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Rules of Jelly World: Why It May Be In Space

by suti_v2k_9_9


We have all heard of the mythic Jelly World. The Battledome of our time, it is spoken of in hushed voices, whispered around campfires, read on some obscure site in a dirty corner of the Virtunet. Everyone has heard the tale: a whole country, made entirely of jelly, with jelly buildings and mountains and pets, jelly foods and petpets and trees- it just seems too good to be true. Some think it is. Some have dedicated their lives to studying it, researching the legends and adventuring in some of the harshest places of Neopia. Some have even claimed to have visited it, notably Number Five. They speak of large red and green jellies, of mass migrations of petpets to eat said jellies, and other such amazing things. Now, I'm not saying they are wrong- just that they are liars. They could not have visited Jelly World, for Jelly World is located in space.

You would probably call me crazy if I stopped the article right there. And maybe I am. But I am smart enough to have done some research and this article is proof. I have spent the past few years finding evidence of my theory, which you will discover for yourself as you read on;

1. Neopia's gravity is too great for a gelatinous mass of that size to exist.

Anybody who has any idea of how the universe works will agree with me on this: any blob of jelly as large as even just a single building would fall down within a day. This is because the gelatin has no way of holding itself up; any large structures made of the stuff would collapse under the combined power of this point and the next one. The pressure of the thousands and thousands of tonnes would simply make it impossible for the jelly to stay up. Since we are talking about a whole COUNTRY of the stuff, I think it is safe to say that space just seems the right place to build out of that material, what with the amazingly small amount of pressure Jelly World would be under while up there. The only better place that I can think of would be in free fall, possibly in a space station (more on that later).

2. Said gelatinous mass would melt in the heat of Tyrannia. *

Neopia is under a constant barrage of heat and radiation from its sun, which will, for the purposes of sounding awesome, henceforth be known as Xenon. Most who claim to have gone to Jelly World exposit that it is somewhere near Tyrannia (though they can never say exactly where), which, contrary to its polar location, is under near-constant shine from Xenon. Said sunshine makes Tyrannia a very hot and humid place. If Jelly World was near Tyrannia, common sense tells us that it should also be in perpetual noontime. This fact, combined with Tyrannia's low-lying position, seem to indicate that Jelly World would also be a very hot and humid place. Such heat and humidity would cause the gelatin that supposedly makes up Jelly World to simply melt, at most causing a large sticky spot- nothing like the stories.

Of course, being in a polar region, this rule is interchangeable with the next one, which is:

3. Said gelatinous mass would freeze in the frigidity of Terror Mountain. *

Going the opposite direction, we come to point three: Jelly World would freeze. Being close to Tyrannia would inherently mean that it is also close to Terror Mountain, the north pole of Neopia. The pole is a cold place, obviously, so the next logical step in this train of thought is that Jelly World is cold, too. But what would that mean for the jelly?! Well, as anyone who has ever made a jellypop can tell you, semi-solid materials, such as jelly, become frigid and cold when frozen. This theory, if true, would ruin the whole idea of Jelly World, as it would be inedible and stiff as a rock, so eating and bouncing would be impossible. Any Neopets made of jelly in this hypothetical environment would be utterly incapable of movement, as well.

Unfortunately, this problem would not be easily fixable by moving the country into outer space; with nothing to trap the heat of Xenon, it may actually be colder than on Neopia! (Of course, trap too much heat, and it melts...) Even if it was located on another planet, such as Kreludor or Doran, the same, rules would apply as on Neopia- it would be very very hard to set up a civilization such as Jelly World on a planet; there are just too many ways it could go wrong! However, if the place was in a space station, like Virtupets, the temperatures could be controlled, so it would probably be our best bet to be looking for one of those. Of course, there are problems with that theory, too:

4. The 'Lost City of Jelly World' is much too old to be on a space station.

The legends of Jelly World have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years, even though they have only been taken seriously in recent times. Since space stations are a relatively new invention (being first discovered during the First Invasion of Sloth), it would be physically impossible for Jelly World to be located on such a contraption. This means, if it exists, it has to be in an ideal location on Neopia or Kreludor.

This concludes the article on why Jelly World may (and may not) be in space. My final conclusion? Jelly World does not exist- or, if it does, the builders must have found a perfect area by some miracle- not too hot, not too cold, not off by even a few degrees at any time during the year. Or it could be magic. We cannot know until we find it.

*Jellologists have done tests on jellies, which seem to conclude that it all comes from the same place. Since many versions of the Jelly World myth have Jelly World placed near 'the home of ancient reptiles,' Tyrannia seems like as good a place as any to start the search.

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