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Habitarium: Let's Rock your Role!

by rheiv_16


[Insane mode on.]

Imagine yourself walking around a pile of grassy land together with little cute critters: one who looks like a red bean with orange spots and eight robot-like feet, another who is green and yellow (the way I see it) with four legs and antennae attached to its head and... ummm... rear part(?), and a yellow-orange crab-like petpetpet with three pairs of green legs having a Mohawk style.

You also notice a very large tree (which is so fertile – it has only three leaves!), rocks, a pink flower (sometimes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc.), a water pump, some very tall grass (which surprisingly exceeds the height of the pump), and a pile of dung, err... I mean, mud.

Sounds familiar, eh? You’re right. You’re right inside (well, apparently... in your imagination) the “Prof. Milton Clodbottle’s Astounding Habitarium”!

So what is this all about, you ask? Well, if you’re really right inside the game and the only thing you are doing is just walking around, those other petpetpets there might not be so happy with you and they will just push you out of the tile. Harsh, you say? But believe me, that might happen with you. How did I know? I tried it a while ago, and I was pushed.

So now, before emerging into the Habitarium, you might as well want to know your role there. Are you going to gather those resources like a hardworking worker? Is the egg there ready to absorb the heat coming from a nester like you? Or do you have what it takes to flash shining stars once those pests come out from nowhere?

In order for you to avoid what they did to me, you nee – Okay, I’ll stop blabbering nonsense now. I prepared a test that assesses you (yes, it’s YOU!) to your perfect job in the Habitarium. But first, let me warn you, this test requires great knowledge about Neopia. *silence*

WHAT??? You don’t have great knowledge about Neopia??? Gosh, you’re completely insane! How can you not know many things about the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious world of Neopia, and the most lovable, most gorgeous, and the most wisest (redundancy much?) team behind it, TNT? *give me five, TNT*

Whew, it feels like I want to punch myself right now. Anyway, here’s the test that you’ve been waiting for. Remember, read carefully!

1. Between mud and wood, which building resource would you prefer? If you choose mud, proceed to Question #4 (Q4). For wood, proceed to Question #7 (Q7). The same procedure goes to all other questions, except when you encounter an option that has a (Result A/B/C) in it. If you choose that option, scroll down, look for your result, and read about your role in the Habitarium! [and I promise you, you’ll never regret this!]

By the way, Questions 21 to 30 have three options, so you might want to pick wisely. Proceed, now!

2. Activity: eating (Q22), sleeping (Q26)

3. Color: faerie (Q19), pirate (Q8)

4. Egg option: hatch (Q14), harvest (Q6)

5. -stand act: outstand (Q12), withstand (Q19)

6. Season: winter (Q20), summer (Q2)

7. Gem: red (Q28), purple (Q20)

8. Food Resource: pollen (Q12), water (Q24)

9. Taste (?): sweet (Result B), spicy (Result C)

10. Behavior: calm (Q3), alert (Q30)

11. Characteristic: delicate (Q5), durable (Q18)

12. Activity: moving (Q17), waiting (Result C)

13. NeoQuest II Character: Velm (Q26), Talinia (Q3)

14. The Faeries' Ruin Plot Character: Hanso (Q28), Brynn (Q21)

15. Habitarium Supply: apple bite (Q20), cornmeal (Q22)

16. Habitarium Supply (magical): marshmallow (Result A), meatball (Q29)

16. Racing pet/petpet: turdle (Q29), poogle (Result A)

17. Neopian King: Hagan (Q23), Skarl (Q16)

18. Neopet: Flotsam (Result B), Jetsam (Q30)

19. Quest Faerie: Illusen (Result A), Jhudora (Q18)

20. Neopian Area: Maraqua (Q3), Moltara (Q11)

21. Neopian Times Section: Articles (Q15), Short Stories (Q10), Comics (Q13)

22. Dailies: Fruit Machine (Q28), Coltzan Shrine (Q22), Tiki Tack Tombola (Q30)

23. Witch (are they?): Edna (Q9), Sophie (Q29), Xandra (Result C)

24. Hidden Tower Item: Sword of Skardsen (Q17), Everlasting Apple (Q9), Grimoire of Thade (Q12)

25. Fairground Game: Coconut Shy (Result A), Cork Gun Gallery (Q12), Bagatelle (Q18)

26. Limited/Restricted Pet: Cybunny (Q3), Krawk (Q5), Draik (Q27)

27. Negg: Happy (Q25), Power (Q9), Crystal (Result B)

28. Villain: Dr. Frank Sloth (Q5), Pant Devil (Q30), Meuka (Q21)

29. Wheel: Mediocrity (Result A), Monotony (Result B), Misfortune (Result C)

30. Petpetpet: Mootix (Q11), Larnikin (Q24), Pinchit (Q17)

[End of test.]

So now, you have come to a point that will surely change the rest of your life (okay, I’ll stop exaggerating... ) and will determine the perfect role for you as a Habitarium character. What are you waiting for??? If I were you, I will start reading insanely now. (Good thing I’m not!)

Result A: The Hardworking Worker

Have you been working out lately? ‘Cause it looks like you’re a good gatherer and you get those resources as fast as you could. Your perseverance and determination makes you personality different from the others. You are also the best when repairing broken buildings, as well as healing others’ broken hearts by making them happy. As usual, the Habitarium needs you, so take my advice: get working!

Result B: The Nice Nester

Many players might look at you as a simple incubator (no, not the device you’re thinking, silly!), but they don’t see the better side of you. Though not noticeable, you have a unique ability – and you can do more than that! You can also gather, helping workers do their job because you really care for others. And one thing’s for sure – do you think the Habitarium would continue being inhabited without you? No, it’s impossible without you. Trust me, nice Nester!

Result C: The Super Soldier

*salutes* Being a soldier is really not a joke, so that’s why you should rejoice by now. You can push off (like what you did to me!) those obstacles away easily and protect others when troubles come. You also have the strength when repairing and building like those workers around, a reminder that you are essential to the Habitarium. And since you’re always prepared for those pesky pests magically appearing right before our eyes, I suggest that you go now and start blasting them with the stars coming from – wait... seriously, where are those stars coming from???

So by now that you already know your own role in the Habitarium, I guess it’s now time to –


Hey! My Habitarium is being infested by pests!!! I need to hurry... oh well I really need to go right now so all I... umm... c-can say is that I reaal y do h-hope thatyou do... *breathes*... y-our job well beec –

[Insane mode off.]

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