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Your Festive Clothing Guide

by corrina404


So the festive season has kick started, and some of us just can’t get a grip on customising to suit the new season. If you’ve been running around screaming ‘What am I going to wear?!’ just take a deep breath, grab a cup of hot cocoa and have a nice read of this year's festive guide to clothing (that won’t cost! ...much).


A background in any outfit is certainly important. It sets the scene! A background is a basic start for thinking of what your gorgeous neopets are going to wear. We certainly can’t have pets going around wearing coats when their background is sunny, they’ll overheat!

My recommendations:

Holiday Giftwrap Background – Released in the Y10 (2008) advent calendar, this background is easily dressed up or down and fits perfectly with any festive outfit, and at only ~2k, it’s a bargain too!

Holiday Home Background – Released in the Y9 (2007) advent calendar, this is my personal all-time favorite festive background. It’s super cosy, but be prepared to pay; at ~24k you might have to start saving!


Before we can dream of accessorizing, we need to get some clothes on! Remember, generally in Neopia, the festive season is also winter time, so unless you plan on lying on one of Mystery Island’s beautiful beaches, you’ll need to rug up.

My recommendations:

Simple Fur Lined Cape – Perfect for keeping the winter chill at bay, this regal looking cape is wonderful when the snow starts to fall (and will certainly make you look fantastic too!). At ~13k, though, it might be wise to keep an eye on your budget.

Holiday Tutu – Sorry, boys, but every girl needs to know to have one of these cuties in their closet. Released in the Y9 (2007) advent calendar, it’s frilly, festive and fun - what more could you want? It is ~10k, so just remember how much you’re willing to spend this season!

*Clothing tip! There aren’t many festive clothes out at the moment, but not to worry! Simple clothes are easily ‘festive’ed up. Don’t forget when planning this season your Long Orange Dress, Khaki Trousers or even Basic White Shirt!


A hat or a wig can make any outfit look quite unique, as they say ‘Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself.’ Also, they’re great for keeping your head warm!

My recommendations:

Brown Winter Hat – They’re extremely warm and have a snowflake on them! I definitely suggest it to those (like me) who hate getting cold, and at ~700-800 NP, you better snap one of these up for yourself!

Decorative Holiday Hair Bow – It’s super festive and uber cute. It might not keep you warm, but as the description says ‘This bow is the perfect decoration for any holiday outfit.’ Released in the Y10 (2008) advent calendar, and it’s just ~4k!


Well, there’s no use in just standing there! Handhelds are the key to accenting any outfit, or just show what your pet is doing. This festive season; make use of your pets hands! But a tip of advice, never put more than one thing in your pet’s hands; this includes two things in one hand, or one thing in each hand!

My recommendations:

Fancy Mug of Neggnog – This is my favorite handheld this season. It’s green and red, perfect festive colors, and it looks delicious! Released in the Y10 (2008) advent calendar, at ~400 NP, there’s absolutely no reason not to get your hands on one of these!

Seasonal Designer Purse – I know, another girly item, but look at it! Girls, if you don’t have a Neggnog in your hands, you better have one of these! (Especially since it matches your tutu). Released in the Y9 (2007) advent calendar, at ~4k, get shopping!


This category is for all your garlands/floor items (anything your pet isn’t actually wearing, but isn’t a background). It’s quite broad, but I still managed to find the perfect items just for you!

My recommendations:

Decorated Branches – These go perfectly with any festive background, and can give some color to the sometimes-bland area above your pet’s head. Released in the Y12 (2010) [this year, YAY!] advent calendar, there’s plenty on the market for only ~4k.

Festive Flower Arrangement – A beautiful collection of the festive seasons most wonderful plant-life. Released in the Y12 (2010) [TNT, you’re on a roll] advent calendar, there are plenty of these too, and at ~1k, go, go, go!

Random Finds

While searching for all my recommendations, I came across a few items that don’t really have big enough categories on their own, or couldn’t fit in, but I still really wanted to mention.

Borovan Press – I really like this item. It’s not too big, not too small. It’s perfect for the holiday season, and then added bonus! When you change into your next outfit, you can put it in your neohome! At only ~3.5k, go get them!

Seasonal Wings – They’re quite large, and for those with wing-less pets, you might even find them strange, but don’t be discouraged! If you’re feeling a little bare, these are a great way to go! At ~23k, though, they are a bit pricey!

Holiday Mystery Island Shirt – It’s a bit loud, but may be just what your outfit needed! If you’re finding that all your clothes are too plain, then don’t be afraid to try it on, you may be surprised! At ~2k it’s definitely worth a shot!

So now you know the ‘must-haves’ for this season, any outfit you make is sure to be a winner. Another tip, whether you’re a pro or a newbie, don’t go overboard! I stress this a lot, otherwise your festival ensemble will look more like a Gelert’s breakfast.

Remember, as long as you like it – that’s all that counts. Fashion is an expression of You, so if you have a trinket that you like to wear in every outfit, use it! Don’t be afraid of adding a little bit of yourself to every outfit, that’s what makes it special.

Happy Holidays!

- corrina404

This year's Festive Clothing Guide was brought you to by Cosmopolitan Fashion Guide – We know fashion.

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