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The Petpetpet War

by cocomotake2


Petpetpets, they are great pals for Petpets. But how well do Petpetpets get along with other Petpetpets? In this article, I will tell things that may sound strange, but are probably very true.

I will explain if Petpetpets have a war going on, unknown to most neopets.

1. Mootix Drop

Why are Mootix Petpetpets trying to get on Petpets? You may be thinking something like, “They just want to be friends with that nice little Petpet!”, or “They are trying to attack the Petpets!” Both thoughts are wrong. They are trying to escape from something.

Why else would multiple Mootix jump? True, maybe they are trying to attack the Petpets, but maybe, just maybe, they are trying to get away from Cooties. I will explain more on that later.

The targets they try and land on are too coincidental to just be there for no reason. Other Mootix probably put those targets there so that they could get their group members to safety. Plus, the Petpet is very soft. Maybe this is so they don’t hurt themselves on the hard floor? Maybe they are trying to find bases to hide in? (See Itchy Invasion.) No matter what, I find this game pretty strange.

2. Itchy Invasion

This game has an Aisha going on to Petpets to get rid of Petpetpets. It seems innocent enough, but what is under this fluffy surface?

Eamann goes around with Pest-B-Gone blasting Petpetpets with it. Why does Eamann get this special weapon no other Neopian can get? How did he know that it would work against Petpetpets? Is it possible that other Petpetpets have to do with this weapon?

These Petpetpets seem innocent; making Petpets itchy is all they do. It does say that nothing else worked to get rid of these pests, but there has to be another way. Petpetpets usually leave Petpets alone after a while; did Petpetpets have to do with everything Eamann is doing? Maybe other Petpetpets knew that these “Pests” were here, but couldn’t get into their secret bases. Also, those things Eamann picks up are so tiny; he couldn’t possibly have put them all there. The only thing, or things, small enough to put these here are Petpetpets. And maybe Eamann actually knew about these wars between Petpetpets, and thought that to stop it, he would have to destroy all Petpetpets, and put them on Petpets so he would have a reason to do so! Take that into consideration.

3. Cooty Wars

Cooty Wars. I believe I said something about this in my Mootix Drop part of this article? Oh well.

This one is just obvious. For one thing, it has the word “Wars” in it! It has you playing as a Cooty shooting Mootix Parachutes and dropping them to their doom. This seems like a loose sequel to Mootix Drop. I admit, this game is very fun, I like to play it, but it has you destroying Mootix! Again, the Mootix are probably trying to escape from Cooties. The image has a Mootix looking back in fear at a Cooty, and the Cooty with an evil smirk on his face, shooting his crossbow at the Mootix.

When playing this game, you notice the floor is wood; it would hurt a lot if a small Petpetpet fell on it, wouldn’t it? In fact, if a Petpetpet fell on it, it might just crush them! Some Mootix might just be lucky enough to fall on a Petpet anyways, but still, it seems really weird that your goal is to knock Mootix right out of the sky, onto the hard floor.

4. Habitarium

The Habitarium is a very fun game; I really like to play it. Too bad it is one of the most obvious pointers to the P3 war ever! Pests go in and try and attack your Habitarium. Your goal is to build buildings, make more P3s, and make the P3s stronger. You can raid somebody, and help them out (is this to become their ally?).

Let’s start with the Pests; they are other P3s who try and ruin all of your hard work, for what seems to be no reason. But maybe there is a reason, and maybe this reason is that the pests are in the war too. Maybe they are trying to rule all P3s by destroying the things that help P3s get food and sleep.

Raising your P3s seems to be training them, doesn’t it? You build buildings for them, which is nice, but doesn’t it seem more like protection for them? And when you nest, it’s for gain, so you can get more warriors, nesters, and workers. Also, raising them seems more like training; you feed them, tell them when to go to sleep, and make sure they have lots of energy.

Last, but not least, is raiding and helping. When you raid, you destroy other people's buildings, ruining their work. Maybe your P3s also want to win this war. And when helping, it seems very possible you are trying to ally with other P3s. That’s just what I think.

5. “You found a P3 in your P2’s mouth!” Events.

Now, I have never gotten this event, but I have definitely heard of it. Many Neopians get excited about this event, because P3s are very expensive. But maybe other P3s are controlling these Petpets, telling them to try and destroy P3s. It does seem very crazy, but it also seems very likely. It always appears that Petpets are trying to eat these P3s, but Neopets always catch them in the act. This random event is innocent enough, but it might be more. Much more.

That was my article; I have covered many things that point to a P3 war, from Mootix Drop, to Cooty Wars, from Itchy Invasion to “You found a P3 in your P2’s mouth!” Events. I know, all of this may seem crazy, but you have to open your mind to different ideas sometimes, and accept that this might be true. I hope you enjoyed my article. Thank you for reading!

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