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Unusual Foods: Soups

by ripplestream850


It's a cold, snowy wintry day in Neopia. You're chilled despite your thick coat and scarf. After a day of errands, all you want to do is find something warm to eat. What could be greater than a steaming bowl of soup? Soups come in a variety of colors, sizes, textures, and tastes (not to mention some of those fancy bowls)! Always sure to warm you up, soups are perfect for a cold winter day. However, who wants to eat plain old tomato or chicken noodle soup all the time? That's why I, after braving the cold armed only with a pad of paper and a growling stomach, traveled across the land sampling some of the strangest soups imaginable. Tangy tastes come together in this article just for your enjoyment! So read on, my soup lovers, and do not fear! I have plenty of soups for every Neopian!

Bubbling Blue Soup

'Nothing warms your Neopet up on a cold day like a cup of delicious soup!'

This soup's description is exactly why I wrote this, so you can warm yourself up! The soup tasted rich, though the flavors tended to clash a bit between sweet, sour, and bitter tastes. I had the feeling that they simply combined many random, blue foods to create this soup. It could also be because of that combination that the soup bubbles almost uncontrollably. Overall, it's a cheap, easy way to get some soup, complete with an easy to carry and toss cup!

Apple Soup

'How interesting! Who would have thought you could make soup from apples?'

Healthy, sweet, and slightly tart, this soup is everything you can hope for! Though meant to be enjoyed in the mid-fall, they are just as enjoyable in the middle of winter! Not only does this charming, delicious fruit soup come in a wonderful bowl shaped just like an apple, but it is also surprising for those of you who have never thought that soup can be made from fruit! It just goes to show, soups can be made from nearly anything!

Spicey Ice Soup

'Well, at least you won't burn your tongue!'

Not all pets can enjoy the usual soups. For example, ice and snow pets can't eat the hot liquid without potentially melting them from the inside out, a horrible thought for owners of such neopets! But that doesn't mean that they have to miss out on eating soup! Spicey Ice Soup is true to its name. It has a pleasant spicy taste and is completely cold! Meltable neopets, no need to worry with this soup, so eat and enjoy.

Cucumber and Onion Soup

'Two healthy ingredients must make a healthy soup, right?'

Perfectly healthy warm soup for perfectly dreadful chilly weather! Cucumbers and onions come together in a smooth soup that reminds Neopians of the delicious flavors of spring. This soup has an overall fresh taste with the tiniest hint of sweetness that tastes completely natural. It is colored a light green with a darker green bowl to match! It also comes with a crunchy slice of cucumber!

Marshmallow Yam Soup

'There's nothing better in a soup than marshmallows and yams.'

This is a perfect soup for the holiday season! A traditional side-dish turned soup has become an unbelievable hit! Chunks of delicious yams with melty marshmallows reminds me of dinner during the holidays with the family. Revive those memories with a warm bowl of orange soup and you won't regret the choice!

Chocolate Soup

'Eat it quick before it cools.'

Chocolate lovers unite! This soup is rich and thick, complete with a chocolate taste that makes your mouth water! The only thing you have to be careful of is that you eat it all up soon! Only minutes after this chocolate is heated up into the smooth delectable treat that it is, it begins to harden! The last thing you want is to be left with a half-filled bowl of hardened (no longer soupy) chocolate soup.

Pumpkin Spice Soup

'Warm your belly with this pumpkin spice soup.'

This soup is full of tasty, earthy flavors (not to mention the amazing smell)! This is perfect for those who love the fall! This orange soup is made from totally fresh pumpkins that were pureed then mixed together with nutmeg, cinnamon, and all-spice. Heated up and served within a large pumpkin bowl and topped with decorative, tiny little maple leaves, this soup is delicious and delectable.

Galactic Chicken Soup

'The only problem with this soup is getting a spoon full.'

Once you master the whole getting the floating, gravity-defying soup to stay in your mouth, you can find that this soup tastes amazing! For those of you who aren't exactly fans of fruit and vegetable soups, here is something for you: a soup that tastes totally out of this world! Chicken broth complete with chunks of chicken, peas, and carrots tastes delicious and leave you feeling full. This soup is perfect for Lupes and Kougras who naturally prefer meat over plants.

Chunky Mushroom Soup

'This soup is simply stuffed full of large chunks of mushroom.'

Though this soup isn't too unusual, I included it simply for my love of mushrooms and the strange bowl that it comes in (I mean, it's mushroom soup IN a giant mushroom bowl)! It tasted creamy, earthy, and slightly meaty. Overall, I enjoyed the creamy colored soup complete with floating chunks of mushroom goodness, yum! It's perfect for those of you who want to try something while still being on the safe side.

Hot and Spicy Soup

'Ouch, keep a glass of water handy when eating this soup.'

I finish this article with a soup that will be sure to keep you warm- maybe too warm! This soup is so spicy that flames leap from the liquid, defying all rational science. With a hot pepper on the side for a garnish, this soup is recommended for pets that are either painted magma or fire to enjoy. Though if you are daring enough to try it, keep a gallon or so of water nearby, you'll need it!

So here you have it, chilly people of Neopia. Tons of soups that are easy to find and perfectly yummy have been collected here for your enjoyment! So don't just stand there! Wrap yourself in your thick winter coats and scurry off to the Shop Wizard and find your own perfectly unusual soup!

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