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This Means War

by carrotbreath


Allow me to begin by painting you a picture: the sun hangs high in the sky as your p3s are eagerly and peacefully gathering resources. You aim to build a house so your p3s can enjoy a well deserved rest after a long day of work. One or two then begin to request a nap because they've become too tired, but it pains you to only be able to offer the reassurance that soon they will have a house in which to rest in. However, this reassurance becomes a lie when a fellow neofriend decides to raid you and take your resources, leaving you farther away from your goal and your p3s to suffer.

Professor Milton Clodbottle's Astounding Habitarium definitely is a fun and interactive game, but you can only be consumed by anger and rage after a neofriend raids you, harming and defeating your soldiers and possibly looting your resources and damaging your buildings. One might just decide to let bygones be bygones, but if you’re like me, retaliation is the only solution, and there’s a war afoot. But wait! Having just been attacked and having had your soldier numbers lowered, take time to strategize a successful counter-attack that will make him/her sorry that they raided you in the first place!

The Basics of a Raid

The most important thing to know is that no one can be raided as long as their game is open. All of your neofriends playing Habitarium have the option to raid you. Basically their soldiers fight your soldiers with the possibility that soldiers from either side will be harmed or defeated. There’s also the possibility that some of your resources may be looted and buildings damaged in the process. Some things to keep in mind when raiding is that you may only raid the same neofriend once every 24 hours and that your soldiers can be defeated, resources looted, and buildings damaged. If your soldiers are defeated, this may weaken your defenses against pests attacking your Habitarium or if you’re raided by someone else. Therefore, to go about a successful raid, you must strategize and try to build a large soldier egg supply count.


Knowing the 24 hour limit to raiding the same person, daily raids will become more of an annoyance rather than an effective measure in weakening your neofriend, because during those 24 hours they will have plenty of time to rebuild their forces and possibly to raid you back. Therefore you must look into making alliances with either mutual neofriends or their neofriends who are just as tired of being raided as you are (trust me; if this person has raided you many times, there's a high possibility he/she has done it to others!)

Attempt to limit your alliances to only two other people, because someone can only be raided three times in a day by three different people. Make sure these people are trustworthy and strong; nothing worse than a weak alliance! I almost forgot to mention your strongest ally: pests. The next section will explain how pests come into play.

The Strategy Itself

Ok: high soldier count, check; soldier eggs in supply, check; alliance ready, check; now it's time to act. It is essential to be in communication with your alliance and have all three attack consecutively, one after the other. If long intervals between raids exist, that will result in an unsuccessful day! With enough time to rebuild, the damage will only be minimal. Your goal is not to destroy buildings or even to acquire materials; your goal is to lower their soldier count and let pests take care of the buildings and the other p3s. Also plan to raid daily until they are satisfactorily weak. Not to worry, though! Their game won't end: if they run out of nesters, there will be one provided. Remember you are only getting revenge since complete annihilation is not an option.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

1. The element of surprise! - It is essential you have the element of surprise, and the person you plan to raid has no idea what is about to transpire. He/She raided you first; therefore, fair is fair. Also make sure the people you have allied with are sure to keep quiet about the anticipated attack.

2. Teamwork is essential. It gives them more targets to raid. - Obviously such an elaborate plan such as this must have a mastermind, you, behind it, but the enemy has no need to know that! That is, if you're not into gloating. Try to make your allies think this was a communal idea rather than them helping you get revenge. Leave the leader position ambiguous (although we all know it's you). Thus if the enemy is the type to hold a grudge, they'll have three targets instead of one.

3. The only thing more accurate than an enemy raid is a friendly raid. - Try not to divulge information about your habitarium (i.e. soldier egg count) to your allies. They might just turn out to be double agents, and have you be the one waving the white flag when it's all over. This also means to be smart in picking allies; obviously, your enemy's best neofriend might be a risky option.

4. You are not Jeran. - Try not to get too revenge obsessed and go on a raiding frenzy. People will raid you, but try to choose your enemies wisely and create smart wars, those you know you can win! You only have two other allies on your side, not the Meridellian Army at your disposal. If a war can be avoided, that is best.

5. Friendly favors never hurt as much as a raid. - You may just be at a position to bargain. Perhaps the infatuation of a friendly gift might distract you from carrying out your plans. Or if there's an essential resource that needs fixing and they have the power to do so.

Too Lazy to Read? Some Quick Reminders:

1. Keep a large soldier egg supply so you can rebuild quickly when raided or raiding.

2. Idle moving p3s when viewing someone's Habitarium just may be soldiers; try to outnumber them before raiding.

3. Someone can only be raided once a day by the same person, three times a day in total and when their game is not open, therefore try to acquire two trustworthy allies to raid consecutively with you. Pests will take care of the rest.

4. If they run out of nesters, it's not game over but will surely make it hard to rebuild.

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