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Top 10 Evil Petpets

by sami12334


After celebrating one of the most awesome faeries, Jhudora, (hey, I have my opinion, you have yours) becoming a villain is just so appealing. So you've got your look, your friends, and your plan. But before shooting for World Domination or Best Hair of Them All, you'll need a henchman to carry out your evil deeds. After all, it's no fun to take over Neopia alone! These petpets will be in order from least to most, although they all look pretty evil. Muahaha! *cough*

If you cannot afford the hefty price of some of these petpets, it is highly recommended to paint a cheaper petpet Darigan, Black, Mutant, Halloween, or Zombie for the desired evil look.

It was difficult to sort these, but the end result is:

1. Romeep 3T3

Ah, the Romeep 3T3. A Robot Meepit, to be precise, that will carry out your evil deeds with a robotic voice saying things such as, "Yes, All-Powerful Master". When frightened, it stares at you blankly, an expression that is scary enough to send shivers down your friend's spine that you wish to break so much. The Romeep 3T3 can be made in the cooking pot by mixing a Meepit and a Roburg 3T3, or you can search the Trading Post chat, looking for someone willing to sell one of these.

2. Wuzzle

AHH! IT'S ON FIRE! Which is why the petpet is perfect for both icy cold and volcanic climates! Do you have cliche plans of revenge by ice, like Lady Frostbite? Keep yourself warm with your Wuzzle while making your giant snow cone machine! Do you have plans of melting Neopia into a land of volcanoes and fire? The Wuzzle will feel right at home there, and might be a tad more willing to carry out your plans. *cough* When these petpets get angry, they get hotter and hotter, much to the dismay of your friend! You can also paint these Ghost, Glowing, Green, Starry, or Snow (which would be kind of an oxymoron).

3. Pinklet

The Pinklet is devious and swift, and with its evil sneer, will run around Neopia gathering precious information and making sure your friends have plenty to keep themselves busy while you plan World Domination! The Pinklet is ideal for cheap villains with its medium-low price of 14000 Neopoints, and unlike the Romeep 3T3, can be painted Blue, Green, Yellow, or even Halloween! These petpets are recommended for the Neopian looking to get that shiny Gold Cheat! trophy.

4. Charnie

This petpet makes a horrible wailing noise whenever it wants you to play with it. However, this may be a plus side, because then you can torture your friends with it quite well. Its sharp teeth and large mouth are another plus side, and they're robot petpets, yet another plus! These can be painted other colors, such as Electric, Green, Purple, and Yellow!

5. Gnar

At the low, low, insanely low price of 2500 Neopoints, this scary-looking petpet can be won from the infamous Test Your Strength game! With yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and an evil grin, this petpet is ideal for the villain that is saving up for that Giant Snow Cone Machine, or simply has a tight budget. These cannot be painted, which may be a plus as they are scary enough with their evil laughter! Muahaha! However, these petpets have a huge appetite, so you must be able to afford all that petpet food...

6. Snorlkin

At the hefty price of 800000 Neopoints, these may not be the best for someone with few NP to spare. However, these can turn invisible, making them impossible to catch! Snorlkins also have sharp, pointy teeth, which are good for biting, hmm? Yellow eyes are another pro. I mentioned how they turn invisible when scared... this may make it hard to order them around.

7. Werhond

Werhonds are aggressive petpets, known for their powerful bite. These are not recommended for the weaker pet, as they will be hard to control, but very good to hunt down your coward, chicken enemy! Orange eyes and sharp teeth make these petpets fearsome, and for the price of 17000 neopoints, this is not a waste of your money! Fire Werhonds can be bought for a cheaper price of 6300, and a Yellow version can be bought as well!

8. Candy Vampire

Candy Vampires may look tasty... but beware their powerful bite! (My friend Jazzy has one, and it guards her stash of candy corn quite well.) Can't you just see it... your enemy reaching to eat it, licking his or her lips, when the Candy Vampire attacks, sinking its sharp teeth into his or her arm, your enemy shrieking... muahaha. It's enough to make even Dr. Sloth drool. This petpet costs around 90000 neopoints, but it is SO worth your money!

9. Captive Shadow Wraith

What is more evil and chic than your own Shadow Wraith? One of the many plot prizes for The Faeries' Ruin, this little shadow likes getting into trouble and causing chaos. Giving it a nice large room with lots of stuff in it will keep it entertained while YOU cause chaos on Neopia! (Safety Deposit Box not recommended.) This petpet can be bought for around 400k on the trading post, but will be a good evil companion to any budding villain.

10. Bartamus

At the high price of 20 million neopoints, this evil petpet comes in tons of different colors, and Jhudora will give this beauty to you after you complete 41 of her quests! Bartamus(es? i?) are top ten on my list, and their wings are good for getting across Neopia quickly. The Bartamus is hard to befriend and is a grumpy little fellow, but it just looks so evil, and will make the best evil companion by far!

So there you have it. Top 10 Evil Petpets! Remember, I am in no way shape or form recommending that you buy one of these... they may hurt you, after all. *cough* Anyways, have fun and beware the meepits! White Weewoos don't exist! *waves hands mysteriously* Thanks for reading!

And HUGE thanks to my friend Tiffani, aka myflickyflapp, for the suggestions!

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