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Reinventing the Magic

by _abiz_


I'm sure that at some point in your Neopian life, you have thought about quitting. Pound the pets, sell the items, donate the points, the whole deal. But why is that? What happened to the newbie-like magic that drew you into Neopets in the first place? Did Fyora cast some spell over you when you first joined and now has taken it away? Well, if that were true, then all of Neopia may have been deserted while she was set in stone. Could it be some ploy by the Meepits to use you subtly for their own gain? Well, *ahem* we were unable to get a quote from them on that so we'll just say that's a "No" for now. Well, be it Fyora or the Meepits, something has taken the magic out of Neopets and you internally struggle with freezing your account. And now, I have compiled a list of just a few simple things that might reinvent the magic.

1. Go the long way around.

Sometimes we get bored because we do everything so fast, we have nothing left. There are many "Dailies" pages where all links are just in one spot and "clickity clickity click" you're done. There is nothing wrong with this, except that sometimes it helps to slow down and take things in. When was the last time you clicked on "Explore" and then clicked on "Tyrannia" and then "Tyrannian Plateau" and then "Giant Omelette" and finally "Grab Some Omelette!"? I mean, on a Dailies page, you just clickity click and you've got your omelette. Next time you go to do your dailies, go for it the long way around. See if you've missed anything.

What's that? You say you have no time for this? If you have no time to go the long way around, then maybe a Dailies page is for you.

2. Win that "unattainable" trophy.

If you were to view my lookup, you would find (or not find) that I have absolutely no Flash game trophies. I'm not an Attack of the Slorgs CHAMPION!!! or Wrath of the Snowager 2nd Place or anything. No trophies for me. But before I left, I would like to try for some that I really love such as Volcano Run II. And with this, there is competition. Can you hang onto your score long enough to be awarded the trophy?

Other trophies may be Spotlight trophies. Furnish your Neohome how you like and become the talk of the town. Dress up your user lookup. Show off your collection obsession in a fantastic gallery! Or, be surprised each week with a Random Contest or Mystery Pic competition. There are hundreds of trophies out there for you. *cough*Neopian Times Writer*cough*

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. You already have a bazillion trophies from almost every game even in the Game Graveyard from the days of yore? Well, even if you have a thousand trophies, are they all CHAMPION!!! trophies? Could you bump up that second or third place trophy? Or could you possibly write a game guide or otherwise share your wisdom for aspiring CHAMPIONs?

3. Obtain that "impossible" avatar.

There are literally hundreds of avatars out there to earn. Pets, petpets, games, random, and so forth. Some avatars require some major moolah to accomplish, the Alien Aisha Nerkmid avatar just to give one example. Sometimes, the task can seem rather daunting. It can be scary or intimidating to ask someone to lend their pet or petpet to you, even more so when it's a retired petpet or ultra-rare color. But in the end, it is totally worth it. The day when you see "You are now eligible to use 'Snowbunny - Whee!' on the Neoboards" is a proud one; it is a day when you can show off your patience and determination.

And if you're saying you already have all obtainable avatars (excluding, of course, retired ones like the super old Saving Mystery Island avatars), then why don't you share the solution to the Wishing Well avatar? :)

4. Earn Neopoints.

One of the basic goals for any Neopian is to make money. Some feed their pets through the Soup Kitchen everyday while others don't even know what the Soup Kitchen is. And there is more than one way to earn Neopoints. Try something different. If you are a Flash gamer, try Key Quest. If you are a Key Quester, try the Stock Market. Stockbrokers, try restocking in a shop. Be bold. Play games you never thought you would play. Visit the Game Graveyard and pay your respects to the games of yore.

Ah, so you are one of the Geb Gajillionaires, eh? Well then, here's something for you to try: reset everything. Donate all of your Neopoints (on hand, in your shop, the stock market, everything) to needy Neopians and reset your bank account to Junior Saver. Now you have nothing and must re-earn everything. This leads back to the part about discovering new ways of earning Neopoints.

5. Find the pet of your dreams.

Yes, finding your "dream pet" may sound kind of lame, but it is a wonderful goal. For some, this means zapping everyday at the Secret Lab Ray. For others, such as myself, it means working hard every day to earn Neopoints and save them for a bigger goal. In my case, I want a Lost Desert x Maractite Aisha, an Island Gelert, and a Shadow x Royal Boy Draik. This is INSANELY expensive, but those are the dreams I have for my pets.

Ah, so you already have the pet of your dreams. Then why would you ever want to give him/her up? S/he is YOUR dream, no one else's!

Now then, if that doesn't convince you to stay, then I don't know what will. But maybe now you will reconsider your decision to click the "Freeze my account" button.

What's this? A note from the Meepits? Well now, let's see what it says.


o.O Um, yes, well, the Meepits have just informed me that they are NOT responsible for any of the above charges. But personally, between you and me, I think *is bound and gagged and carried away by Meepits*

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