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What Pair of Shoes Are You?

by dizzyblackberry


It's the month of Running! Spring is on its way! Neopians are awake after a long slumber, and all they want to do is get outside and let off some energy! Many of you may be asking yourselves: then what should I wear*? What shoes are best for me? Don't even think about just dragging out last year's look to wear around town. You don't want to start the season off by looking outdated. Here is a simple and short quiz to help yourself find that perfect pair of new shoes for the warm weather and spring rains, not to mention to look great! Keep track of your answers and check the key below when you're done.

1. When it's sunny and warm outside, you want to:

A. Run around as fast as you can!

B. Jump in the nearest mud puddle; who cares if you get dirty?

C. Go to the mall and get a pair of new sunglasses and a hat.

D. Go back to bed. It's too bright outside.

E. Head down to the pond and go fishing, after knocking on wood for the weather to hold.

F. Wish it was dark so you could see Kreludor in the sky.

G. Make a campfire and spread the coals over the ground. You feel a sudden urge to walk across them.

2. The neomailman hurt his leg and can't deliver the mail on time! He happens to be outside your house and begs you to take his place for the day. You:

A. RUN! DELIVER THE MAIL! Wait, almost forgot the mail! KEEP RUNNING!

B. Reach out for the mail with dirt-covered hands. He suddenly changes his mind and hobbles off down the street.

C. Go back into your house to put on makeup and a new outfit. You can't be seen in public delivering mail without looking good.

D. Yawn and rub your eyes, take the newspaper from his hands and walk back inside without noticing he was there.

E. Well, it sounds like a good opportunity to head down to the pond and do some fishing after you're done. Seems like today is your lucky day.

F. Take the mail from him, grumbling about how much gravity there is today as you trudge down the street.

G. Take the mail from him, thinking wistfully that you were just about to go play with fire.

3. You happen to be browsing through the Bookstore and come across a book that piques your interest. That book might be titled:

A. Poogle Races

B. Mud Pies, Dirt Cakes

C. Kyrii Shopping Guide

D. No Sleep Til Brightvale

E. Fishing Made Easy

F. Zero Gravity and Loving It

G. Fun Lava Facts

4. You're at the Coffee Shop getting a drink. You order:

A. Double Shot of Espresso. Good for someone on the run. The waitstaff around here sure is slow.

B. Rancid Dung Coffee. Tastes like your favorite mudhole, though the waitress usually gives you weird stares when you order.

C. Rainbow Bubble Tea. It's the most popular, and the prettiest. Good thing you're so up on these things.

D. Peppermint Latte. Good for the nerves, and helps you fall asleep. But you don't get the decaf. You tend to fall asleep (just that one time!!!!) before you get home.

E. Shenkuu Tea Bowl. It's supposed to be lucky.

F. Ask if they have Kreluberry Fruit Drinks, which they don't, then order Spring Flower Tea in disappointment.

G. Molten Hot Chocolate. Burns your tongue, but it's totally worth it. Drink as quickly as possible for best effect.

5. You've always wanted to be painted some fancy color. Your first and second choices would be:

A. Electric and Ice. Lightning fast or icy cool.

B. Snot and Custard. All kinds of sticky goodness!

C. Royal, and then something even more expensive so I can be one color and wear the Royal clothing. Most expensive, stylish combination everrr!

D. Plushie and Cloud. The two coziest colors there are!

E. Maraquan and Gold. Fish are awesome, and gold is just a lucky color.

F. Robot and Faerie. If you can't breathe in outer space, you at least want to have wings down here.

G. Magma and Fire. You feel warmer just thinking about it.

6. The deranged code mynci has hopped on your back and won't get off! You immediately:

A. Run around in circles as fast as you can until he flies off.

B. Find the nearest mudhole and jump into it, hoping the gross consistency will make him give up.

C. Shrug your shoulders. You're a trendsetter, you can totally make this work.

D. Don't notice. You're asleep.

E. Dump your fish bucket over his head. Eeeww, fish guts.

F. Jump up and down as high as you can until he gets jiggled off, then keep jumping. This is fun!

G. Look for a campfire or a volcano and pick up a big, flaming stick. He senses your intent and immediately leaves.

7. What's your favorite Neopian activity?

A. Watching the Poogle Races and think about how much faster you are than them.

B. Hunting for dung at Meri Acres Pick-Your-Own.

C. Stalking Uni's Clothing Store for expensive wearables.

D. Playing Maths Nightmare.

E. Underwater fishing.

F. Exploring Kreludor.

G. Offering codestones to the volcano on Mystery Island.

Congratulations, you're done with the test! Now count up how many of each letter you got.

If you answered:

Mostly As: You love to RUN! A good pair of sneakers, well able to stand up to stress and all kinds of terrain, is best for you. You should wear: Blue Shoes. These trusty, sturdy shoes are a classic among Neopians everywhere. They are also relatively cheap and can be easily replaced when you wear them out.

Mostly Bs: Mud and dirt and dung is your realm. Get a pair of shoes to keep it out of your fur so your mother doesn't get angry! You should wear: Muddy Boots. They're already dirty, after all...

Mostly Cs: You are a fashionista who wants to look pretty, no matter how fast your running. Something practical and stylish is your best bet. You should wear: Fancy Brown Leather Boots. The height of style in fashion-forward Neovia, with low enough heels to do some pretty fast dashing.

Mostly Ds: Just because everyone else is running doesn't mean you want to. You know what you like, and that's comfort. You also love squishy things, like pillows. You should wear: Squid Slippers. These are undoubtedly the coziest, squishiest shoes in all of Neopia. Not that practical outside, but who cares? You'll be sleeping anyway.

Mostly Es: You're superstitious and love fishing. You should wear: Lucky Fishing Boots. Supposedly they'll improve your fishing skills, and who knows what other benefits something that luck might have?

Mostly Fs: You love jumping and wish the gravity on Neopia was as low as on Kreludor so you could jump REALLLLLLY high. You should wear: Antigravity Boots. All of the weightless benefits, none of the thinner atmosphere.

Mostly Gs: You like fire and volcanoes to the point that you might hurt yourself. You should wear: Fire-Walking Boots. Keep your tootsies protected from that burning flame!

Did you get a tie? If you got a tie of two, then pick the one you like better. Or even better, buy both! If you tied with more than two or can't decide between two, for Fyora's sake stop being so indecisive!!! Maybe you're not the kind of pet who wears shoes. If that's the case, why would you do this quiz??

Anyway, just remember: do everything fast! It is the month of Running, after all.

*Not all of these shoes are actually wearable. Sorry.

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