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Preparing Yourself for the Upcoming Altador Cup

by prada_prince


We are all excited for the upcoming Annual Altador Cup. *hooray* But how does one gear up and get ready for such a huge event? Surely for those of us who’s been dozing off for the past eleven months or simply just slacking, we ought to get working and prepare for the upcoming Altador Cup. Gotta work those muscles and get moving. Here are some last minute tips for each and every fan/supporter/minion/player of each individual World. :P


If you’re in Altador, you might want to go visit the Hall of Heroes. Marvel at the history and grandness of our beloved heroes and hopefully that will get you inspired and boosted to train for the Altador Cup. Then may I suggest you to visit the Water Distribution Plant to see if they need any hand on mechanical work done. The pipes there are so complicated and they need fixing often. Lastly, you might want to head out of the outskirts of the City Walls and visit Old Follies Farm. I’m more than certain Farmer Follies have some labor-intensive jobs for you. Overall, you’ll get a complete physical workout AND help out fellow citizens of Altador. Amazing, right?


This is the land of peace and knowledge. There’s no doubt that whenever you visit Brightvale, you HAVE to visit King Hagan. Let’s see how wise you are and maybe, just maybe, if you impress him, he’ll reward you with some wise words or books. You should definitely read up on a lot of stuff here. They’ve got scrolls and books of every kind you could imagine. Perhaps you might come across some useful tips in preparation for the Altador Cup. You can also enjoy reading in the peaceful land here; such a beautiful place. After all, knowledge is POWER!

Darigan Citadel

As eerie as this place might be with the enormous spikes and thorns, it’s not just an abandoned barren of floating land. Darigan Citadel won the Altador Cup many years back and I suspect it’s because of the smart Lord Darigan and Lord Kass, Chiefs of Proper and Effective Planning. Highly tactical individuals, these two figures of Darigan Citadel may be able to teach some a thing or two which could help you in the Altador Cup soon. The only thing I’d like to warn you about is that if you’re thinking about stepping onto the Citadel, leave your pretty princess faerie wings at home. Darigans may not be the friendliest people certainly.


After the fall of Faerieland, things there have been very hectic. I don’t think I’ll need to say much about what you can do here. Look left, right, up and perhaps down and I’m sure you can help this City out. You can also head to Faerie Quests and perhaps Queen Fyora might have something in mind for you to help out with.

Haunted Woods

Citizens of all things scary and spooky flock this area. For those with a weak heart, perhaps Faerieland would be a better choice for you. But for those who has that sense of adventure in them, welcome to Haunted Woods because odds are you’ll get lost here. I’d assume there won’t be much training to be done here. The only training which I can foresee would be you running away from Hungry Ghost Meepits that are frantically chasing after you in the Woods. However, if you’re looking for a break from the rigorous training, drop by Deserted Fairgrounds. There are plenty of pies to be thrown around with all sorts of other Festivities. Just be sure you have lots of spare Neopoints that you don’t mind wasting, oops, I meant spending. (:

Kiko Lake

Some might say this is one of the more boring places in Neopia. But I say it’s certainly not. The Kikos here are extremely welcoming and they’ll take good care of you. Sure, it’s a small piece of land, but you’ll enjoy your stay here nonetheless. This is certainly another rest-up and relax place for you to go in between your training. You can take the boat ride; I strongly recommend after 5 pm, because the sunsets are stunning and the sea has a pretty warm orange glow. Magnificent. Then you can stop by the Treat Store to get some goodies before you resume back with your training.

Krawk Island

Everything here is simply the pirates’ way of life. Enough said, just visit the Swashbuckling Academy and get Cap'n Threelegs to give you some private training classes. Just be sure you have Dubloons to spare. Neopoints are “worthless” here.

Kreludor and Virtupets

The two places outside of Neopia. You have a choice of venturing the Kreludan Mining Corp. It’s an old unused space that’s big enough for your training. But if you’re in Virtupets, you can see if they need any assistance at the Warehouse. If not, head upstairs and you might want to practice Gormball here. After all, it’s also a ball game; begin to hone your skills.

Lost Desert

The hottest place on all of Neopia. I really do not encourage intensive physical routines here. :o But instead, you might want to drop by and check to see if Osiri needs any help with her pottery making. This will help you handle the Yooyu with more care. Yooyuball is certainly a rough game, but have mercy on those poor yooyus, please. They’re still living creatures, so while you throw those yooyus around, know how to handle them with care. Hence, Osiri is the best person you can look to when you need lesson on handling stuff with care! Plus you’ll pick up those Pottery Making skills you always dreamt of but never bothered with. :P


Just a pretty place that you can marvel at its beauty. What was once a disastrous torn down area is now lovely and vibrant. King Kelpbeard sure did an impressive job at rebuilding Maraqua. You can take a break at the Kelp and fine dine or if you’re up for a greater challenge, perhaps go visit the seaslug and battle it. Let’s see if you can take down that HUGE monster down.


Visit Kayla if you’re that desperate for quick fix potions. *shrugs* But if you prefer the good old method of hard labor and working out, I have two neat options for you. (: First, visit Illusen. Her quests can be pretty demanding and you might need to search places high and low to find stuff for her. You’ll get to go on an adventure (time limit, though *hehe*) and earn some pretty amazing rewards from her. But if you’re not into timed quests and exploring more lands, head down to Meri Acres Farm. Whether it’s counting potatoes or picking berries, I’m more than certain you’re going to be sweating it out.


Relatively still new to a lot of people, Moltara is a long way down beneath the surface of Neopia. Down here, you can either visit the Quarry to see if they could use another pair of extra hands to help mine the Obsidian Pieces or perhaps get your brave Neopets a dip into the Magma Pool. Not only will you feel refreshed, hot and energized, you might just walk away with a brand new spiffy colour. Also perhaps visit Igneot to see if he has any wise words for you. (:

Mystery Island

If you do not have the dubloons to spare at Krawk Island’s training school, hopefully you have some leftover codestones from your Key Quest games. ;) If so, visit the Training School and you’ll get similar lessons from the amazing Nimmo Trainer. I’ve heard rumors of some Secret Academy here but no confirmation; perhaps you might want to tour around the Island and see if you can find any such thing with regards to the Secret Academy. *gasps* If you want some Ball Games, visit the Myncies by the beach. I’m sure they can give you some Volleyball Lessons too!

Roo Island

Not much available on Roo Island, but perhaps you could take a break here while riding the Merry Go Round. Just be warned, it spins FAST. :(


A merchant town you have stopped by. Visit Bonju if you want a glorious meal, but be warned he’s very cranky. If not, drop by Wonderous Weaponry and see if you can learn some amazing tips and skills about combat fighting. Perhaps this would be useful somehow in the Altador Cup. You can certainly be the talk on Neopia if you unleash some sweet Ninja moves during the tournament!

Terror Mountain

If icy chilly places are your kind of thing, Terror Mountain might be an ideal spot to train up. You can hike up the Mountain and enjoy the amazing view when you reach the top. Or perhaps drop by the Snowager? On second thought, that’s a bad idea. *flees* Oh and just try to stay away from the *cough* unhealthy *cough* ice cream and slushies. They don’t help with your training. :P


Finally, the last place, Tyrannia. Check up at Keno and see if you can learn from the Giant Grarrl the art of scary screams. Perhaps if you unleash such a scream during the tournament you might shake the bones of your opponents; ignore the Jelly Chia team as they have no backbones. :P Now wouldn’t that be such an amazing advantage, however? Lastly, after all the intensive training, take some time out to enjoy a show at the Concert Hall before you head down to Altador for the tournament soon.

I wish all of you the best in your training and see you soon at Altador. May the best team win!

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