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Three Myths of Jhudora - Debunked!

by gloomyparadise


Many Neopians have scratched their heads in wonder – why, oh why, is Jhudora clouded in such a shroud of mystery? How does she feel about her cloud being turned into a “lowly” (her words, not mine) bluff where she must see the cheerful faeries milling about? How did Jhudora become the evil faerie to Illusen’s good faerie? Why does she have no pupil in her eyes?! Okay, that last question may just be my own personal pet peeve. Normally, the Neopian Times is able to conduct an interview with the target at hand. When I arrived at Jhudora’s new bluff, she rebuked me for not finishing her quests from several months ago and despite my pleading apologies, she banished me from the bluff. I suppose this means a Wand of the Dark Faerie is out of my grasps for say, the rest of the eternity.

However, as a dedicated reporter, I said to myself, “Gloomyparadise, you cannot take no for an answer! The good people of Neopia deserve to know more about the fearless dark faerie sitting in her cloud of purple fog breathing insults and sarcasm at anyone who dare pass by.” I cannot reveal my sources or my methods of obtaining these sources for fear of being turned into a Mortog, but if they are so inclined to punish me so harshly, they must be accurate, right?

Question 1: Why is Jhudora obsessed with the color purple?

Myth: Jhudora considers purple to be associated with evil because it is a dark color.

Truth: Jhudora’s love with the color purple began when she was just a young faerie. In fact, nobody knows this, but Jhudora was not always evil. In fact, when she was growing up in the world of Faerieland, back in the days when it was up in the air on a cloud, all the other faeries would only decorate themselves in pink. Jhudora may not have been evil back then, but she was always finding ways to differentiate herself from the other pack of faeries. My source tells me that Jhudora could often be heard bemoaning that she was a faerie because she would always be stereotyped as a “pink-loving, bubbly, goody two-shoes,” which she hated. The color purple soon became her staple, and whenever the other faeries saw her, they would steer clear of her. In fact, Bal---I mean, another source of mine, revealed that when it was time to capture faeries and put them in bottles, he dare not bother her because she was different, and he knew she would put up a fight. The details on Jhudora’s transformation from rebellious to pure evil remain fuzzy, however. All I could determine from my sources was that it involved a Meepit, Fyora, and Jhudora. This is pure speculation on my part, but perhaps that is why the Meepits are planning --- *is dragged away by a colony of Meepits*

Okay, phew! I managed to wrangle out of their grasps by offering them some juice. Onto the second question!

Question 2: Why does Jhudora offer quests to Neopians?

Myth: Under the watchful eye of Fyora and the other faeries, Jhudora is contributing to the magic in Faerieland and keeping it a sustainable place for all of Neopia.

Truth: I’m not sure who propagated this rumor, but it could not be farther from the truth. Jhudora has been planning a massive overtaking of Faerieland since she was relegated to her cloud many years ago. Jhudora cannot stand that Faerieland is a place of happiness and goodness, and she harbors intense animosity for Fyora (see question 1). She is confident that she would be the most successful ruler of Faerieland. By this, of course, she means that she would punish all Neopians and finally allow her evil empire to reign. Unfortunately, one small faerie cannot battle against a faerie queen and all her legions of adoring followers. Therefore, every time a Neopian comes to her to complete a quest, the item that she asks of them serves a very important purpose in her ultimate plan of domination. The reason that the quest items get so much harder to obtain as time goes on is that Jhudora must steal items from Faerieland in order to create the rewards she gives out. The higher the value of items she must steal, the higher the value of items she asks for. To those that can finish her quests all the way to the end, however, she gives her ultimate prize because of her intense gratitude. She also, perhaps naively, believes that anybody who is willing to take her criticism, insults, sarcasm, and ridiculous demands over such a prolonged period time must truly be evil and will support her in her evil conquest of Faerieland.

Question 3: What DID Illusen see that makes Jhudora hate her so much?

Myth: Illusen saw Jhudora conspiring with Sloth.

Truth: Illusen actually saw Jhudora perform random acts of kindness for several Neopians. Suddenly, the rivalry makes perfect sense. Jhudora must be seen as a faerie who will stop at no measure to fulfill her evil plans. Doing nice things for Neopians, of all creatures in Neopia, is a crime against her ideals! If Illusen ever revealed what she saw, Jhudora’s entire reputation would be in ruins and people would ACTUALLY go around calling her nice. NICE! That word is banned from Jhudora’s dictionary. Oh, right. I still haven’t gotten to what it is that Illusen actually saw. I shudder at the thought of telling you, Neopian Times readers, because it is so truly against Jhudora’s character that I feel that you will doubt the entire essence of Faerieland after reading this. Since you are still reading, I suppose I cannot delay this any further. *deep breath* Illusen saw Jhudora taking Neopians’ unpainted petpets and painting them... faerie! All that pink! Everywhere! Originally, Illusen thought this was some sort of sham. Jhudora must be painting petpets faerie for neopets that are mutant or Darigan, surely! At closer inspection, she noticed that all of the neopets coming to pick up their newly painted petpets were Faerie or Royal or some other kind of cheerfully painted color. Illusen could not believe her eyes – until, of course, she saw the pets signing a contract with Jhudora. As she tried to get closer to see what the contract said, she was spotted by Jhudora and had to flee. The event was never spoken of since then, but Jhudora always had to look over her shoulder to make sure Illusen kept quiet over the incident.

My sources became extremely agitated at this point and would not answer any more questions. However, I feel like I have revealed a lot in this article. If ever you see me disappear off the face of Neopia, I think we all know who was responsible. Til then, happy reading and be very wary of completing Jhudora’s quests!

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