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NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part Two

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous

Welcome back to NC or NP! Last week, Fuz (sinistrous) and I discussed neopoint alternatives for those lovely neocash backgrounds you like but for whatever reason can’t obtain (be it lack of access, a tight budget, or just a higher price tag than you can comfortably trade for, or alternatively if you want the perfect look for a side pet but only use neocash on your main account). We wanted to start off with backgrounds because those tend to be what customizations are built around; they provide the setting for what scene you’re staging.

This week, we’re going to take a look at clothing, the next step to building the perfect customization. So if you’ve had your eye on that pretty neocash wearable but would rather fork over your neopoints, read on!


1. Black Fedora vs Jazzmosis Hat

For that sharp, dressy look, or if you’re going for the detective ensemble, a spiffy hat is a must have. We tend to reach for the Black Fedora, but the Jazzmosis Hat is a fabulous alternative that was recently made wearable. At only 1200 NP, it’s a bargain too! Black, grey... they both work!


2. Regulation Meridellian Helmet vs Seasonal Chain Mail Helmet

Your knight surely needs a helmet, right? Well, we have to be honest – despite the sprig of mistletoe on the Seasonal Chain Mail Helmet, we have a hard time telling the difference between these two. At around 800k it isn’t cheap, but if you can’t or won’t spend the neocash for the neocash version, we don’t think that’s bad at all!


3. Charming Wonderland Wig vs Curled Blonde Wig

Do blondes have more fun? Maybe, but fortunately your pet can go blond in neocash or neopoint. To be honest, while the Charming Wonderland Wig is very cute, we much prefer the Curled Blonde Wig. Both give your pet a cute blond ‘do with a cute little ribbon or rose in it, but the Curled Blonde Wig out-charms the Wonderland Wig in our opinion. For around 65k, we pick the curls!


4. MiniMME6-S2: Golden Flower Wreath Wig vs Sassy Fire Faerie Wig

These aren’t identical, but if your pet needs to be a redhead, we think they both work! Both have their pros and cons, but especially for only 13k, we think the Sassy Fire Faerie Wig is awful cute.


5. Butterfly Face Paint vs Butterfly Mask

One may be facepaint and one may be a mask, but we think they look awful similar. At around 65k, the Butterfly Mask can give your pet that pretty spring butterfly look too!


6. Festive Poinsettia and Holly Mask vs Pretty Flower Mask

The colouration of these two masks is slightly different, but we think they’re close enough for us. If your pet needs a colourful mask, why not try the Pretty Flower Mask too? At around 150k, it isn’t cheap, but it’s a lovely neopoint alternative!


7. Elegant Gold Necklace vs Golden Dubloon Necklace

We’re a big fan of the Golden Dubloon Necklace, and to be honest we prefer it to the Elegant Gold Necklace. At around 150k it isn’t cheap either, but we think the extra NP is worth it – and if you can’t or won’t use neocash, it definitely comes out on top.


8. Valentine Boa vs Purple Feather Boa

Okay, honestly? These look exactly the same to us, except different colors. We’ll chalk this one up to a no-brainer – and for only 20k, we think the Purple Feather Boa is a clear winner anyway.


9. MME4-S5: Starlit Scarf vs Snowy Scarf

Again, these two are almost identical to us. They’re practically the same shade of blue! And since the Snowy Scarf is only 1k, if our pets need a scarf to stay warm... which one do you think we’re reaching for?


10. Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver vs Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver/ Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver

If your pet is keen to dress up as a Woodsman or just practice their archery, obviously they need a quiver. For people who can use neocash, the Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver is an obvious choice, but for an effective neopoint alternative the Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver is only 1k, and for a slightly fancier look, the Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver will run about 105k.


11. Gingerbread Wings vs Sugar Cookie Wings

Gingerbread Wings, or gingies as they’re known colloquially on the NC mall chat, are without a doubt one of the most popular pairs of wings in the malling community. But along with popularity comes price, and even people who spend a lot on neocash can’t always afford this set of yummy wings. Fortunately, last year’s Style Showdown brought out the Sugar Cookie Wings, which are an adorable set of neopoint cookie wings. For less than 15k, they’re a yummy substitute!


12. (Team) Altador Cup Jersey vs Altador Cup Fan Jersey / Vintage Darigan (Haunted Woods, Krawk Island) Altador Cup Jersey

The AC is here – is your pet ready? If you snagged the Altador Cup Jerseys from the mall, they probably are – but if you didn’t, or if you simply need a neopoint alternative, the Altador Cup Fan Jersey is only about 20k. If they fit your team, the Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey and the Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey will only cost you about 6k each, while the Vintage Krawk Island Altador Cup Jersey will run you about 8-9k.


13. Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring vs Green Hissi Float Ring

If it’s time to hit the beach, your pet may be begging for an Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring. But we think the Green Hissi Float Ring is just as cute, and will only cost about 1k.


14. Pretty Blue Plaid Skirt vs School Girl Plaid Skirt

Blue plaid versus... blue plaid. If you have neocash access, the Pretty Blue Plaid Skirt is a pretty easy one to obtain. But at around 105k, the School Girl Plaid Skirt is a fantastic and very similar neopoint alternative that has a very cute fit.


15. Mummy Wrapped Hands vs Hand Wrap

All right, technically one is spooky and the other isn’t. But to us, they’re pretty interchangeable. So if your pet insists on having their hands wrapped, the Hand Wrap will only cost you about 45k.


16. Wonderland Gloves vs Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves

Wonderland gloves are a popular accessory for just a clean pair of white gloves.

And okay, we realize that technically the polarchuck gloves are part of a petpet costume and are mentioned elsewhere in this article. But they are fabulously versatile. So if you need a solid pair of white gloves but don’t want to fork over the neocash, these gloves will run about 200k – but we think they’re worth it!


17. Garden Tea Shoes vs Torn Pink Gym Socks

All right, so if you were dressing yourself, you’d never consider a pair of torn socks instead of a fancy pair of shoes for tea. But trust us, your pets don’t mind – and on many species, Torn Pink Gym Socks are awfully close to those expensive Garden Tea Shoes... and only cost 1500 NP. Worth a try!


18. Rugged Work Boots vs Wellington Boots

If your pet needs a solid, dependable pair of shoes, many neocash users turn to Rugged Work Books to get the job done. But if you need a neopoint alternative, Wellington Boots are a snazzy, inexpensive alternative; at only 4-5k, we like them a lot!


19. Meepit Costume Suit /Noil Costume vs Homemade or Deluxe Polarchuck Costume/ Gobbler Costume

If it’s Halloween, your pet needs a costume! Many neocash users will reach for the Meepit Costume Suit or Noil Costume, and honestly, those are pretty adorable. But for a neopoint alternative, the Homemade or Deluxe Polarchuck Costume and Gobbler Costumes are awfully adorable, too.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks! Join us again next week when we’ll take a look at some popular neocash handheld items and some lovely neopoint alternatives. Until then, happy customizing!

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