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The Greatest Mysteries of Neopia

by mypetsandi


Ever since Y1, Neopians everywhere have been trying to solve the mysteries of Neopia. Some claim to be experts when it comes to this beautiful planet, but I bet they cannot solve the following mysteries:

1-What species is Dr. Sloth?

The famous Dr. Sloth is loved by some and feared by others, but whether you are obsessed or terrorized by him you cannot answer this question. Some people are convinced he is a Chia, others beg to differ; they think he is some sort of mutated wingless Shoyru. Some confuse him for the Happiness Faerie (which he isn't, of course *shifty eyes*). And some even think he is an undiscovered Neopet species, and claim that there are more Neopets of that species around. Well, the only thing I can tell you is that no one really knows for sure what Sloth is. I am assuming that this must be a part of his plan for world domination...

2-How do Faerieland and Darigan Citadel float?

If you have ever been to Meridell, you might have noticed a dark chunk of land hovering in mid-air in the blue skies of the royal land. A similar sight was once seen above the ocean to the east of the Haunted Woods and was known as Faerieland. The floating mechanism of these two lands is very peculiar. They actually hover in the same place, as opposed to Kreludor and Virtupets Space Station. The Faerieland phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the faerie's magic was powerful enough to make their land hover. But then, what causes Darigan Citadel to stay up in the sky?


The queen of mystery herself, Tarla is known for being a very generous Neopet. But how does she manage to run a shop, hand out toolbar gifts, poof in random places, and contain mist in a bag? Running a shop is no brainbuster, but the toolbar gifts sure are something to think about. How does she manage to get the money to buy all this stuff, and more importantly, how does she manage to give so many people the same items? Her poofing abilities (as seen in Tarla's Tour of Mystery) can come in handy for distributing goodies, which brings us to another question. How does she poof in and out of random places? Wait a second, now I know where she gets the money; she poofs into our vaults in the National Neopian!

4-Where is the Darkest Faerie?

Is she locked inside a statue deep down under the Maraquan blue waters? Is she imprisoned within a sculpture located in the Hall of Heroes? Is she, like most faeries, a resident of Faerieland? Is she, like Tarla, a poofer who jumps from one Random Event to the other? Well, if she wasn't locked inside a statue before, she is now; right, Xandra?

5-Where and what is Lutari Island?

An island choked by mist and impenetrable by Neopets is a brief description of this mysterious island. It used to be accessible to some Neopets with special privileges, but it is being pummeled by a heavy storm as we speak, so no Neopet is allowed to visit its shores anymore. Another mysterious feature is the fact that this island is constantly moving so if you happen to find it, don't bother by drawing a map.

6-Jelly World:

Some Neopets claim that there is a land entirely covered in orange jelly. They say that there is a shop that sells jelly foods, a giant jelly from which you can collect a daily portion of jelly, a volcano that spits jelly lava, a big collection of Jelly Blobs of Doom, and a used-to-be giant green jelly. This is a hoax, most likely, but then, where does all this jelly come from?

7-The unknown island:

If you take a peek at the map of Neopia, you will notice a small island between Tyrannia and Shenkuu. If you look closely, you will notice that it is covered with a green sheath of forests, and in the center, you will find some kind of cavernous canyon. You will also notice that it looks like it is underwater. So what on Neopia could it be?

8-What does Lawyerbot look like?

An elusive member of TNT, Lawyerbot is a truly mysterious person. A theory claims he is a ghost, which could be true since he takes on different forms. Sometimes, he would take the form of a dashing young man with awkward glasses. On other occasions, he would manifest his presence by appearing as a grey robot with an awkward bowtie.

9-What is the Angry Orange Yurble's job?

Is he a foreman? Is he a chef? Is he a janitor? Is he a librarian? No one knows for sure. I asked King Altador and he said: "Ah, the brave little Yurble. He takes his job very seriously, look at how clean this place is!" I asked King Hagan about him and he said: "I'm not sure, go check some books in the library. The Orange Yurble there will show you to the Yurble section."

10-How to get the Wishing Well avatar?

TNT loves to torture us with their impossible avatars. You are familiar with the Bonju ordeal, no doubt. Well, after a long period of tears and sweat, we found out how to get the avatar, but TNT couldn't have that now, could they? They decided to tease us with another avatar. Ever since it was released, Neopets have come from all the corners of the globe to throw random amounts of money in the well, but to no avail. Nice Neopoint sink, TNT! Will the compliment get me a hint or something?

11-Who really rules Neopia?

Xandra claims that the faeries rule the planet. A close friend of mine claims that the Council of Royals (which includes all royalty in Neopia) is the true leader. Well, I will tell you who our true king is. It is a bunch of cute little Petpets called Meep- ... Hello, the author just had an, erm *meep* emergency. Thank you for reading *meep* and good luck solving these mysteries!

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