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Meepits - Whose Side Are You On?

by popso_the_hopso


Meepits are one of the most recognizable icons of Neopia with their creepy, bulging eyes, their absurdly pink bodies, and those insanely buck teeth. They are also infamous for being prone toward evil plots against Neopia, knocking over cups of Borovan, and that squeaky floorboard in your Neohome that can’t be fixed. However, when we describe this Petpet, there is one thing we must ask ourselves: are you for or against the Meepits? Are you one of them or one of us? In the highly-informative quiz below, choose the answer that sounds most like you, and make sure you keep track of which answer you seem to be picking the most. I hope you find that after you peruse this nifty little quiz that you are indeed one of us. If you do happen to be one of them ... well, please don’t tell the Meepits about this, alright? *shifts eyes left and right* Please, I’m just an innocent writer for the Neopian Times.

1. Meepits?

A. I meet them every Tuesday and plot dastardly things. *wicked grin*

B. They’re awesome!

C. Meepits are great, especially when they don’t watch my every move, like they’re probably doing at this very moment.

D. I don’t really care for them.

E. How could anyone like those buck-toothed, evil little Petpets?

F. We rule the world. MUHAHAHA! *cough*

G. We are the Feepit Protection Brigade. We protect Neopia from the plotting of the pink Petpets who like to try taking over Neopia on a daily basis. So, no, we do not like Meepits in the slightest.

2. You see a Meepit staring at you. What do you do?

A. I ask if whether the Evil Tea Party was supposed to held on either Thursday or Friday.

B. I give it a high five. These little guys are just so cool.

C. Run away, yelling, “I didn’t do it!”

D. Grab it and run. I can sell it for millions!

E. Walk around it. I don’t like Meepits; you just can’t trust what they’re up to.

F. I ask, “Meep, meep, meep, rule the world? Meep.”

G. Argh, a Meepit! I must call the rest of my squadron; we must stop the evil little creature before it does something terrible!

3. Do you own any Meepit-themed items?

A. All of it. They’re all mine. Mine.

B. Most of them, but I really like the Meepit Chair!

C. Why would I want more creepy eyes watching me?

D. Yes, but they’re just items I’ve randomly gained over time.

E. Absolutely not. You can’t trust anything related to Meepits.

F. All Meepit-themed items are really secret communication devices from which we watch your every move. Meep.

G. What’s with all this... evil merchandising? So this is how they watch us! All of it must be eliminated before the threat increases!

4. Do you often plot evilly in your spare time?

A. It’s my job to do such things. *grin*

B. When someone bugs me I do.

C. Of course not. *turns left and right* They’re always watching.

D. Good Neopians don’t plot evil things.

E. Why would I do such a terrible thing?

F. Hee, hee, hee. I mean, *cough* why would you think such a thing?

G. The Feepit Protection Brigade does not plot evilly but strategizes.

5. Feepit?

A. The enemy?! *takes out wet snowballs* Be prepared, you Feepits!

B. Meepits are better.

C. Save me, please!

D. They’re so cute and furry!

E. These guys are our heroes!

F. Meep, They must be taken down. They are a hindrance in our plans. Meep.

G. We’re the Feepit Protection Brigade! *does awesome hero pose*

6. I’ve heard a rumor that the Meepits have taken over Roo Island. Is this true?

A. Ha, the plan worked!

B. Excellent, they’ll be calling it Dice-a-Meepit now.

C. Oh no, those poor – I mean, yay.

D. They couldn’t have done that. That’s ridiculous.

E. Don’t believe everything you hear.

F. Victory! Meep.

G. *gasp* They did WHAT?! We must help those unfortunate Blumaroos! Quick, let’s gear up and spring into action!

7. Do you have any desire to rule Neopia?

A. I will rule with my Meepit friends!

B. Sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great to play as much Cheeseroller as you wanted?

C. No, but they do.

D. Nope, that’s Sloth’s job.

E. No way.

F. *smile* Sloth better watch himself.

G. No, our job is to protect! We cannot allow those creepy-eyed Meepits to rule, never!

You’ve finished the quiz! Be sure to remember what was your most commonly picked answer was. I hope you scored as one of us, for your sake.

Mostly As: Meepit Side – Evil Meepit Supporter

You’re one of them. You help Meepits with their plans and are secretly letting them into your Neohome. Worst of all... you’re going to report me to them, aren’t you? *runs away*

Mostly Bs: Meepit Side – Meepit Fan

You seem to like Meepits a lot! I understand that Meepits may seem very cool for trying to take over the world all the time but, one day, they’ll try to recruit you into their little group. You won’t like that. They take all your neopoints and use it for evil funds. Best to start liking Feepits while you still can.

Mostly Cs: One of Us – Currently Under Watch

Even though you are one of us, you are currently under watch by the Meepits, you poor soul. I wonder what you did to upset them. Don’t worry, I’ll tell the Feepit Protection Brigade about you – they’ll get you out in a jiffy when they’re not busy saving the world and stuff. Just hang in there for a while.

Mostly Ds: One of Us – Normal

Out of the all the choices, you’re the most normal! You don’t like Meepits, you like Feepits, and you don’t have any evil desires! You’re one of us! Keep up the good work and watch out for Meepits or you’ll end up like the Neopians who pick Cs. *shiver*

Mostly Es: One of Us – Anti-Meepit Supporter

You are a great supporter of Anti-Meepit actions! You are against the Meepits taking over the world and you’re willing to rise up against the Meepits at any cost! I suggest you show your support by donating to the Feepit Protection Brigade or report any Meepit-related activities to them. Don’t worry, we’ll stop the Meepits!

Mostly Fs: Meepit Side – You’re a Meepit

You’re a Meepit. Oh my. *faints*

Mostly Gs: One of Us – Anti-Meepit Force

You are part of a secret force known as the Feepit Protection Brigade. And you’re a Feepit. You strive to fight against the crimes of Meepits and to protect Neopians against their evil doings! I doff my hat to all of you in hopes you keep your great service going.

So there you have it; you now know whether or not you’re one of us or one of them! I hope now you can understand the importance of fighting against these fiendish Petpets by joining the... wait... someone is knocking at my door. Is it... them? Oh dear, I hear meeping... and now they’re breaking down the door! YOU! *points to Evil Meepit Supporter* You really did report me! Don’t you have respect for the writing community? OMG, THEY’RE COMING! You’ll never take me! Off my couch, you Meepits –

Note from Feepit Protection Brigade: The author of this article disappeared before this article was finished but the Neopian Times let this article run anyway because of it raises Meepit awareness. Features in her Neohome and personal testimony seem to suggest Meepit involvement. We are currently searching for the author and hope you have a Meepit-free day!

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