP.

If you fancy giving Apple Bobbing a go, you might come across a couple of these. Cupcakes are my favourite treat and these intricately decorated edible Spyders are perfect for those of us who don't particularly want to fill up on regular sized cakes.

Perfect for any chocolate lover as both the cake and frosting are delectable milk chocolate, made with only the best milk from Kau Kau Farms. The eyes are cherries and the legs are wafers, which are filled with white chocolate. There is a nice surprise when you bite into one, too - gooey caramel sauce.

Warf Tea

Restocks at The Coffee Cave, located in the Deep Catacombs.

Estimated Shop Wizard price, less than 2,000 NP.

Thirsty yet? You should be, after eating all that food, so try some Warf Tea! This drink is a mix of green and sweet tea with a dollop of honey, a combination which is extremely refreshing and tastes great hot or cold.

The cup, as well as being adorable, is reusable. Other than using it to drink from (a fairly obvious choice), you could plant something small in it, use it to store pens and pencils or use it as candle holder. The handle proves useful if you're wandering around in the dark and have to hold it; no hot wax will drip down your fingers. That hurts!

Unfortunately at present there exists no such food featuring a Tenna. Well, a Halloween Tenna is an apple... I guess.

I wonder if Florg tasted any of these, would our Petpets be safe to wander Neopia alone? Or is an actual Hasee superior to the taste of Hasee Puff Cereal? All we can hope for is that he never gains an appetite for fruit, or our Apple and Thornberry Chias may never be safe again.

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