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Flying Without Wings - Princess Warrior Style!

by miniman366


The Emperor’s littlest princess is soaring to new heights in the brand new game: ‘Shenkuu Warrior II’ Now whether you’re trying to beat AAA in the new game challenge, trying to get a trophy, or just need help playing the game, this guide has everything you need to know.

First of all, let’s get to know the concept:

The main idea of the game is to just fly as high as you can. On every level there are platforms you can grapple onto. When you click your mouse, the princess will throw her grappling hook and if it hits a platform, she’ll swing up to it and soar higher. There are four stages: The Forest, The Mountain, The Icy Mountain Top, and The Sky. Each one is a checkpoint. Finishing a stage means that every time you lose you’ll skip it, until you restart that is. It’s very similar to the original Shenkuu Warrior but also very different. The style and feel of the game is very different; it's not as intense or fast-paced as the original. Some would say it’s even easier.

Throughout the game are several powerups and Bonuses. These bonuses, known as ‘Family Crests’, appear scattered throughout every level either on their own or in a Formation. You can collect them either by having the princess come into contact with them, or by hovering your mouse over them.

Bronze Crests are worth 50 points.

Silver Crests are worth 100 points.

Gold Crests are worth 200 points.

Often they will be in formations and if you can get every Crest in the formation, the points for those Crests will be doubled. So if there’s a line of 5 bronze ones, normally that would give you 250 points, but if you get them, all it will be 500! This can make a huge difference in the third stage where Crests are always appearing.

There are three powerups; the kite, Petpet, and balloon.

The kite has its own platform that acts like any normal platform, but when the princess grapples onto the platform, she will hold the kite up and it will catch the wind, sending her flying much higher than any normal jump could.

The Petpet is very rare, but fun. It flies around the stage and if the princess comes into contact with it, it will carry her very far, collecting every Crest on the way. So not only do you get a nice boost, but you don’t miss any Crests either!

Finally, the balloon is by far the most important powerup. They only appear in the last stage but when the princess collects them or you hover your mouse over them, you get five platforms, held up by balloons that you can use whenever you want by pressing the spacebar. They randomly appear at the top of the screen and you can grapple onto them like any normal platform.

Some other tips you should hear before you start:

Throughout this guide you’ll hear me talk about ‘taking your time’ and going slowly. The further away you are from a platform when you grapple onto it, the slower you will go. Also, the more the angle, the slower you will go. Lastly, if you hit a wall, it will slow you down. So grappling from far away or from the side will keep you moving slowly, but it’s not easy to master.

Accuracy is important; don’t go spamming your grapple hook, because every time you miss, you get fewer bonus points at the end of the stage.

Time is very important; every second you spend makes you lose bonus points at the end of the stage! You’ll be very tempted to go slowly and try to get as many Crests as you can, and that’s really great, but if you can go quickly as well, it can make a real difference.

Crests are very distracting; the points add up quickly, especially if you get the 2x bonuses, but they can also be your greatest downfall. (No pun intended) More often than not you’ll fall because you were too busy trying to get Crests and didn’t have time to get to the next platform!

All these things add to the score of your altitude and the points you get at the end of each stage stay there, so every time you lose you still have your score from the previous stage.

Lastly, there is no limit on this game! The last stage never ends and you can NEVER run out of lives! So you can never be limited by your skill, only your patience. Remember that.

Now I’ll go through the stages.

Stage 1: The Forest:

This is the easiest stage, obviously. It’s small and you don’t go very fast. The only Crests you’ll find on this stage are bronze. The thing that makes this stage really easy is that the platforms will only appear in the middle of the stage, so if you keep your curser in the middle of the screen you’ll rarely fall. Getting the perfect balance of Crests – Time is easy in this stage. Simply go as fast as you can and get every Crest you can. The stage is so short that you won’t waste very many seconds getting Crests, although they are only 50 points each. As a beginner you might find it hard to concentrate on both the platforms and the Crests, if so, don’t worry about the Crests; the Princess will collect more than enough if you keep her near the middle of the screen. The only formation in this stage is a diagonal line of 5 bronze Crests, going from South West to North East. You can get up to 15 formations on this stage and the points add up quickly. More experienced players will be able to get nearly every Crest and still go quickly. You move very slowly already so it’s a great way to practice getting Crests and grappling without falling. Occasionally you’ll find a kite in this level; they don’t send you very far, but it’s still a great idea to try and get them.

Stage 2: The Mountain:

This stage is a bit of a jump from The Forest. Platforms appear all over the screen now, and less often. The princess moves a lot faster up the screen and kites send you much higher. Platforms are also much smaller usually, and kites appear more often; you still won't see a Petpet or Balloon in this stage, though. You’ll also find silver Crests now, worth twice as much as the bronze. New players may find this stage a lot harder than the first, and even experienced players don’t usually get it first go. This stage is really where you learn just how important accuracy is. If you miss a grapple, it will probably make you lose. There isn’t much time to throw it again after you miss so avoid doing that. Also this is where you will learn how distracting Crests can be, especially once you see the Silver Formations. (A diagonal line going the opposite direction to the bronze formations.) Trying to get them all you will fall over and over. The stage is about twice as long as The Forest so it’s a little bit frustrating to fall, but it is only the second stage so there’s much more to come.

Stage 3: The Icy Mountain Top:

Firstly, this stage is where you’ll most likely beat AAA. You need 100,000 points and that will probably happen if you get past halfway on this stage. Now, this is where things REALLY get difficult! Right off the bat you’ll see a gold and silver formation. Six Gold Crests and 6 Silver Crests making a circle totals to 1800 points! If you get them all, obviously it’s doubled, giving an insane 3600 points! It’s very, VERY tempting, but also extremely hard! Compared to the previous stage, you’re moving very fast now. The platforms are smaller and less frequent, and there are now trick platforms. These nasty platforms have a bad habit of breaking when you grapple onto them, making you fall slowly back down instead of flying past them. But once they’ve broken, there is a small piece of debris left stuck in the mountain side you can still grapple onto. It’s very hard because it’s such a small target, but since you fall slower after grappling a trick platform, you should have enough time to aim properly. But you can still panic and lose. It’s easy to spot a trick platform; there is only one dark brown flag hanging from it and it’s a little bit ripped and tattered.

This level is VERY long. And it’s your last chance really to get Crests. The best advice I can give you is to take your time; there’s no hurry. The gold and silver formations appear very often in this level, and so do kites, which now send you very far, by the way. Also you’ll see a Petpet about half way up. Do everything you can to get it, because it takes you so far, and gets every Crest on the way! Lastly, toward the end you’ll see Silver Crescent-shaped formations with 7 Silver Crests each. They give 1400 points if you get them, but unlike the gold and silver circles, they don’t appear in the middle of the screen. Towards the end you’ll find you skip a lot with the huge amount of kites you’ll hit, and then you’re ready for the last stage.

Stage 4: The Sky:

This is the last stage, and the longest... It never ends! You just keep climbing higher and higher until you fall. First thing you’ll notice are that the platforms are CLOUDS! It’s a little weird, but it works. Also, some of them bounce from side to side, just to shake things up a bit. Anyway the stage starts off with a few Formations, one of which is the Bronze and Gold ball. Four Gold Crests and 5 Bronze make a tight ball; it’s easy to get them all because they’re so close together. You will also probably see a Gold and Silver Ring or two, a few Crests scattered around the place, and then no more Crests. The other thing is that at the start of this stage there are about 4 Balloons, so 20 platforms, in other words. You might find more higher up, but they don’t keep coming. So if you plan on going for a long time, you need to get as many as you can, because they will have to last you the whole stage once they stop appearing. There will also be a Petpet that will give you a nice boost, but after that you’ll find there will be nothing but platforms and kites. In this stage, trick platforms are more common than normal ones. And as you get higher, they too become very uncommon and you find yourself relying on the Balloon platforms. The trick platforms are purple clouds, and once they have been grappled, the remaining debris is so tiny often you’ll miss it. In fact the hook may even go between the two pieces of debris!

Now with the Balloons, you press spacebar to make one appear. Its position is random, but always at the top of the screen, so you won’t have much time to think. You need to throw your hook within a second of using the Balloon. Once you run out, it's not that simple; you just have to keep using the tiny debris from the purple clouds. Eventually you’ll fall and it’s game over. To get a trophy you’ll probably need at least 400,000 points.

So remember: Crests are good but distracting. Don’t be too slow; every second counts. Stay alert, stay sharp, and don’t forget! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

I really hope this has helped you beat AAA or get a trophy. It’s a good game, it's original and addictive, I’m glad I could help you be a little bit better at it. –miniman366

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