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Gifts for Your Koi

by foo_foo_face


Koi are very outgoing and affectionate creatures. So, of course, they make great companions! And, with Koi Day just around the corner, you might want to give your Koi a few (or many!) gifts in celebration of their special day. Here are, I think, some of the best gifts to give to your Koi:

Koi Life Preserver

Despite their reputation for being remarkable swimmers, some Koi are actually wary when it comes to swimming out in the open seas. If your Koi is included among those that do, then I highly recommend getting him or her a Koi Life Preserver! This life preserver is the classic colours – red and white – and fits snuggly above a Koi's caudal fin. But, it also has the word "KOI" printed onto it seeing as it is made specifically for the Koi species and this will show Neopets of other species that it is not theirs to take. With this life preserver, your Koi will be comfortable and safe but still feel as stylish as ever!

Koi Ocean Lord Outfit

If you want to make your Koi feel like the king or queen of the sea, then you may definitely want to consider buying this outfit! The Koi Ocean Lord Toga is a very flowy and elegant article of clothing. The colour is a vibrant blue that fades into white around the middle of the garment. Along with that, it is accented with a gold seashell and two strands of seaweed. Much like the gold shell on the Koi Ocean Lord Toga, the Koi Ocean Lord Crown is made 100% out of gold. This is to ensure that it doesn't rust at all and stays looking new no matter how long you have owned it! The crown also features a very charming design that looks much like the waves of the ocean. The Koi Ocean Lord Trident is also made of gold and contains a shell very similar to the one seen on the Koi Ocean Lord Toga. Queen Fyora herself would even marvel at this outfit!

Cream Fill Chocolate Koi Biscuit

Now, I have to say, this is indeed a step up from the regular old Chocolate Koi Biscuit! There are two layers of dark chocolate biscuits (which are much healthier for you than the Chocolate Koi Biscuit's milk chocolate ones) that are shaped as the head of a Koi and they even include eyes and a mouth. In between those two layers of chocolate biscuits is a very sumptuous and flavourful vanilla cream yet it does not overpower the chocolate. Your Koi will want to savour every bit of this delightful treat!

Cheesy Kois

This is one of the Koi's favourite snacks! These fun little crackers are Koi shaped and have a very tasty cheese flavour. They also come in an attractive bag that is blue with splashes of orange and yellow and features a picture of a Cheesy Koi on it. Cheesy Kois are perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to make an extravagant meal and are also great for when you just feel like having a bite to eat during the mid-afternoon! They even happen to be a gourmet food! And, after being consumed, will gain you one point at the Gourmet Club.

Utility Fish

Koi are very creative and intelligent creatures so, naturally, they're exceptionally good inventors! Their most well-known inventions includes Utility Fish – household helpers that turn into common items such as beds, lights, pens, etc. Even though Utility Fish have been retired for many years, you are still able to buy a few of them for fairly low prices. Buying one for your Koi will remind them of how great the Koi species is and maybe even inspire them to go out and create something of their own!

Koi Beauty Tips

Does your Koi plan on going out for the night and dining at a restaurant such as Kelp so they need to make sure they look their best? Or maybe their scales have been looking a little drab lately? Well, this book will give your Koi quite a number of useful tips that'll help keep them healthy and squeaky-clean! This includes: how to preen your scales, keep your fins in tip-top condition, have a sparkling white smile and much more! Even Koi well-versed when it comes to the subject of beauty and health may learn a few things from this book. This is a must-have for any Koi!

Koi Spelunker Outfit

It is a well-known fact that Koi can be very curious and friendly individuals. Some of them even take this curiosity to a new level and are actually rather adventurous and daring! The Koi Spelunker Outfit is ideal for those Koi with a taste for adventure. The Koi Spelunker Jumper is navy blue in colour and extremely rugged. The same goes for the Koi Spelunker Backpack except it is more of a blue-grey colour and has red patches sewn onto it. This backpack is also able to carry quite a load! The space inside of it seems almost endless at times! The Koi Spelunker Helmet is also very durable and is yellow but features a blue strap which keeps the light in place. And, of course, the outfit would not be complete without the Koi Spelunker Rope. This is what allows you to descend and ascend steep areas in caves. Any dauntless Koi will be pleased with this outfit!

Pull Along Koi

If you have a young Koi who is fond of toys, then this is perfect for them! The Pull Along Koi includes a model of a Red Koi which has a nice, big smile on its face. This is sure to brighten the mood of any Neopet! I'm sure King Skarl might even show a bit of a grin, if he saw it! And, along with that, you can take the Pull Along Koi with you anywhere you go, seeing as it has four small wheels and a rope attached to it, which allows you to pull it along behind yourself. Your Koi will want to spend all day long playing with this amusing toy!

Have a wonderful Koi Day!

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