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Toddlers' Togs: A Guide to Dressing your Baby Neopet

by mrs_cherish


It is a common misconception that because Baby Neopets can't wear usual clothes, they are limited and no fun at all to customise. Not so! As many Baby owners will tell you, while these cute little critters may pose more of a challenge, there are still plenty of options available for you and your little one.

So here it is; a guide to customising your Baby Neopet! Time to show those doubters how cute your Baby can be.

Paint Brush Baby Clothes

Some species of Baby Neopet come with some super adorable clothes as soon as you paint them. Isn't that handy? Some species, such as Skeiths and Techos, come with cute little pyjamas. These pyjamas are soft and comfortable, great for nap time and play time alike! Some species, such as Krawks and Kacheeks, come with practical accessories, such as dummies and nappies. Other species, such as Usuls and Korbats, come with bows and ribbons that might serve no purpose, but they surely do make your baby look sweet!

All of these paint brush items can be removed or added for customisation purposes, to give you more options when changing up your Baby's look. Although I really wouldn't recommend leaving your baby without his nappy for long, if you don't appreciate nasty surprises.

NC Mall Baby Wearables

In February of Year 12, Baby owners around Neopia rejoiced as the very first multi-species Baby Wearables were released; Valentine Baby Bonnet and Valentine Baby Dummy.

Both of these adorable items featured a pink and red colour scheme with heart-shaped designs, very appropriate for the season. The bonnet features a pretty lace trim and a small peak to protect your Baby's face from February chills, with a soft red ribbon to tie under his chubby chin, to keep it nice and securely in place. The lovely pink dummy is sure to placate even the fussiest of babies with its pleasant cherry taste, it's a must-have for any Baby owner.

Unfortunately, both of these items were only available from February 5th to the 22nd, and are now retired from the NC Mall. If you missed the boat and would like your own, you'll have to trade for them with another Neopian.

Can't get gift boxes to trade with? Find the Valentine theme a little too girlish for your rough-and-tumble Baby boy? Never fear! On August 11th, Year 12, Baby Pajamas appeared in the NC Mall and again delighted wee bairns far and wide.

They are cosy and warm with buttons up the front for easy dressing, and they have subtle frilling detail around the front to give these pajamas a charming old-fashioned feel. Plus, with a dainty green and yellow colour scheme, they're appealing to both little boy and little girl Babies. Hopefully this will help you avoid some tantrums!

Another popular Neocash item that is exclusive to Babies is the Sweet Dreams Crib. This darling little bed is the perfect refuge for your toe-nipper. Featuring a captivating mobile for your infant to enjoy, he can relax after a hard day's playing on the luxuriously soft blankets and cushions, enclosed in elegantly carved posts to stop your tot tumbling out of bed and adorned with dear little bows, this crib is sure to invite pleasant dreams for your Baby, and a peaceful night for you.

Released on April 24th Year 12, this was the very first item that wasn't an item of clothing, but is still just for Babies. It is a Trinket, and affects the zones Background Item, Higher Foreground Item and Lower Foreground Item, so any other trinkets that affect these zones cannot be worn at the same time. However, it can be layered over a background, which is fun to play around with to make it look like your Baby's relaxing in his bedroom.

Both the Baby Pajamas and the Sweet Dreams Crib are in the NC Mall right now, so don't forget to grab some for your Baby the next time you're there!

NP Items

Don't have Neocash? No worries! There's still plenty of options left for you and your little crawler. Remember, Baby Neopets can wear almost any background or trinket item; you just have to get creative!


One of the most important parts of customisation is the background. It literally sets the scene, and lets everyone know where your baby is and what he's up to!

So, which background do you choose? Well, start with his personality. Nobody knows your Baby better than you do.

Is he the spoiled little darling, with the wobbling lip and puppy dog eyes that you just can't give in to? Try the Usukicon Y11 Background, to show off his expensive collection of Usuki Dolls that he's guilted you into buying for him.

Is he a budding artistic genius, one day going to light the world with his amazing finger-painting skills? Try the Artist Studio Background, so everyone can see his artistic flair in action.

Is he an outdoorsy, muddy-fingered, worm-eating flower child, who runs to the door begging to be let out into the Neogarden every morning? Try the Grassy Meadow Background, Gormball Field Background or even Double Rainbow Background.

Other popular Baby Neopet backgrounds include Classroom Background, Game Room Background and Birthday in the Park Background. So you see, there really are a lot of backgrounds that are great for your Baby, but be wary, some backgrounds really aren't suitable. For example, the Fancy Kitchen Background; it might be cute and classy, but do you really want to leave your Baby unattended with an oven and all that fragile crockery around?


Lastly, trinkets. They're a great way of adding that little bit of extra something to your little one's customisation, and there's one out there that is just perfect for your Baby.

Spoil him with yummy treats, like Neopets 10th Birthday Celebration Cake and Ice Cream Bucket, or show off that little rascal's mischievous side with a Melted Strawberry Ice Cream Cone and a Spilt Coffee, so everyone can see the kind of mess you have to clean up after him every day!

Or you could give him some fun toys to play with. The Bear is a delightful but inexpensive option, and I've never yet met a Baby who didn't love that nice, soft body and comforting friendly face. Colourful Building Blocks are great if you want to encourage your little genius' intellectual development while he has fun playing. Or a Pile of Usukis is a fun, colourful addition that will ensure that your beloved papoose never runs out of toys to play with.

Don't forget your Higher Foreground Items, too! Babies love brightly coloured garlands, like Faerieland Petpet Garland, and there are lots of soothing mobiles to choose from, such as Shiny Nova Mobile and Gormball Mobile, but my favourite is the handsome Kookith Mobile, sure to captivate any little nipper!

These are just a few suggestions that are applicable to most Baby Neopets. Maybe yours has an adventurous streak, and would rather spend his days exploring a Neovian Twilight Background with his Hungry Hungry Meepit. Who knows? Just be creative, and have fun customising your little bambino!

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