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Milk and Cookie and the month of Celebrating

by vendince


It was the month of Celebrating and everywhere in Neopia pets and petpets were excited. The month of Celebrating was a special month! In a small cosy cottage in Meridell lived two good friends – Milk and Cookie. They were like everyone else excited and in full swing to prepare for the month.

     Milk, the white Xweetok, hung up grain for the small birds outside the kitchen window, so Cookie could enjoy their company while baking. Cookie, the chocolate Cybunny, waved through the window to Milk. She was baking different cakes and biscuits at the same time. The sweet aroma from the kitchen was making Milk’s stomach rumble. Milk was always blown away by her amazing skills in the kitchen. Milk continued to hang up decorations and candle lights all over the cottage.

     Meanwhile, Cookie took out a tray of freshly baked biscuits and put another tray into the oven. They smelled perfect. She had to be aware or else Milk would come sneaking to taste the moment she turned away. Last year, she had caught him hiding in the cupboard with an empty mixing bowl and his face covered in dough. She giggled. His stomach had hurt for days afterwards for having eaten all that cake dough.

     Cookie was a bit worried. She didn’t know what to give Milk. He seemed to have everything and Cookie was at a loss. He was the best friend in the whole world and she wanted to get him the perfect gift. Milk seemed carefree and relaxed as always, so Cookie expected him to have already gotten her a nice present.

     On the 10th day of Celebrating, Milk and Cookie went to the forest together to look for the perfect tree. Cookie had spotted a nice tree earlier that month when she was collecting twigs and cones to decorate their front door with. They had to walk around a bit, because she couldn’t remember exactly where she had seen it, but then it was like the forest opened up. A medium sized tree with rich branches stood in front of them. It just waited to be taken home.

     “It’s lovely, Cookie!” Milk said. He cut the tree and they lashed it down on a sled, before they headed home.

     At home, they decorated the tree with lights, glitter and ornaments they had made themselves. The fresh smell of the tree was filling the whole cottage with sweet aroma. Late in the evening, they were happy with the tree and lit the candles. It was perfect!

     The 20th day of Celebrating was a chilly day – yet no snow had fallen. It was the perfect day for a cup of steaming fresh borovan and a good book in front of the fireplace. Milk and Cookie sat together in their favourite chairs and enjoyed their borovan and the warmth from the fireplace.

     “Borovan day is my third favourite day of the year,” Cookie told Milk.

     “Oh, what’s your second and first favourite day?” Milk asked and took another sip of borovan. Cookie made the best cup of borovan in all of Neopia, he thought.

     “Second is New Year’s evening and my absolute favourite day of the whole year is the Day of Giving!” Cookie grinned. “What are your favourite days?” She was hoping to stir the topic into presents and maybe get an idea about what to get Milk.

     “Oh, I don’t know.” Milk thought about the questions for a while before answering Cookie. “Any day spent with you is a good day!” Cookie smiled and thought it was a wonderful answer. A small idea was kindled in her head, which kept her awake. In the middle of the night she snuck out of bed and started to put the idea into practice. It was not long until the Day of Giving, but if she was quick, she would do it. Milk didn’t seem to notice anything the following day, so she kept working in the nights after he had fallen asleep.

     The days and nights passed quickly and soon it was the day before the day. The cosy cottage was decorated both inside and outside. The tree lit up and warmed both body and soul. The evening was spent as it always was spent, in front of the warm fireplace with the traditional Giving book. Milk read a page and Cookie read a page - like they always did. They knew almost every word by heart, but it was nice to sit together with the book shared between them.

     “It’s been a nice month,” Cookie said as they headed for bed.

     “Yes. It’s almost perfect,” Milk said. “The only thing missing is snow!” Cookie nodded. They always wished for snow on the day of Giving. It made the whole day feel extra special.

     According to the Neopian Times, no snow was reported to fall that night or the following days. However, as everyone knows, the night before the day is extra magical! So as Milk and Cookie drifted away to dreamland, the magic of the night started to work. First came tiny crystal-like snowflakes down and then after a while big fluffy candy-like snowflakes came falling down. It covered the ground like a wonderful big blanket. It continued snowing the whole night, so when Milk opened his eyes the following morning almost the whole window was covered in snow.

     Milk jumped out of bed and headed straight for the window to open it. Snow fell down on his paws and pyjamas. He ran to Cookie’s room and knocked on it. “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”

     A moment later, they were both dancing and jumping around the garden in their pyjamas. They had lots of fun in the snow, before they headed in for a nice hot cup of borovan to warm up.

     “Happy Giving!” Milk said and handed Cookie an oddly shaped present. Cookie ripped it open and in front of her was a loveberry shaped basket decorated with dried plants.

     “I hope you like it. I made it myself,” Milk said, while Cookie hugged him tightly. “You can use it when you go to the forest. Your current basket is a bit worn out. Isn’t it?!”

     “I love it!” she replied as she ran out towards her bedroom, where her present to him lay hidden in her closet.

     “Here. Open it!” she said, excited as she handed him a square present. “Happy Giving!” she added as she waited for him to open the present. Inside was a scrapbook filled with pictures.

     “I’ve added pictures of all our adventures together,” she explained. “I’ve added blank pages at end of the book for more pictures. So there is plenty of room for more adventures!” she said and winked at Milk.

     “It’s brilliant! I like it!” Milk smiled at Cookie. They spent some time looking at all the pictures and talking about all the fun things they had done and seen together. The rest of the Day of Giving was spent with good food and fun. It was a wonderful day, as it always was. “It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are together!” Milk always said. “It is good to have a best friend to share the fun with!“ Cookie would add.

     Happy Giving!

The End

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