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The Forgotten Pets

by movie138music


Dedicated to Serena, my flawless and uber-awesome editor. Not.

Owners tend to pick the cutest pets. That’s why Shoyrus (personally my huggies), Kacheeks (big eyes, chubby cheeks), and Kougras (oh, those babies) top the list of most popular Neopet species. I admit that I have owned all three of them at one point in my life, simply because they’re so nuzzly.

But those are just three of the bazillion—okay, fifty-four—pets out there. Why not add a new pet to your family? I’ve asked this question to many unwitting Neopians, and the answer is always “Ugh! I hate those Skeiths/Techos/Rukis/Tonus/Ogrins! Don’t get me started!” In fact, that was often my answer as well. But when I tell people about all the terrific colors Skeiths/Techos/Rukis/Tonus/Ogrins come in, they brush me off. “Name those colors. Then we’ll talk, bud.”

In response to these so-called buds, I have made this article. Ten supposedly ugly or uncool Neopets, listed in no particular order, and my favorite color for each of them have been put here. Now, does that mean you should immediately head off to the Trading Post and paint your Skeith/Techo/Ruki/Tonu/Ogrin a color shown here? I appreciate your show of crazed fanship, but it’s your decision.

On to the pets!

1: Robot Ogrin

That docile quadruped over there just got a makeover. Ogrin v.2 is covered with suave lemon-colored armor from ears to tail, leaving haters of the traditional stiff bristles with no excuse to turn a blind eye. Glowing teal spots on his joints keep his covering properly oiled and serve as great light bulbs. The two jutting, dangerously sharp, battle-ready spikes on his head scare away most Neopians, but this Ogrin clearly doesn’t mind.

2: Royalboy Blumaroo

He puts King Roo to shame. The Royalboy Blumaroo wears a stunning purple—the color of royalty—cape lined with magenta flourishes and sports a lavender vest perfect for the next archery outing. He carries a long scepter with a huge blue crystal that was hand-cut by Delina the Crafting Faerie herself. Over his slim war helmet, this Blumaroo’s got an immense spiked crown with another outlandishly expensive jewel set into the front. The smile on his face shows he’s loving it all.

3: Desert Mynci

Just look at that towering headdress. This pharaoh rules in style, as evidenced by her solid-gold collar and top-of-the-line sandals. Her piercing deep blue eyes and faint but knowing smile send shivers down the spines of any poor souls who dare cross her path. Myncies may have overlarge ears and embarrassingly curly tails, but obviously, no one’s going to tell this queen.

4: Chocolate Chomby

This behemoth’s got delicious taste. Chocolate sauce drips appetizingly from her entire back and tail, dotted by slices of gingerbread. Swooping white designs—trademarks of the Chocolate Factory, of course—can be seen on her side and forehead... maybe not so much on the forehead, which has been lathered with an extra-large scoop of whipped cream, topped by a single cherry. Don’t be tempted to eat your new family member!

5: Maraquan Grarrl

The fiercest being in all Tyrannia was, is, and always will be the Grarrl. Now the razor-sharp teeth, the panic-inducing glare, and the ferocious appetite have found their way to Maraqua as well. The top predator of the sea is a stormy blue, perfect for hiding in the watery depths. His spotlessly white underbelly is speckled with blue and green splotches, scars of his never-ending search for prey. His dorsal fin slices through the endless deep, striking terror into the hearts of his soon-to-be dinner.

6: Pirate Ruki

This shady dealer lurks in the alleys of Krawk Island, selling dubloons to keep up with his costs. He’s got enough left over to pick out this fancy antique uniform with lacy cuffs and a dress collar. The most noticeable part of his outfit is the elaborate royal blue hat, complete with an enormous feather illegally plucked from the tail feathers of a White Lenny. If that’s not enough to send tourists fleeing, the golden gleam in this Ruki’s eye, along with his conniving grin, is enough to scare away any unwanted customers.

7: Royalgirl Kyrii

Flowing turquoise tresses. Immaculate white gloves. A perpetual sneer. She’s your typical bossy princess who gets everything she asks for, from the blue pendant around her neck to her glimmering tiara, barely visible under her pouf of curls. When her knobby fist is clenched and her violet eyes glower (like right now), you’d better get out of her way before she screams for Daddy.

8: Halloween Scorchio

He looks like he dates from that long-gone plot, the Tale of Woe. This Neovian Scorchio is far from finished, though. His ancient suit may be ragged here and there, and his top hat no doubt has a Spyder hiding in it somewhere, but the crazed look in his amber eyes and the gleam of his yellowed fangs are enough to prove that he’s dreaming about the next addition to his skull-topped cane.

9: Plushie Yurble

This plush seems slightly worn, more evidence of the love she’s been given through the ages. The Yurble’s fluffy purple head fur is the perfect complement to her patched-up tummy and mossy green body. With that innocent look in her wide eyes, you know you’ll just want to hug her again and again. And why not? The brush may be expensive, but the look’s worth it.

10: Relic Nimmo

Last but (duh) certainly not least is this calm-looking Nimmo. He’s meditated so long, he’s turned to stone. Set in a bed of perfectly flat stone undoubtedly snatched from Altador’s famous quarry, the smile on this Nimmo’s face shows that he can’t wait to be set up next to the Mystery Island Academy. And with customization, this is entirely possible. The Techo Master will certainly be pleased.

As you can see, there’s an uncountable number of paint brush colors out there. Your Skeith/Techo/Ruki/Tonu/Ogrin deserves a snazzy new look. Why not give it? After all, TNT didn’t design these colors for no reason. And you can’t just ignore them for no reason either.

Enjoy your new pet!

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