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The Destruction of My Dream Pet

by nascar19nfl


For the longest time I thought that the Lutari was the absolute cutest pet in Neopia. I knew that they were Limited Edition so I could not create one. I also knew that, at the time, there were no morphing potions available to turn an existing pet into a Lutari. But, for some reason, I also thought that they were like the Krawk and Draik and could not ever be created from the Create-a-Pet page.

Finally, I read somewhere that the only way to make a Lutari (before the Faerie Lutari Morphing Potion was released by Kauvara) was to wait around for a batch to be released on Lutari Day. Luckily, April was just around the corner and I could not wait. The days were ticking by until the nineteenth slowly inched near. I had to clear out some of my side accounts in preparation for the arrival. I'd recently created my fifth account and had quite a bit of space there. I even adopted out my beautiful Baby Xweetok to a good home for room. One of my main pets had been (actually still is) vacationing on a side account so I could bring in more pets for zapping. I was going to use that free space to make and zap a Lutari.

After all the anticipation, Lutari Day had finally came. I woke up insanely early (not on purpose) and whipped out my laptop and started lurking on the Create-a-Pet page. If I was not there, I was on the Popularity page waiting for there to be more than 35,000 released Lutari. Eventually I fell back asleep but managed to press F5 occasionally as I drifted in and out of dreams.

The day carried on and so did my tasks. I had to leave the house for a bit but monitored from the aid of my 3G equipped iPhone. However, there was still no luck.

Once I arrived home, I managed to fall asleep once more but kept my phone by my side and checked the Popularity page frequently for I am a very light sleeper.

At around 12:00 NST, I was finally able to create my first Lutari. I made two on my new side account, one to replace the Baby Xweetok, one on my Lab Ray accessible side account, and one on my main account with access to the popular Lab Ray.

I was well informed that the Lutari will vanish at the hands of the Pound Techo. I figured this would not be a problem because Lutari are much too special to attempt a Pound-transfer. I once lost a lovely Pink Kougra that way at no one’s fault but my own.

My daily zap on my main account had already been used that day so in the morning my new Lutari would be faced with that crazy Lab Ray Scientist. This made me very nervous because the Lutari come in very few colors and I figured there would be a larger possibility that they would change species before changing color. I had secretly been hoping TNT would mass-release new colors for the Lutari since they were so far behind. I did not think it would be too tough to at least give Lutari the option of the typical pattern colors like Striped or even regular colors like Purple. But the release of the Zombie color for Lutari had me very excited. I even wrote on her look up that I hope she would turn Zombie. I was not holding my breath, though. That’s for sure.

The next morning rolled around and the first thing I did was take my new Lutari for a trip to the Lab. Miraculously, she turned color to Zombie. My jaw dropped. I'd accomplished another dream pet. This did, however, pose another issue. I was more than pleased with the three other pets I had on my main account and did not want to zap any of them. But I also did not want to waste zaps. Unfortunately, pets cannot be transferred or abandoned until they are at least one week old. Therefore, I looked into transferring one of my other main pets to a side account to bring in another for zapping. I was not too confident in the endeavor because having just one of my main pets on a side account was unsettling enough to me for some reason. I tried it anyway and when I arrived at the transfer page I discovered that Lutari refuse to leave via transfers as well. I was heart broken. Even when she turned 168 hours old, I could not send her to a side account as a Zombie Lutari. I could not keep her on my main account either. That was out of the question.

I had won a Green Uni Morphing Potion from the Wheel of Excitement a few days prior and made the awful decision to use it on her. I thought I would continue to zap her as a Uni hoping to get something good and be able to transfer her later on. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Unis by any means. When she turned one week old, I did the unforgivable and abandoned her. She just caused too much torment and I could not handle her anymore. Especially since she was still a Green Uni. Green Unis are quite abundant in Neopia and that irks me for some reason. They are terribly basic and could never hold a candle to a Zombie Lutari. Luckily, I did happen to give her a fantastic name so she stood out amongst the swarm of Green Unis in the Pound and someone has since adopted her.

I wish more than anything that I would have known that Lutari could not be transferred. She was a dream pet of mine and she was destroyed by my own hands. I took plenty of screenshots to remember one of the very first Zombie Lutari to walk the lands of Neopia. It is a shame that Lutari are so stubborn. She would have made an amazing pet.

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