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I Dream in Ice Cream

by raytaybrun


“Come on, Adee, have something else, an omelette or something. Not ice cream again. It’s only morning.”

      “I want ice cream NOW!” Adee the Chia screeched at the top of her lungs. Her mother winced.

      “Shh, Adee, quiet now. Fine, you may have some ice cream, but trust me, one day you will regret it,” Adee’s mother said, caving in as usual.

      Adee didn’t care how much she’d regret it; she just wanted her ice cream, now. Besides, one day was not this day, so what did it matter? With a crazy, hyper grin, she pulled out some ice cream from the freezer. Ten scoops, as usual: strawberry, then vanilla, then chocolate, mint, blueberry, vanilla chocolate chip, strawberry vanilla chocolate, peach, vanilla chocolate swirl, and, finally, the biggest scoop of all, double chocolate.

      After her big breakfast, Adee was very hyper (that really shouldn’t surprise you, since she had ten super-sized, super-sugarized scoops of ice cream). Really, if it weren’t for her hyper-activeness, Adee’s body would have swelled up fatter than a full balloon, with all that fat. But she still managed to keep her slim form, if a little chubbiness poking in. Her look was rather wild, with her always crazed eyes, and her fur sticking up everywhere. But she didn’t care about her look; she lived and breathed for eating ice cream.

      Adee drove her mother absolutely crazy, since she was half crazy herself. Her mom had always been a gentle creature; from the day Adee had first stuck her spoon into an ice cream bowl, she had been wild and completely not. Her dad, whenever he was home, avoided his daughter as much as he could; unfortunately, only one parent could afford to do that. Of course, Adee was completely oblivious to this; she seemed to be oblivious to all but one thing: ice cream.

      The poor Chia’s ice cream problem had been since she was only two days old (which just happened to be four months ago). Her mom had left out a tub of ice cream; Adee was sitting there with a small spoon in her paw. Curious, she tried a spoonful of ice cream. Finding it delightfully scrumptious, she stuffed more and more and more in her mouth. Her mom found her an hour later, with sticky spoon in her paw, ice cream drool dripping down her mouth, and an empty tub lying on her tummy, which somehow looked bigger than before.

      At bedtime that night, and after ice cream lunch, ice cream dinner, ice cream teatime, and ice cream supper, Adee’s ice cream didn’t agree with her aching tummy. She rolled over in her bed, groaning, wishing she hadn’t extra extra extra-sized scoops. When she fell asleep, her stomach was in such a turmoil, she thought there had been a series of freak weather accidents all at once, and wrecking havoc in her guts. It hurt that bad.


      Adee looked around her, confusion filling her mind. Where was she? It looked like she was in her freezer, her giant, ice cream-filled freezer. It felt like it too. She was wearing her winter coat, gloves, and hat, but still shivered. There was frost in the air, and the young Chia’s breath was misty, and very, extremely visible. She looked around her. There was a small hole in the freezer floor. With a shrug, Adee ran to the hole and jumped down it.

      Now, mind you, don’t go thinking she was stupid to not look before she jumped. What would you do if you were freezing, on the point of becoming a Chiasicle, and there was no way out except for a hole in the floor? Would you take time to observe it, and risk death while waiting? I wouldn’t, but then again, I also don’t dream of ice cream freezers.

      Dream? Did I really just say she was in a dream? Oh ice cream cones! Well, not much I can do about that. Here, let’s just pretend you didn’t hear that. You have no idea it is a dream, do you? What? You say you already knew that before I so foolishly let it slip like an Elephante on a banana peel? *snorts* Ha! Like I believe you. There’s no way you would’ve guessed. Back to the story, you say? Hey, patience, I was getting there.

      Well, anyway, Adee jumped down the hole, hoping to get to the fridge at least. Yet to her surprise, she didn’t completely fall. She started floating. (How did she float? Hey, it’s a dream! Anything can happen.) As she tried to get to the bottom of the hole, she realized she could navigate the currents. She was having fun swooping and soaring like an Eyrie, until she saw what was at the bottom. Ice cream! A whole row of giant ice cream cones! Adee was about to float herself down for a yummy treat when a scoop floated up to her. She giggled in delight. “Great, it just comes to me!” she shrieked in lazy pleasure. She licked the scoop as it floated by.

      “Yum, strawberry,” she said. The next one had caramel on top. “Yes; it’s like heaven on Neopia!” After quite a few scoops, a new flavor came up: vanilla. These ones went by a little faster, not allowing Adee her full lick, but there were more, which made up for it. Then came the chocolate. “Oh, this keeps getting better and better,” giggled Adee greedily.

      As the flavors changed, in the order Adee ate them no less, they came faster but lasted longer. Adee could hardly get a lick of the vanilla chocolate chip, or move out of the way fast enough. So she propelled herself over to one, hoping to get a long, satisfying lick. She floated, midair, ready for ice cream. She got it. Full in the face. In fact it covered her.

      Adee started to shiver again. “Too much ice cream,” she mumbled. But once she recovered from the cold, she saw the ice cream floating at her again, and, filled with greed, she went at them again.

      She got hit again with vanilla chocolate swirl, but ignored it. When she finally got to double chocolate chip, it was moving at a terrifying rate. Scoops flew past her; chunks hit her in the face, arms, and legs. “I just want ice cream,” she groaned. She looked down and saw with dismay a rather large scoop coming at her. A “oh no” had hardly passed her lips when it hit her, and the cold blocked out everything.


      She woke up shivering (I told you it was a dream). Morning light crept in, and Adee hopped off her bed. She slipped her feet into ice cream cone slippers, and then shook them off as she remembered her dream. She shivered.

      In the kitchen, Adee’s mom saw her. She sighed. “More ice cream, I suppose.”

      Adee shivered again, surprising her mother by saying, “No thanks.” But then she thought, and a smile lit up her face. A thought filled her young mind: what if she could have something to replace ice cream? She couldn’t very well carry on eating healthy and stuff.

      “Can I have some cake?”

The End

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