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Paint Brush Polls: Faerie!

by kallykat_03


*You turn the corner to find yourself in the most beautiful garden you’ve ever seen. By some unknown magic, you seem to be walking on mist. Instead of soil, the plants are growing straight out of these cushy clouds. There is a sparkling fountain with a rainbow runway splitting the garden in half. There’s a flutter, a rush of wind against your face, and a blur of color across your vision. The Faerie pets have arrived!*

Faerieland just hasn’t been the same lately, what with all those fashionable faeries turned to stone. But never fear--you can lend a hand (and not just by completing plot steps or battling shadow wraiths either). By painting your pet Faerie, you can bring color and style back to Faerieland! In fact, with the recent release of the Faerie Lutari, all 54 Neopets species now have the opportunity to enjoy this magical color. Of course, you’ll want to know which Faerie pets are the most fabulous, and that’s where we can help. Over 200 users have voted and the top 10 pets are about to walk--ahem, fly--the runway.

It’s time to pull up a cloud and get ready to gaze upon Neopia’s favorite flying fashionistas!

#10--Peophin (385 points)

The versatile Faerie Peophin floats through the air just as easily as she floats through water, her long silvery-white mane flowing behind her in wind or waves. Her pale pink and purple gossamer wings (with a hint of gold) and light violet coat blend into the mist where sky and sea meet, and her silver face plate and hoof polish create a cohesive look. Flying or swimming, who can resist her grace and charm?

User Comment: “The lavender is soooo pretty! There’s a reason I have one as my avatar, you know!” --spacegem_101

#9--Ixi (405 points)

The tricky Ixi knows how to have a little fun, both in life and in wardrobe. This pet gives the impression of being a typical pale and pretty Faerie with her light purple coat and baby blue gossamer wings, but look again. A shot of blue in her extra long locks, pink veins and jagged edges to her wings, and twinkling bright blue eyes! This Faerie might wear the typical color palette, but it’s only a disguise to hide her playful nature.

User Comment: “Omg, luff ♥♥” --mainger2

#8--Techo (430 points)

The Faerie Techo, on the other hand, isn’t so subtle. She sports a lovely golden coat against a blue underbelly, a combination that’s sure to make her stand out in a crowd. But there’s more to her look than eye-catching colors--it’s the details that count with this pet. Her gorgeous, blue, speckled, segmented wings are unique (with only one other pet coming close, and that was a copycat, of course). And her matching antennae along with the bright blue spots and markings on her coat just scream Faerie.

User Comment: “The UC version looks so happy and carefree. It’s hard not to smile at him!” --frusie

#7--Eyrie (460 points)

As a flying pet even when unpainted, one might wonder how the Faerie Eyrie could possibly step it up enough to make it to the top ten. The answer is in the fur. I’m not just talking about the beautiful blend of colors either; on closer inspection, it looks like this Eyrie has had a hair appointment and added some subtle fluff and curl to her mane and face. That combined with her distinctive hue of purple and blue-green shades, her lightly-speckled blue and lilac wings, her plum-colored beak and eyes, and the purple blaze above her beak give her a lovely Faerie feel as well as aesthetic appeal.

User Comment: “Color palette = love.” --minnimagpie

#6--Grarrl (485 points)

While the Grarrl might not seem like a probable candidate for best-dressed when it comes to Faerie fashion, she certainly proves any naysayers wrong. As usual with Faerie pets, coat color plays a large role in defining her look. Her hot hues are the sunset colors of gold, orange, magenta, and purple. But despite the lovely faerie details of the feather-tipped tail, amorphous coat pattern, and curvy feelers, she won’t let anyone forget she’s still a Grarrl. With intimidating green and red eyes, spines along her jaw, two sharp horns atop her head, and powerful feathered wings (gossamer just wouldn’t carry her weight), she’s one Faerie no one would dare turn to stone!

User Comment: “The Faerie Grarrl has such beauty and gracefulness. Yet it has the feeling of any other Grarrl: ‘Don’t mess with me!’” --wockpurz

#5--Grundo (555 points)

What’s the only pet in Neopia that can successfully pull off blue and grey, star-studded wings? The Faerie Grundo, of course! Given her out-of-this-world origins, this one-of-a-kind look is perfect for her. Her midnight blue coat and lighter blue nails blend into her dark, cosmic wings, and her large sky blue eyes look like stars shining against her coat. The way she wears the outer space theme would make even the Space Faerie jealous!

User Comment: “I’m not normally a Grundo person, but I’ve gotta say the incredibly underused color scheme of midnight blues looks, in a word, amazing!” --lidbid833

#4--Draik (1360 points)

Another blue beauty, the Faerie Draik’s appearance is a cool combination of light blues and greens. Although she sticks to variations of two shades, she’s not at all dull to view. The markings on her coat provide the detail that’s so important to a finished Faerie fashion, not to mention the tiniest curl of the hair on her head. Her main attraction, however, is the large pair of wings sprouting from her back. Their wavy silhouette and paint-splatter pattern are the perfect addition to this lovely look.

User Comments: “The wings (generally the most undelicate part of a Draik) are perfectly spritely, and it still looks as though they can bear the Draik’s weight. Not to mention the colors remind me of winter turning to spring, instantly giving the Draik a seasonal look. Stunning, to say the least.” --fire_earth_aqua__77

“I've had to mentally decide for years what pet I would get if I could only have one Faerie pet ever. My choice tends to stand the test of time.” --butterfree765

#3--Pteri (1420 points)

The Faerie Pteri is a household name in Neopia. From almost the day of her release, there were users clamoring for one of these delicate beauties. Her color palette makes use of the same popular sunset hues as our sixth place pet--gold, orange, magenta, and purple--but in a somewhat less aggressive manner as the base color of her feathered coat is a soft gold. She sets herself apart from her fellow Pteris by adding tail feathers (one of her most stunning features), using multiple colors to tip her wing feathers, and adding a stripe and antenna-like feathers to the crest of her head. This feathered Faerie has long been an inspiration to Neopia and is sure to remain dear to users’ hearts for a long time to come.

User Comments: “Both the converted and unconverted are a feast for the eyes.” --kissy08

“Those tail feathers are the envy of everything that flies!” --animetriplicate

#2--Xweetok (1460 points)

Innocent and sweet as a Faerie can be but with a mischievous streak as well, the Faerie Xweetok’s style strategy is to go natural. With a simple tan coat, the usual black Xweetok stripes, and a forest green mane and tail-tip, her look is down-to-earth yet fitting. One can almost picture her flitting around her forest habitat on those simple transparent wings. But let’s not forget she too has her share of Faerie details that make her fashion unique such as the elegant black antennae on her head, the extra “antennae” on her wings, and the brown markings on her coat. Finally, her glistening cyan eyes (paired with the pale cyan of her inner ears) bring light to the look.

User Comments: “The wings are really unique, and its earthy tones remind us all that Faeries can be Faeries and not have to have bright colors.” --akatsukinekogrrl

“When you look at it, it will definitely tell you this neopet originates from a place of nature and treetops... Faerie Xweetoks seem like one of the prettiest, if not the best, of Xweetok colors...” --deargirl30

“It’s simple but sweet. ^^” --jamjar384

#1--Lenny (1570 points)

The top three pets in our poll were neck-in-neck for a while, but the Faerie Lenny pulled ahead in the end, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, there’s her exceptional color palette, cool but brilliant. Unlike our other feathered Faerie, the Faerie Lenny has chosen a sapphire blue base coat that’s sure to draw attention her way no matter where she flies. Her wings, three small tail feathers, and uniquely-styled feathered crest on her head are a royal purple with turquoise details, and her beak and legs are a paler purple that compliments the feathers perfectly. Of course, her distinctive style is made most clear by that gorgeous and impressive tail! With countless long, graceful feathers in shades of blue, green, and purple, it’s definitely the crowning jewel to her look. Fyora may be the queen of the faeries, but the Faerie Lenny is the queen of Faerie pets!

User Comments: “Has to be THE most beautiful pet ever created! Such perfection in its colouring and expression!” --obscuresimplicity

“I usually dislike Lennies, but there’s just something so alluring and beautiful about these. They aren’t like some Faerie pets, which just have wings stuck on...” --bigmac313

“[The design] was a stroke of pure genius. The cool color scheme really gives off a sense of elegance and even royalty...” --necey2357

“Faerie Lennies are the perfect combination between elegance and intelligence. Perfect pets!” --9stargirl

While every Faerie pet brings color and life to Neopia, these top ten just soar higher than the rest! Many thanks go out to all those who participated in the Faerie pet poll by voting and commenting. Feel free to enjoy a stroll through the Faerieland gardens while you’re here, just try not to knock over any statues you might come across. Also, don’t forget to fly by Serbris’s petpage to vote in the next Paint Brush Polls.

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