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Koi Day Vacations

by puufuu


It's that most excellent time of year: Koi Day! And I'm sure all of you Koi owners have lots of exciting plans for what to do with your Koi, right?

What's that? You have lots of ideas, but they all fall through because Koi are aquatic creatures who can't do anything in the lands of Neopia except flop around like, well, a fish out of water? Gosh, that is a pickle. Luckily for you, Puufuu, Travel Agent Extraordinaire, is here to help.


You may have heard that Maraqua is an entirely underwater city. Well, what do you know – it's true! Here your fishy friends can have fun eating at the ever so expensive yet ever so delicious Kelp restaurant – if you have a reservation. Funnily enough, I always do. I think it's because I'm such a well informed and influential travel agent. You can try to get in, but you'll want to change that shirt and polish your shoes, first.

Maraqua is also host to some fine aquatic games that your Koi is sure to have an advantage in. Why not spend your winnings on some Maraquan battledome items? Or maybe get some souvenirs for your friends from Collectable Sea Shells? However, avoid the fishing. Koi tend to get upset about the prospect, though I'm not sure why...

Krawk Island

Krawk Island is very easily accessible for Koi because it's surrounded by water. Did you know that? It's a good job I'm your travel agent, isn't it? Anyway, there's lots to do on the island's beach outskirts, such as looking for Buried Treasure (which might even net you an avatar!), a myriad of games and a training academy. Make sure to bring your dubloons! Additionally, you can park your Koi by Smugglers Cove and they can let you know if a shipment of lucrative items comes in. You can hang out at the fantastic Golden Dubloon whilst they do that, since that waiting will be dreadfully boring.

Oh, and there are mines in the Krawk Island waters. You might want to make sure your pet is aware of that.


Now, this will require some ingenuity and flexibility on your pet's behalf. While Altador is technically landlocked, it relies on water being pumped around the city through a series of pipes. Simply swim in from the sea and your Koi will soon find itself atop Altador's impressive water-filled walls. After that it's simply a small matter of flopping into one of Altador's many lakes and streams. From there, your pet can soak up the scenery whilst you explore the archives and admire the beautiful sculptures in the Hall of Heroes.

By the way, if your pet gets stuck in one of the pipes and wrecks Altador's water system, I've never seen you, okay?

The Lost Desert

There is a lot for aquatic pets to do in the Lost Desert. A river runs through the desert that divides Sakhmet and Qasala. This river is the perfect route for your pet to enjoy all the Lost Desert has to offer. It is the ideal vantage point to observe the exciting Tug-O-War games that happen regularly in the desert. In addition to that, your pet will be close enough to Coltzan's Shrine that if they yell really, really loudly, something might happen. Still, you might want to pack a megaphone.

Kiko Lake

What, you want to know about Kiko Lake? You want to hear about the majestic wonders hiding in the water your pet can swim in, whilst you watch luxuriously from the popular Glass Bottomed Boat Tours? You really think your pet would be at all interested in Kiko Lake Carpentry, which specialises in handcrafted items for the water-based Neohome at bargain prices? I suppose then you think it'd be a nice idea to get snacks from Kiko Lake Treats, which has something for all tastes and pockets?

Actually, that does sound like quite a good place for Koi to visit.


Now that Faerieland has fallen, it's full of handy-dandy streams for Koi to swim around in! Of particular note should be the Healing Springs where, naturally, a generous faerie will kindly heal your pet of whatever ails it. Even more importantly, Faerieland is home to the Rainbow Fountain. Now, all pets would give their right paw or flipper for a chance to splash in those waters, but with Koi, you've got an edge. See, I've got a plan...

Koi are fish, which need water to live. Are you following so far? Good. Now, faeries are well-known for being kind-hearted to all creatures. What you need to do is this: rush over to the Fountain Faerie, your face wretched with sorrow, your pet Koi covered in some weird growth things. Beg her to let your pet rest a little in her waters to regain its health. If she directs you to the Healing Springs, bawl that the Water Faerie's magic isn't restored and your pet already puked in the springs. Er, maybe not mention that last part. Just cry a lot until she relents and lets your pet in the water.

Then simply refuse to take it out until she paints it whatever colour you please. Best. Koi. Day. Ever! Right?

Lutari Island

Isn't Lutari Island fine at this time of year? I particularly like the, uh, that is to say... Oh! I have a very important Neomail to read. Be with you in a moment.

Oh my! Did you know Lutari Island is being troubled with heavy storms at the moment? When did that happen? you still want to put a deposit down on a trip there?

Hm, you have to go so soon? Well, all right, but please don't forget about Puufuu Travel Services! Remember: we're here to get you to that place you want to be at. And if none of these fabulous destinations has enticed you, bear in mind that Neopia full of hide-and-seek opportunities! Just... pretend to be surprised when you find your Koi in the water each time, okay?

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