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Eat Your Veggies!!

by incantationbella


Happy holidays, dear Neopian Times reader!! I'm here today to tell you about all the joys of scrumptious vegetables!!

What's that you say? You think that veggies are icky black holes or culinary torment??


You say veggies are only for vegetarians and Cybunnies????


Vegetables aren't just good for you, but when prepared properly they can be quite delicious! It's always a good idea to add at least five good sources of vegetables to your daily diet. Veggies give essential vitamins and minerals young pets need to grow, and older pets need to stay feeling great!!

Vegetables add a splash of color to any boring meal! They come in a variety of exciting hues: orange, red, green, purple, yellow, and so much more! Plus with Christmas right around the corner it's always a good idea to munch on some yummy veggies to give your poor tummy a break from all the sweets. Here are some of my personal favorite green treats that will leave your taste buds begging for more!


Even the pickiest little pets who would turn up their noses at the mere mention of the small tree-like vegetable would have to admit that this Broccoli Crepe is simply to die for! Fresh picked organic broccoli is drizzled in a light cheddar cheese sauce, then is wrapped inside an airy, fluffy crepe. The crepe is then cooked until it is golden brown. The broccoli crepe is perfect for an appetizer or the main dish at your next holiday party!


Fluffy golden pancakes piled on with slices of sautéed cabbage and drizzled with a super spicy blend of spices sent fresh from the Lost Desert. It may sound odd, but when you taste the hot dish it sends your mouth onto a culinary rollercoaster! This dish may be a bit too spicy for younger pets, but is perfect for any adventurous food connoisseur.


A perfect treat for a cold winter day! Steamed asparagus stalks nestled in bite-sized toast dumplings create a simply marvelous morning snack. The soft asparagus spears splendidly collide with the small shells of toast, creating a flavor sensation like no other! These tiny morsels are best fresh and served with warm hollandaise sauce. The perfect treat for your next brunch!


You don’t have to be a Cybunny to love this sandwich! A grilled patty made entirely of carrots is topped off with a piece of crunchy lettuce and placed on an adorable bunny bun! How cute! This filling treat is a much healthier alternative to normal hamburgers. It has half the calories and fat grams as regular hamburgers. Switching your normal fast food fetish for this yummy entrée will make your pet leaner and healthier in no time!


Whenever you feel weary, this delightful tomato soup will have you feeling instantly better! This is the Soup Faerie’s specialty, saved for rainy days for its instant powers of lightening one’s mood. Sweet tomato soup masterfully blended with seven perfectly picked herbs, then ladled and served into a simply precious smiling bowl! I recommend eating this joyful soup with crisp croutons, or a freshly toasted baguette. Also adding a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to the dish will result in a most pleasant outcome! So next time you are feeling down, opt for this soup as an instant pick-me-up!


This crunchy sandwich is a must have for any vegetarian’s lunch! Layers upon layers of crisp turnip slices snuggled in between two warm slices of whole grain bread, finished off with a light dijon mustard. A toothpick spearing a radish slice adds decoration to the purple treat. It goes perfectly with a bowl of Pita Chips!


These little green dumplings are a much healthier alternative to their deep-fried cousins! Diced carrots, broccoli, peas, and radish slices bundles up into fresh lettuce slices! A entree native to Shenkuu, it has become a favorite snack of pets from all corners of Neopia! It comes in a handy little wooden box which makes this the perfect healthy snack for an on-the-go Neopet!


Carrots, cucumber slices, radishes, tomatoes, and more skewered and grilled to enhance the natural flavor of these vegetables! This dish can be served many ways, such as on top of shrimp scampi, or to add a little color to your steak meal! It is the perfect side dish to serve at your next barbeque. Guests will appreciate the healthy alternative to greasier, fried, unhealthier alternatives. I highly recommend dipping the veggies in barbeque sauce. I know it sounds odd, but you have to trust me on this!


A favorite dish from the very heart of Tyrannia! Warm, slow roasted veggies in their most basic form! Cucumbers, carrots, green tomatoes, and some other more exotic vegetables native to the land sprinkled with a pinch of this, and a dash of that. How could something so simple be so amazing?! Though a word of advice, when dining in Tyrannia, never ask the chef about his or her culinary secrets. I attempted to uncover the mystery of the delightful spice blend that gives the Stone Roasted Vegetables their signature kick of flavor. I was then chased out of the restaurant by the cook who was screaming "Ugga, Ugga, Ugga, Ugg!!" By the tone of her voice, I realized I was not getting the spice secret.

There you have it! A list of delicious veggie dishes that will brighten up even the pickiest pet's day! Is your mouth watering yet?? Yes?? Then head right down to the healthy food store, load up the cart with all the veggies you can carry, and get onto the path to your new, healthier self!

Before you know it, you could be reaching for a Cybunny Carrot Burger, or perhaps a Steamed Vegetable Dumpling, instead of that old greasy fried food you used to eat three meals a day.

And you thought veggies were just for vegetarians!

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