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Good & Good For You – Veggies

by lillifer


Every Neopet owner has done it. We’ve all given unhealthy food to our pets. Whether it was due to a shortage of neopoints (after all, junk food is cheap), or just temptation, we’ve all given our pets food that we’ve regretted later. Pets can get sick from eating bad food, and these illnesses can be pricey to cure. However, if you are willing to pay a few extra neopoints, you’ll find that buying healthy food is well worth it. Remember, if your pet eats good food, they will feel much better and be significantly happier.

One of the best kinds of food your pet can possibly eat is... *drum roll* VEGETABLES. *yay* Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Eww, vegetables are gross and soggy and tasteless and stuff.” Well, to be blunt, you’re wrong. Vegetables are a superb source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, iron, calcium, protein, and calories (the good kind.) They are also filled with liquids, to keep your pets hydrated and full of energy. Veggies get a bad reputation of being un-appealing and downright gross to eat, but this is very, very wrong. When cooked properly, vegetables can taste fabulous!

However, I know that pets are downright stubborn as to what they eat. Especially Lupes and some other picky eaters. Some pets will just refuse to eat vegetables. So, what do you do? Do you feed them candy and jelly for the rest of their lives? Not at all, silly Neopian! You can still give your pets tasty treats and meals (with some hidden veggies) that they will love. I will count down some of the best food items that are full of hidden (and some not-so-hidden) vegetables, that even the pickiest eater will gobble down, and ask for seconds!

(I’ve also included two Uni-themed dishes to celebrate Uni Day. Hoorah!)

10. Spaghetti Hot Dog

A juicy frank, piled high with slippery noodles and a zesty sauce, topped with two vegetarian meatballs. Little does your pet know, the spaghetti sauce is made with 100% organic tomatoes and peppers, and the meatballs are soy-based. All components of this dog are good for you, including the whole-wheat bun.

For extra vegetables – add relish, or some organic ketchup.

Yum Scale: 8/10

9. Ultimate Burger

At first glance, you would never suppose that this gargantuan monster of a burger could possibly harbor any vegetables. However, when you take a closer look at this sandwich, you’ll realize that it is more nutritious than you would think.

The Ultimate Burger is 30% Wheat Bun, 20% beef, 10% cheese, 25% organic lettuce, 10% fresh tomatoes, and 5% condiments. Of course, the whole meat-salad is smothered in grease, which defeats the purpose slightly... but hey. It’s vegetables.

Yum Scale: 9.5/10

8. Olive Marshmallow Taco

Two of the best things this world has to offer – tacos and marshmallows – combined with the exquisite diversity of fresh olives... what else is there to say?

Yum Scale: 7.5/10

7. Large Blueberry Tomato Blend Smoothie

A creation such as this deserves a bit of respect. I mean honestly, what mad scientist decided to combine blueberries and tomatoes, blend it all together, and freeze it? And that same mad scientist somehow made the blueberry taste overpower the tomato, so that all you taste is pure blueberry goodness? A genius, that’s who. (Just don’t tell your pet the name of this smoothie, and they will never guess that there were tomatoes in it! Revolutionary.)

Yum Scale: 7/10

6. Uni Veggie Yogurt

This mound of vanilla yogurt is perfectly balanced. The yogurt itself is sweet, complemented by tasty fresh veggies. This is a great treat that tastes clean and fresh, and is very healthy. How did they make the shape of the Uni, you ask? A mixture of iceberg lettuce and raw spinach make the wings, two baby tomatoes for eyes, and a single pointy carrot atop the sculpture’s forehead. How did they make the shape of the body, you ask? I... don’t know.

Yum Scale: 6/10

5. Deep-Fried Vegetables

Crunchy, yummy goodness, served with a side of yellow creamy goodness. I know, I know. The veggies aren’t really “sneakily hidden” in this dish. But they are fried. And that makes them delicious. Don’t even think about arguing with that, because you can’t.

Yum Scale: 6.5/10

4. Veggie Deluxe Stuffed Pepper

Just ask the makers of this product. According to the words of the artists, “This pepper has so many vegetables in it that it has got to be good for you!”

And I can’t disagree.

A spicy treat this is, not recommended for sensitive palettes or most Unis... strong-stomached pets will be so distracted by the intensity of the pepper, the taste of the veggies inside will disappear – so you can add as many peas as you want!

Yum Scale: 5/10

3. Artichoke Pizza

Pizza, you say? In a health food article? I’m not crazy! Artichoke pizza. This EXISTS. Crazy, right? Moving on.

Yum Scale: 8/10

2. Uni Carrot Cake

Cake. In all its majesty... mmm. Yes. Sadly, many cakes are shoved aside by health-buffs, due to the widely-spread idea that all cake is unhealthy. However, these Neopians have never tasted THIS cake. Uni Carrot Cake. Similar desserts are made with fattening frosting and carrot-flavored chemicals. But not the Uni Carrot Cake! Made with organic carrots grown fresh outside the bakery, this cake will satisfy any sweet tooth. (Not to mention, the frosting is made with carrots, too!) All in all, one medium-sized slice of this cake is equivalent to 3 ½ servings of vegetables! And all that, in a dessert!

Yum Scale: 9.5/10

1. Asparagus Candy Cane

Everyone loves candy. And in the shape of a cane, comes one of the most popular treats in Neopia. The simple Candy Cane. These come in many different flavors, including cinnamon and cherry. But for an owner who wants to sneak in some veggies in a sweet treat? The Asparagus Candy Cane, of course! The white stripes of this candy are vanilla flavored, and the green stripes are asparagus flavored! Now, this may sound gross to you, but believe me – when your pet tastes it, he won’t taste asparagus... he’ll taste pure goodness.

Yum Scale: 10/10

And there you have it. Ten ways to sneak some veggies into your pet’s diet. These dishes are so tasty, even the most intelligent Neopet won’t know that you were giving them their daily servings of vegetables. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

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