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Shenkuu Warrior II: Another Adventure to the Top

by racer_carbon2468


Hello and welcome to the guide of Shenkuu Warrior II. I will tell you about how you can take a prized gold trophy to your lookup. Although this is a whole different game, it still has the same concept as the first Shenkuu Warrior. You're still playing as the Emperor’s littlest princess, the green Gnorbu. You will help her by clicking the mouse to use the grappling hook to become the best warrior.

Game Play:

By using your mouse, you can throw the grappling hook onto the ledges of the terrain. The force will bring the princess up higher. As you are slowly falling, you want to grapple onto another ledge. You do not have a certain given amount of lives, but if you fall, you will have to restart the level. Each level is at a specific part of Shenkuu. Once you beat a level, it will display your score, which will be explained further in the scoring section.


Throughout the game, there are a few items that appear, but they show up often. They can help you with getting distance and possibly with saving your life from falling, and with raising your score.

First of all is the crests. Crests are like little coins that will give you extra points during the game. You must hover over the crests to collect them. There will be certain shaped families of crests or just random single crests. First there is a diagonal upright and diagonal upleft crest family which only contains all bronze, and then all silver. A second crest family is a big circle which contains 6 gold crests and 6 silver crests. The third family of crests is a small tight circle that contains 5 bronze crests and 4 gold crests. Lastly there is a crescent shaped family that contains 7 crests that are always silver. How much they are worth will be explained further in the scoring section.

The second item that I want to talk about is the "Kite". This kite will help you get quite a bit of distance. These Kites will be resting on its own ledge. When you grapple onto the ledge, the kite is activated. It will bring you up about a few thousands of distance in altitude.

The third item that I will talk about is the Kazeriu; this little petpet can be very helpful, although it does not show up as much as the kite. The Kazeriu will not be resting on a ledge; it will just be floating around. All you have to do is run into the petpet to use it. When you are being carried by the Kazeriu, the family of crests will automatically be picked up on the flight. The Kazeriu isn’t located on the first or second level.

Lastly is the balloons. These balloons will only show up on the last level of normal mode and in zen mode. To collect the balloons, you must hover over them like you would to get the crests, because they are not on the ledge either. The balloons are like a portable ledge; they are used by pressing the space button. They will not show up in a specific spot; they just show up basically randomly.


The first level is made up of a huge tree with ledges out of it. On this level there are only bronze crests. Whenever there’s a family of bronze crests, they will show up in the formation of going up-right diagonal. You will land on a wood platform that connects to the mountain edge. To beat this level, you will need to reach an altitude of about 28,000-29,000. Also a good score to have is about 28,000-32,000 points total.

The second level is from the non-snowy mountainous regions of Shenkuu. The crests on this level are going to be only bronze and silver. The family of crests that will show up on this level is going to be in the formation of just diagonal still. The altitude for this level that is needed to reach is about 48,000, then you will land on an icy platform. A good score for this level is about 70,000-80,000.

The third level is made up of the icy parts of the mountains in Shenkuu. All the crests in the game are going to be in this level: bronze, silver, and gold. Also now there is a huge circle of gold and silver crests.

You will need to reach an altitude of around 71,000. A good score for the end of this level is about 185,000-200,000 points total.

The fourth level is going from the summit of the mountains to the skies over Shenkuu. There is no end to this level. You will just keep continuing through the clouds. There is a new kind of family of crests that appears in this level; it will be a small tight circle. There won't be that much of a point bonus as there aren’t many crests to collect, but then there is an item that also appears, which is called the balloons.


The 3 crests have different point values.

Bronze crests are worth 50 points each.

Silver crests are worth 100 points each.

Gold crests which are worth 200 points each.

If you collect all the crests within a family crest, you will get a x2 bonus. The x2 is the total value of all the crests within x2. After beating a level, there is the part where it shows your score. The score is determined by your altitude reached, minus the time it took, plus points from crests and accuracy.


The bad thing about it is sometimes you aren’t able to click to throw your grappling hook when over the x2 bonus, so it may cause you to fall. What I would do when the x2 is up is to move your mouse quickly over it and still over the ledge, and just click to throw it. During the game play when there are the crests, you aren’t able to click on them so try to avoid that, and click away from them but near to the next ledge to get to it. What I like to do is slowly reach my maximum height after a ledge jump and collect crests as I'm slowly moving, and quickly look to find my next ledge. When the ledge is close to the bottom of the screen, it's easiest if you put your cursor on the ledge you are trying to grapple onto.

Well, that is pretty much what you need to be successful. By using this guide with patience, some time, and practice, you will be able to have the wonderful gold trophy on your lookup. If you're still lost after this guide or if you still want some help, just shoot me a neomail, with any questions that you may have for me. My neomail is always open for fanmail, questions, ETC. Good luck.

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