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Spring Cleaning: The Inevitable

by astrologists


The dreaded phrase “Spring Cleaning” is heard nearly everywhere. Fyora knows I need to, and chances are you probably do too. You know what I’m talking about, all the Spooky Food you win from those failed Test Your Strength attempts, mountains of key chains from visiting the Snowager every chance you get, hoping that one day you will be graced with the avatar. You find things you don’t even remember getting, things that have either abruptly inflated or deflated (to your dismay). Everyone has stumbled upon that moment when you open your Safety Deposit Box, and there it is. Qty: 2,000. Personally, I enter a mode of instant panic -- I have to clean out ALL of this? 2,000 items is a lot to deal with. And most of them are just doubles. Today, I, astrologists, am going to clean my Safety Deposit Box. And you should too.

My starting total: Items: 1,416 | Qty: 2,648


Starting: Category: Food | Items: 715 | Qty: 1,473

You know what I’m talking about. Food. It’s there. Pounds of it. Thankfully, the Safety Deposit Box somehow preserves it all so it doesn’t smell like Linty Bologna (although if you have enough Linty Bologna in your SDB...). First, EVERYONE, make sure your inventory is totally void of any items. Sorry if you need those, but you need to have a clear mind and a clear inventory when it comes to Spring Cleaning. NOTE: If you feed Kadoaties using the SDB method, just find out if the respective foods are ever asked for by Kadoaties or not. If they aren’t, trash. If they are, keep. Personally, I throw away multiples first. So, everyone, look for foods you have multiples of! **Note: the most you can quick stock at a time is 70. You may do one of three things: DONATE, DISCARD, STOCK. I personally donate. I mean, I don’t want to take the time to sell all of this, no matter how much I could use the extra NP! And when I’m spring cleaning, I don’t stop to use the Shop Wizard. ;) Notice, you’ll be shocked by how much of an item you might have. I personally have had over 30 Spooky Doughnuts. They add up fast. ;) Once all your multiples are cleared out, Items: ### will be the same as Qty: ###. I.E.: Category: Food | Items: 715 | Qty: 715. At this point, we can begin clearing out. We’re going to first start by doing it like we would if we fed Kadoaties through the SDB method. Kads NEVER ask for: baked, candy, gross, slushie, aquatic, smoothie and coffee TYPE foods. They can have any of these words in the name, but they cannot specifically be that type. So, start looking for baked, then work your way down the list. Now I only have 605 items, which is 110 items difference! My total amount of items: Items: 1,307 | Qty: 1,781.


Starting: Category: Toys | Items: 215 | Qty: 278

Again look for doubles. This time, I’m not doing too bad. I personally do not have tips for this phase! Toys are useful for keeping your pet happy, so keep a few around. You might want to keep 50 or so, in case the Dark Faerie ever asks for any. Also, keep toys you think are going to retire (or have retired), or maybe you just think they’re cute. My amount of toys is now 48! That is 167 items! My total amount of items: Items: 1,140 | Qty: 1,551.

PHASE THREE: Battledome Equipment.

Starting: Category: Battledome Equipment | Items: 90 | Qty: 168

I have NO idea how it all piles up like this, but it does. And I’ve seen it with other people. They DO pile up, so you should clear it out. As usual, clear doubles. At this point, your numbers should be even. I think we know how clearing doubles works out now. I personally will be getting rid of ALL snowballs, battlecards, snowflakes, and motes to start. Get rid of anything you ABSOLUTELY KNOW is useless. Weapon items can fluctuate a lot, so you should just get rid of useless junk first. THEN, get to the nitty-gritty. Go ahead and search all the items on the shop wizard. Junk anything that isn’t remotely expensive (I’d say 4k and below). But set your own minimums, of course! Basically, my entire Battledome Equipment category is junk, but everyone has different SDBs! If you lend avatar items, don’t forget, Haunted Weaponry may be significant. ;) I ended up with a total of 10 items. That is a difference of 80 items! My total thus far: Items: 1,060 | Qty: 1,393.

PHASE FOUR: Clothes.

Starting: Category: Clothes | Items: 34 | Qty: 45

BUM BUM BUM BUUMMMM. Yes, clothes. Sorry, but you’ll have to clear out those adorable wearables some day. Why not today? Personally, I’m junking all non-wearables. This phase you might need to rely on the Shop Wizard for some things, but I’m just doing whatever. I’m NOT going to clear out doubles until I’m out of non-wearables. I got down to this: Category: Clothes | Items: 29 | Qty: 36. This is where Shop Wizard comes in. Utilize his abilities, PLEASE; for the love of all that is good and smells like cookies, use the Shop Wizard. Clear out doubles if you WANT; personally my entire Category is junk at this point, so I’m not bothering. I ended up with 9 items left, which is 25 items less! Therefore, my total is now: Items: 1,026 | Qty: 1,348.


Starting: Category: Books | Items: 34 | Qty: 77

OK, this ought to be a pretty simple category. IF you don’t worry about your pet's intelligence that is. If you don’t, then just take everything out (SW if you feel the need) and donate it. If you care about your pet's intelligence, read on. You will need two tabs (or windows) open, one for your SDB, one of the list of books your pet has read. (Go to Quick Ref, then click on your pet’s intelligence level.) Copy the name of the books as you go along, switch to the list of books, CTRL+F, paste the book name, press enter. If it is read, DO NOT withdraw it. If it isn’t read, WITHDRAW IT. Then read those books to your pet. (Note: Booktastic Books have a different list.) When you’re done reading books to your pet, I personally will donate them ALL. Maybe some young aspiring Neopet will read it and become a doctor! So now, I have 0 items left, which is 34 items less! Therefore, my total is now: Items: 992 | Qty: 1,271.

PHASE SIX: Magic Item.

Starting: Category: Magic Item | Items: 22 | Qty: 56

I can pretty much guarantee you this category will be done in a few minutes. Unless of course you hoard Morphing Potions, in which case you’ll have to price check them all. But, since I don’t do that, I’ll be done fast. If you have a normal SDB (like mine) you have tons of Healing Potions. If you don’t battle, don’t bother: donate them all. If you do battle, keep a few. If you don’t battle, you can always go to the Healing Springs, or get a lucky spin on the Wheel of Excitement or Wheel of Knowledge. I keep anything that heals full health immediately: Essence of Everlasting Apple, Dewberry Reviver, Bubbling Healing Goo, or Super Strength Healing Potion. If you don’t, that’s fine. Now, I have 2 items left, which is 20 items less than the original amount! This makes my total: Items: 972 | Qty: 1,217.

PHASE SEVEN: Gifts, Grooming, Instruments.

Starting: Category: Gift | Items: 58 | Qty: 79

Gifts is easy. Keep things you would give (bouquets or cards), trash things you wouldn’t (garland or mugs). I personally am just going to trash simply everything except birthday items. Category: Gift | Items: 6 | Qty: 11.

Starting: Category: Grooming | Items: 18 | Qty: 18

I rarely ever groom my pets. Since I am a very busy Neopet owner, I check my pets into the Neolodge, and they are quite happy there! I still play with them, of course, though! So I’m trashing everything. You may want to keep wearables or things you think are cute. Category: Grooming | Items: 2 | Qty: 2. Simple, eh?

Starting: Category: Instruments | Items: 5 | Qty: 5

Uh, there’s no use for these, unless your pet is in Jazzmosis. And if they are -- can I have an autograph? Category: Instruments | Items: 0 | Qty: 0. The total is now: Items: 899 | Qty: 1,128.

PHASE EIGHT: NeoGarden, Neohome.

This is the last phase. Personally, I liked cleaning my SDB. (It was confusing.) But it must end.

Starting: Category: Neogarden | Items: 25 | Qty: 74

I do not even use my neohome, I won’t lie to you. Much less my neogarden. Why should I keep any of this? Better question: why do I have it? Naturally (ba dum tiss): Category: Neogarden | Items: 0 | Qty: 0.

Starting: Category: Neohome | Items: 48 | Qty: 70

Again, I do not use my neohome, why do I have this stuff? I did, however, keep my Writers Arm Chair. Because I’m beat from this article! I need to relax. Category: Neohome | Items: 1 | Qty: 1.

Drum roll PLEASE! (Oh wait, I threw out my instruments! Uh, imagine one?) The grand total of my items in my SDB is now... Items: 827 | Qty: 985! That means I got rid of... wait for it... 589 items! And trust me, it’ll be easier to navigate my Safety Deposit Box. I hope you enjoyed my article (and cleaned with me!) Hopefully you can keep it clean, if not, well, you may want to remember this article.

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