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The Tale of Two Rude Roos

by alt1981black


Ccaenine was generally a very easygoing Blumaroo. He got along very well with his sister and brothers, and he got along with most of his cousins. However, there was one cousin whom he simply could not stand.

     That cousin was XenaBethany, a Blumaroo just like him, only with a much different sort of personality. These two Roos were in a secret sort of competition, and each was determined to outdo the other Roo.

     Ccaenine was almost jealous of Bethy. She was a bit taller than he was, and willowy. She could hop further and faster, and she was much admired by the rest of the family. Ccaenine was smarter, though, and he could solve puzzles much quicker. He could juggle much better than Bethy ever could. Their arguments were a source of annoyance within their family.

     Things between Ccaenine and Bethy, though soured for a long time, finally erupted one rainy afternoon during one of Bethy's visits to the Haunted Woods family. It was a rather grim day, so Bethy decided to try solving a crossword puzzle. Ccaenine read a book by the fireplace. Bethy struggled to solve the crossword puzzle, and Ccaenine tore the puzzle book out of her hands and finished it quickly, much to Bethy's consternation. Bethy growled, then leaped at her cousin. They began to fight, and UnaRae came in and saw the two Roos quarrelling and shouting, and she knew enough was enough.

     "SILENCE!" Una yelled, then stepped in between the two rude Roos, each gasping for breath. Una glared at them both, a spark of anger in her eyes. "What is this? You two need to learn to get along. There'll be no more fighting nonsense. Bethy, go sit in that chair. Ccaenine, have a seat over here. No arguments. Thank you."

     Una glared at her brother and cousin, looking very disappointed in their behaviour. It was apparent that some sort of punishment must be administered. What was to be done? Una rubbed her chin thoughtfully. The Koi was perplexed. How best to punish these two rude Roos? Then, on a whim, she had an idea. It was the perfect solution! She smiled, then looked at her brother and cousin.

     "Ccaenine and Bethy, you two will be in charge of making dinner together as a team for tonight. That will be your punishment." Una set down the terms of their punishment. Bethy groaned. Ccaenine grumbled. Una went away, looking extremely stern. Bethy sighed, then, seeing there was nothing for it, she stood up and went into the kitchen. Ccaenine followed her, feeling just a bit sulky. He suggested they start with a salad, to which Bethy agreed.

     "Since we have to work together, are you going to make the salad, or am I?" Bethy asked, raising a brow as she looked at Ccaenine. He shrugged, then nodded. "Ok, how does one make a salad?" Bethy looked puzzled. Ccaenine pulled out some lettuce, a tomato, and two carrots. Bethy looked helplessly at him. She knew almost nothing about cooking. Ccaenine was more experienced in kitchen matters than she was.

     Ccaenine sighed. "First you have to wash the ingredients, then you cut them up. I'll get out the cutting board, you wash the veggies." Bethy ran the vegetables under water, and handed them to Ccaenine, uncertain of what she needed to do. Ccaenine chopped the lettuce and diced the tomato, and Bethy grated the carrots. Once the salad was made, Ccaenine decided to bake some fresh bread to go with the dinner. Bethy asked him how to make bread. Ccaenine sighed, then pulled out the ingredients and mixing bowls.

     Under Ccaenine's guidance, Bethy measured out the flour, water, sugar, salt, and oil. Ccaenine showed her how to combine them into bread dough. After adding the yeast, then letting it rise and set, they both kneaded a portion of the dough, then put it into the baking pan. Ccaenine put the pan into the oven, and Bethy cleared off the counter, both wondering what to do next. There was still a main course to decide on, and something equally suitable for dessert.

     Una peeked in as the two Roos worked together to make the dinner. She went away, satisfied with her plan. Bethy now suggested making a fruit pie for dessert. Though she suggested apple pie, Ccaenine told her they needed an additional, smaller fruit pie for his brother Zadar, who had an apple allergy, which is typical of all Kyrii. Bethy looked thoughtful, and asked her cousin what Zadar might prefer for dessert.

     "Let's make a cherry pie for Zadar, and apple pie for everyone else," he suggested. Bethy nodded, then pulled out the two sorts of fruit. Ccaenine started making the pie crusts whilst Bethy washed and peeled the apples. Ccaenine brought out the pie tins and soon the pies were in the oven. By this time, the bread was ready. Both Blumaroos heard scuffling from the dining room. Uh oh, the family was gathering for dinner! Worse, they hadn't even worked on the main course! There was very little time left. What could they do?

     Ccaenine thought quickly. It seemed the only thing they could do in this case was improvise. He grabbed some Neopoints and told Bethy to hurry to Neopia Central and grab a couple pizzas from Pizzaroo. "I'll give them the salad and bread right now, but try to hurry, if you can!" Bethy nodded and took off. Ccaenine worked fast. There was very little time to be lost.

     He grabbed the bread and butter and the salad, then entered the dining room. In addition to his siblings, Bethy's siblings were there as well. He served the starters, then ran back to the kitchen and paced the floor. After less than ten minutes, a knock at the kitchen door signalled Bethy's return. She had two flat boxes with her. The pizzas! Ccaenine grinned, and Bethy took them into the dining room, and everyone at the table cheered. Who couldn't resist a good pizza?

     In the kitchen, Ccaenine and Bethy both sighed in relief. Things were looking good. Bethy checked on the pies. The crusts were golden brown, and both smelled delightful. The two Roos took the pies into the dining room, where they were admired, tasted, exclaimed over. The dinner proved to be a success.

     Later on, Una praised the two Roos for working together so well to make a fine dinner. Though she frowned slightly upon being told that Ccaenine had sent Bethy to get the pizzas by herself, she said nothing when Ccaenine praised his cousin's quickness in hopping around on her tail. Bethy added that Ccaenine was pretty quickwitted when it came down to measuring ingredients and helping her learn how to cook.

     "Well, you can both appreciate the skills of each other, so let's hope no more of this fighting nonsence occurs," Una said, leaving them to think that over. Ccaenine and Bethy looked at each other, then grinned and gave each other a high five.

     From then on, the cousins got along much better. True, they still squabbled on occasion, but a glance at Una made them both think about what they were saying to each other. The two rude Roos they had been were never seen again, to the relief of everyone, themselves included.

The End

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