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Top Ten Wearables for Unconverted Pets

by iniuria


Many years ago, when customization was first introduced to the lands of Neopia, Neopets were split into two groups-- the converted pets, those belonging to the new style of artwork, and unconverted pets, the last holdouts of an outdated and unique format. Today unconverted Neopets have become a rare but much beloved class, inviting curiosity and admiration wherever they go. Their continued presence on the site reminds us of the great past of Neopets, even as we march stolidly forward into the future.

As the years have passed, Neopia has seen many changes, but perhaps none were so encompassing and far-reaching as the introduction of customization. The new wearables available in different Neopets shops and the popular Neocash Mall have granted us unprecedented control in how our Neopets are presented to the rest of Neopia. But at first, unconverted pet owners were thought to be left in the dust of this fascinating new feature. The notice next to our unconverted pets on our quick reference pages tells us that our pet “must be converted in order to be fully customizable,” accompanied by an image of our pet looking very dejected indeed. In the beginning, many users referred to unconverted pets as “uncustomizable.”

As it turned out, that is not the case. Today there are many wonderful wearables available for our unconverted pets, so that they too can express their personalities and preferences to Neopia. Unconverted pet owners have shown much creativity and cleverness in adapting their customizing styles to their unconverted pets. Many unconverted pets have even taken home a coveted customization spotlight trophy.

Customizing an unconverted pet can be a unique and rewarding challenge. Unconverted pets attract plenty of attention and admiration, so they are a great way to show off your skill and creativity, as well as that expensive or hard to find wearable item. In addition, having the perfect combination of wearables for your pet shows that you care about them and how they are presented to the world.

The most important thing to remember when customizing an unconverted pet is that some items cannot be used at all. Any clothing or hat type of item is out, in addition to handheld items. While this may seem very limiting, there are still many more items that are available that will work. Everyone knows about backgrounds and trinkets, but don’t forget to look at foregrounds, garlands, thought bubbles, and even some unique items that also work, a few of which I will mention below.

I’ve compiled a list of the top ten wearables for unconverted pets. While all pets can use these wearables, I’ve found each of them to work especially well with unconverted pets. Whether you are a seasoned customizer of your unconverted pet searching for some new ideas, or an unconverted pet owner just starting down the road of customization, there’s bound to be something useful for you on this list.

10. Haunting Eclipse Moon (Neocash)

This intriguing wearable covers another nebulous area on our unconverted pets. This moon hangs behind your pet on the right side, and it depicts a lovely lunar eclipse. This mysterious moon looks quite lovely with a variety of outdoor backgrounds, and it can help set the tone for a spookier pet, like an unconverted Darigan. An eclipse can be a symbolic thing for an unchanging pet to wear, so if you can get your hands on this exclusive JubJub Power Bounce Prize, give it a try in your customizations.

9. Sewing Room Background (Neocash)

While I’ve lumped them all in a group for this article, unconverted pets are actually quite varied. Many different colors and species of pets were given the option to retain the old style art. While Plushie is one of the rarest unconverted pet colors that you will see, every single species available in Plushie was given the option to remain unconverted. In an ode to these lovely pets, I’ve included this sweet background, perfectly suited for your soft and cuddly friend. In the rough and tumble world of Neopia, a pet that’s been around as long as an unconverted one is bound to get a few tears here and there. But that’s no problem in this sewing room, where unconverted pets can look as good as new-- er, as old-- in no time. Just be careful getting anywhere near your Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle with a needle.

8. Faerielands Destruction Background (NP)

Unconverted Neopets have all been around for many years, and have seen plenty of changes. We all bore witness to the terrible near-destruction of Faerieland, and its shocking plummet from the sky. This dramatic and colorful background illustrates that your unconverted pet has survived this most recent catastrophe, along with many others. This was certainly an event to remember for any pet who had visited the clouds of Faerieland. This background bears witness to this historic moment.

7. Remember When Thought Bubble (Neocash)

This exclusive wearable is available in the Elite Boutique of the Neocash Mall, accessible to users with accounts aged 49 months and over. The thought bubble zone is yet another spot that is available for customizing an unconverted pet, and when you already have a limited amount of items you can place on your unconverted pet at a time, you should make good use of the space available to you. The “Remember When Thought Bubble” is a natural choice for an unconverted pet. Even if their current owner wasn’t around at the time, all unconverted pets remember the old yellow sidebar. Unlike unconverted pets, this sidebar now only exists in our thoughts and memories. When your Neopet’s mind drifts to the past, this thought bubble is the perfect choice for expressing that inner nostalgia.

6. Stately Tree Foreground (NP)

This unique and pretty wearable is perfect for the nature loving pet. The beautiful rays of light that spill from the branches of this tree serve to illuminate and highlight your unconverted pet, putting your friend right in the spotlight where they belong. The gentle natural tones of this tree compliment many different unconverted pets, and it works well with a variety of backgrounds. This pretty foreground covers yet another area on your unconverted pet that can be utilized. As the name implies, this foreground has a stately air which is perfectly suited to an unconverted pet.

5. Shenkuu Game Board Background (NP)

The three game board backgrounds are all quite lovely, providing an aerial aspect of Neopia’s terrain. The Shenkuu Game Board Background is no exception, with its view of the lovely Shenkuu mountains. Since many unconverted pets are depicted aloft in the air, they look very natural poised in this background. It’s also very colorful and busy with many details, which helps an unconverted pet’s customization shine. This was the background my unconverted pet Aurea was wearing when she won second place in the customization spotlight, which is why I can safely recommend it to you.

4. Old Cobwebs Foreground (NP)

If someone has accused your old unconverted pet as being a dusty artifact, why not play up the idea with this Old Cobwebs Foreground? These cobwebs are an attractive wearable, and as a foreground they work perfectly with your unconverted pets. Since they are semi-transparent, they work with your background instead of covering it up. And for a spooky unconverted Darigan or Halloween pet, these cobwebs are a natural choice.

3. Altador Cup Colosseum Archway (NP)

This lovely archway takes up a good percentage of your pet’s wearable space, but it is worth it. The arch surrounds your pet, framing your friend and putting them right in the focus of the customization. Sometimes unconverted pets can tend to be overwhelmed with lots of little detailed wearables surrounding them, but this archway puts the focus right back where it belongs. The regal and ancient air of this wearable works for all manner of unconverted pets, from Royals to Darigans.

2. Shining Princess Magic Swirl (Neocash)

This lovely, sparkling swirl was available over the past winter as part of the Shining Princess Superpack in the Neocash Mall. While showers work well with unconverted pets, and greatly enhance their customization, this swirl is different. Its position at the center of the image perfectly frames and surrounds your unconverted pet, giving them a magical look. This works especially well on unconverted Faerie pets. We hope to see more wearables in the future that can work on our unconverted pets, instead of just surrounding them.

1. Neopets Circle Background (Neocash)

While I debated many items on this list, this wearable was clear and away the winner. While our pets were left unconverted, one thing that went by the wayside was the image of them in a cheerful blue and yellow circle. This image was displayed on our quick reference pages and pet lookups for many years. Any Neopian who remembers those years would not be able to ignore the nostalgia brought on by an unconverted pet sitting in this background. The perfect neutral yellowish-cream, the gray blue highlight, it all adds up to the most charming background for an unconverted pet. Honor the past of Neopets and carry our history into the future by proudly wearing this lovely background.

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