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Delina – Crafting Faerie or Crafty Faerie?

by ali_goth


Also by queenbee19882000

In the glow of recent rejoicing created by the beautiful new crafting faerie items it’s hard to remember that our new beloved faerie is none other than a Dark Faerie. Yes, a Dark Faerie and we usually know what that means – destruction and evil mayhem. So why this sudden desire to craft junk into beautiful items that can make even the most indifferent Neopians get a case of the meanie greenies?

Where did Delina, this so called ‘Crafting Faerie’, come from? And why has no one questioned this Dark Faerie’s sudden appearance?

It was only after the historic demise of Faerieland that Delina made her first appearance, yet where was she before all this occurred? Was she turned into stone like the rest of the Faeries? Why had no one ever seen one of her creations before?

Usually Neopians fear and distrust the Dark Faeries due to the fact that the name ‘dark’ implies something sinister and of evil nature. Fyora, the Queen of the Faeries, has always backed Dark Faeries, saying that they are not always evil; and so since the rebuilding of Faerieland, Neopians have bent over backward, parted with their hard earned junk items and brought them to Delina in return for items of clothing. Yet there are still doubts about Dark Faeries and one might wonder if there is in fact a sinister plan forming in the mind of Delina. Do you really feel 100% safe wearing her items? And if so, should you be wary?

Yes, that wig is very lovely and it suits your Kacheek very well but *BOOM*, where has your Kacheek gone?!?! (No Kacheeks were harmed in the making of this article.)

Yes! That’s right! Just when you think everything is safe and Faerieland has returned to normal, would this not be the perfect time for a Dark Faerie to wreak her malicious nature down upon the Neopian population!

To understand the true nature of this ‘Crafting Faerie’ perhaps we need to ask some serious questions first – such as what really is the use of this mysterious silk thread? We liberated a piece in order to take it to our secret laboratory for testing! (Disclaimer: Secret Laboratory entirely separate from any kind of already existing Neopian Secret Laboratory.)

We wanted to see what these mysterious junk items were capable of. Like we previously mentioned, we liberated some silk thread; we found some silk flowers under the bed; found pieces of metal in the rubbish and ripped some copper wire out of the neighbour’s house (Sorry, Adam!). These four items are the basis of this Dark Faerie’s insatiable evil power, or so we are told (by told, we really mean by our own guesswork).

The first item up for scrutiny was the silk thread. At first glance it just seems like any piece of silk thread? (Probably is.) It smells normal, like thread should. Should we lick it? Nah, don’t know what normal thread tastes like anyway.

Just as we were about to put it into the apparatus before us, Bill, our pet Meepit, decided the thread looked like a good substitute for lunch and decided to attack us for the silk thread. A few minutes later, the game of tug-of-war ended with a small explosion when the thread broke in the centre. It looks like maybe the items Delina is using really are unsafe for general use, nevermind the fact we spilt explosive powder onto the thread earlier... After a few more minutes of deciding where our eyebrows had got to, we decided to use Bill to test the other items in our possession.

We moved onto the silk flowers, but Bill decided they looked a bit unappetising and proceeded to make a bed upon said flowers and fall asleep. You let sleeping Meepits lie, so we decided to observe the effects of the flowers while he slept. Although a thought occurred – sleeping powder. Is Delina using sleeping powder to put unsuspecting Neopians deep into sleep while she carries out her wicked plans? We watched uninterestedly as Bill slept and turned every colour under the sun, that is just his usual habit while sleeping, but at the end he turned a violent shade of ORANGE! (Dun Dun DUH!!!!)

The pieces of metal were... well, magnetic as we discovered strangely as we went to get milk from the refrigerator for a cup of tea. Perhaps she is trying to trap us in a vortex of troublesome magnets hidden inside refrigerators around Neopia. Bill looked at the pieces of metal and walked away – they must be dangerous if Bill doesn’t want to eat them (either that or he is still full from the silk thread and explosive powder meal he had earlier; his ears are certainly still smoking).

Our theft of the copper wire (sorry again, Adam!) made us hopeful that we might find something slightly more plausible. The copper wire was spiky at the end and stuck into the end of my little finger –OW!!!!! Clearly an object of malicious intent. And it coils up like a Snorkel tail (of which followed some good fun trying to dress Bill up as a Snorkel – he looks so cute with a snout, at least he did before he ate it). After the fun was over, we go back to serious business. The copper wire is an object of doom and we do not like. We do not need proof of this – our word is final.

Upon reflecting upon our investigations, we have come to the conclusion that... silk thread can multiply!!! We have another thread that has mysteriously appeared on our table. SPOOKY!

Okay, the real conclusion is that you should have a good night’s sleep before trying to uncover any kind of evil plot. It seems that despite all our investigations we have four inanimate objects before us and no evidence that any of them could be used in an evil manner. Therefore we are off to Delina to see what pretty new items that she can craft for us!

Goodbye, people and the moral of the story is – don’t let Meepits conduct scientific experiments for you; it just doesn’t work!!!

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