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Making it Feel Like Christmas

by hermione_890_neo


Christmas is almost here. Perhaps, though you surely already know that, you still find the words mildly surprising. Does it still feel like any other time of year? Have you not been able to find that Christmassy feeling?

Well, here in this article I intend to show you how to get in the mood for the holidays, even if there are only a couple days left until it's all over. Better late than never! And you can always use your newfound techniques to be a little bit merrier next year. I'm sure everyone would thank you.

First up, why don't you go find yourself a nice hot drink, so you have something to sip on while you're doing all of the other holiday things I have planned for you?

Caramel Hot Chocolate

I don't know about you, but for me hot chocolate is pretty much like liquid Christmas. And with that delicious mountain of whipped cream and a drizzling of hot caramel sauce? Amazing. I know it's a really big cup, but trust me - totally worth feeling nauseous for the whole rest of the day. Drink it and be happy.

Snow Mint Tea

Of course, there are those among us who do not like hot chocolate. If you're one of those sorts of fruitcakes, then tea's pretty good too - and this particular kind is the best of the best.

Sold in a pretty wintry cup, this tea is always steaming hot and lightly sweet with a hint of peppermint. Wonderful for any cold day that could use a bit of seasonal cheer.

Snowflake Winter Coffee

If you're more of a coffee person than a tea or hot chocolate one, then this would be perfect for you.

Of course, it does have its drawbacks: 1) there's snow all around the rim, which means you'll probably freeze your face off when you go to take a sip, which is pretty dumb because coffee should warm you up, 2) it's blue, which is a little unnerving, and 3) the description states, This coffee is flavoured with fresh snowflakes. Isn't that a charming idea? Too bad that melted snowflakes make... water.

Despite all of that, I still believe that this coffee is top-of-the-line! Maybe if it's all watery that awful bitterness will be a little more subdued.

Anyway, now that you've found yourself a hot mug of something, I think you ought sit down with it for a moment or two and read a few engaging stories from these collections of the some of the best Christmas stories in Neopia.

Classic Neopian Holiday Tales

Here you will find many of the stories that you heard as a child, and probably a good few new ones too. It's a decent-sized volume with stunning illustrations, and it's perfect for reading quietly on your own or aloud to someone younger.

You will undoubtedly feel nice and cozy after taking a break from your frenetic holiday schedule to read a holiday story or two from this enchanting book.

Seasonal Faerie Tales

While Classic Neopian Holiday Tales focuses on the traditional fictional stories of the season, Seasonal Faerie Tales is a fairly recent addition to holiday bookshelves and is entirely non-fiction. The stories are mostly touching memories or incidents that demonstrate the "true meaning of the Day of Giving". Many famous faeries penned a tale for the novel, and several of the lesser-known faerie citizens wrote something up too.

What results is an interesting, insightful and often comical book that makes a delightful December read.

Once you've finished reading your books, grab your CD-player and head to the next - very short - section.

Jazzmosis Seasonal Album

Who wants to let Christmastime fly by without any seasonal music?! Only I hope you like Jazzmosis, because they're the only band that's bothered to release a record of holiday tunes. But whether or not you like Jazzmosis doesn't really matter, because you should always listen to at least a little Christmas music. It always makes everything feel more like the holidays, and you really just can't decorate without it. Yes, next we're decorating. I know you already have your tree up and fifteen millions other thingies to boot, but I don't care. You wanted Christmas, didn't you? Good, because I have a list of festive decorations just here, things that I'm sure you haven't already got up.

Festive Seasonal Usuki

It's Santa! I don't remember him having that big bushy tail, but whatever. As far as I can tell, it's the only Santa item in all of Neopia! (Pets painted Christmas don't count, sorry... they're imposters.)

He looks kind of sneaky, but he's probably just thinking about being quiet and not waking up any of the little kids.

Or... well, hold on. Do you see those little things sticking out of the left side of the toy-sack, the ones that look sort of like stick-fingers? I think he stole the snowman. Oh man.

Holly Patterned Bed and matching Holly Print Rug!

I don't know where you'll store your current bed for the month of December, but... come on. This bed is awesome! And look how nicely that rug matches! It's the exact shade as the pillows on the bed. Preeeettty.

Unfortunately, neither of these items is yet compatible with the new neohomes (SAD), so you'll probably have to move back to that weird roofless place that you and your family abandoned some time about two years ago.

But just look at the comforter. Isn't it worth it just for that squishy warmth?

While you're sitting in your gorgeous and toasty new bed, perhaps it may occur to you... the only thing missing from this article. The very epitome of Christmas: cookies. Yes, that's right. I've saved the most bestest for last. You can't have Christmas without cookies. You just can't.

Faellie Christmas Cookie

Awww, isn't it cuuute? A Christmas Faellie expertly icing-d onto the top of a chewy and delectable sugar cookie. Perfect Christmas treat! I don't know about you - I mean, I'm always hearing about big fancy Christmas dinners and things - but for me Christmas dinner (and lunch and breakfast) is usually mostly cookies and candies (no, I do not yet have to roll to reach my desired destinations). Doesn't it just feel a little bit more like Christmas when you bite into this tasty delicacy?

Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie

Now, at first glance you might think I've gotten confused, since it doesn't exactly look very festive - unlike everything else in this article so far.

But no. Look again. Study its expression carefully. Doesn't it remind you of something?

Aha! Yes, I see you've got it now. It's your little siblings on Christmas morning, isn't it? Of course it is. The excited bug eyes, the giant mouth that just won't shut up, the spastic limbs... it's all there.

Gee, won't you sure be jolly when you're nibbling off this thing's head?

Candy Cane Cookie

I figured I should probably include something candy cane-ish. But candy canes taste a bit boring, don't they?

But here's this! A very pretty little candy cane shaped cookie. The icing has been lightly peppermint flavored, but it's still utterly scrumptious, and it smells heavenly as well!

Okay, well, that's that! If you don't feel even just a little bit more Christmassy by now, then... well, sorry. You must just be a lost case. Thanks for reading through this whole thing anyway!

Have a merry Christmas!

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