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~Top Five Best & Worst Xmas Toys for your Neopet~

by shadowbanish


It's Christmas once again, and I am sure you are all at the gift-buying stage. Some Neopets can be hard to please, but with this guide, you can be sure of this year's coolest and perhaps not-so-cool presents.

First of all, we must decide, what sort of hobbies do your Neopets have? An avid tennis player might not enjoy a Football as much as he would like to, and a Hissi might not be able to appreciate a pair of new shoes. But there are thousands of toys in Neopia, which means you're spoilt for choice. There's sure to be something for every sort of Neopet. But it's a case of whether or not you pick the right one, which is where my guide comes in. BEHOLD! the Top Five Best Christmas Gifts for your Neopet:

10) At number 10 this year, it's the Gingerbread Usuki Playhouse. This is one of the Usuki's newest products, and boy, is it tasty! The packaging has a rather amusing piece of text on it, "Play now, eat later!" This could cause a scenario. If the Neopet was to eat the Gingerbread Usuki Playhouse first, that would mean they couldn't play with it. At an estimated price of 22,000 NP, this is one toy you'll want to last for a while. Though who could sit there playing with it without suddenly getting a large Feeding Frenzy and pulling the thing to pieces? Nevertheless, this is a lovely addition to your Usuki Family.

9) The Wind Up Faerie Xweetok is at number 9 on our Best Toy List. This cute little toy can hover around with its wings! It makes an excellent toy indoors and out, and a popular activity involving it is known as 'Catch the Xweetok'. This involves lots of leaping into the air, lots of falling back down into a big heap, and a box of plasters. Make sure you place your Wind Up Faerie Xweetok close to the ground to avoid any accidents.

8) The 8th best toy of 2010 is the Poogle Racing Game. The aim is to get your Poogle to the finish line first, by repeatedly tapping a small button. There can be up to three players, and the game is suitable for Neopets age three years and up. For some very peculiar reason, the Poogle Racing Game seems to be purchased by Poogles more than any other species. No doubt, however, this makes a fabulous party game, and is ideal for rainy days in, so give it a try!

7) Next on our list it's the Mini Apple Bobbing Game. After the success of this year's Halloween Apple Bobbing, the Neopian Toy Shop manufactured a special toy version. Within a week of its release, over two-hundred Neopians began to enjoy the Apple Bobbing fun in their own homes, and you should too! At only 200 NP, this is a bargain. Don't worry about this being a poorly-made toy, as the Mini Apple Bobbing Game is guaranteed to last for years, or your money back!

6) Just one spot away from being the top toy, it's the Brightvale Castle Building Blocks. This toy is sure to provide your constructive Neopet with hours of building fun. Although it may not be the size of the real Brightvale Castle, it is, once built, a remarkable model. Brightvale Castle Building Blocks also have a large play value! Perhaps a Draik action figure guards the castle from Hubrid Nox and Dr. Sloth... the list is endless. It's pricey at 75,000 NP, but it's well worth it.

5) And here it is, the moment you've been waiting for. Drum roll, please! The Top Toy this Christmas is...

...Mr Fuzzington the Warf You Can Groom! ™

That's right, this adorable toy is number one! Mr Fuzzington comes with a bottle of sweet-smelling shampoo and a brush. Sensors in his mouth allow him to 'lick' your Neopet's paw, and motors allow him to move his head and wag his tail. What's more, Mr Fuzzington can be taken anywhere; just make sure he's looking smart first! At a price of 97,000 NP, this is 2010's must-have toy!

Now it's time to see this year's top five Worst Toys. Try to avoid them at all costs!

10) At number 10 it's Maths Blocks. Fancy stacking algebraic formulae? I thought not. At least the colours are nice.

9) It had to be on this list. The Fun In The Sun Quiguki takes its place at number 9. There is nothing attractive about this malformed version of the Usuki doll whatsoever. In this day and age, no Neopian girl (or in some cases, boy) wants to be seen dead with an ugly doll, and this is no exception.

8) The Box of Fake Gems is at number 8. Why on earth would you want to play with fake gems unless you're pretending to be rich? There is hardly any play value with these. Boring!

7) Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy. One word. Disgusting.

6) Just one place away from being crowned 2010's worst toy, it's the Courgette Boat. Shockingly buoyant, are courgettes. Shockingly boring, too! I'd rather play with those fake gems than have a boat made out of a vegetable. What were they thinking?

5) And the best of the worst is...

...Negg Goo. Your furniture will never be the same again. Once your Neopet opens the container, there's no going back. Before you know it, your curtains, cushions, chair legs, everything, will be covered with this icky substance. And because the container somewhat resembles a Negg, there's sure to be a Neopet who tries to eat it. Plus, it's a pain to get out of fur and carpets. Once this toy has been licked, bitten, stood on, thrown around and is covered with hair, it's more or less good for nothing. Available in four colours, try NOT to let your Neopet collect them all!


So there it is. The Top Five Best & Worst Xmas Toys for your Neopet. I hope you will now know what's hot and what's not when it comes to presents this year. But remember, there are many other brilliant toys available, and many rubbish ones, but that's another article (but whoa, my rant on the Easy Puzzle Box'll take up a series!)

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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