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The Games Master Challenge: Total Domination

by xilimirg


GAMESROOM - Okay, let me set the scene. It was a cold, dark, and rainy November. All of Neopia was casually sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen, a challenge you could say. Out of the dark, came an odd looking guy... Okay, really, it was just some super gamer guy that is pretty good at games (redundant, I know). Older Neopians all know who I am talking about. That guy is Aristotle A. Avinroo, better known as AAA. He strikes fear in the eyes of non-game savvy Neopians, but can be laughed at by those with full trophy cabinets. AAA is a gamer, all right, and he doesn’t mess around. Nothing gets in the way of a good game, and no Neopian is going to tell him they are better than he is. Anyway, enough about this AAA guy; let me give you some tips for mastering the Games Master Challenge.

Here is some background information. In the past and most recently, the Games Master Challenge (GMC) has been split up into several challenges that last about a week. There are new challenges daily, and prizes are rewarded for each challenge. Obviously, you want to complete as many challenges as you can to get the most prizes, and also to get the cool looking trophy. Don’t worry, these challenges shouldn’t take you all day, but there is a possibility that you will get stuck on a challenge, and the really determined Neopians may spend several hours trying to complete it (See 2009, Barf Boat, Meepit Juice Break). Here are some handy tips to making the best of this year’s GMC.

1. Get in a routine – Figure out what time works for you that will allow you to sit down for a while and complete the challenges. For me, I get frustrated when I have to break the challenges up throughout the day in fear that something will come up (like Meepits taking over your screen), and I won’t be able to complete the challenges. Get some coffee, throw some tunes on, and begin the day’s challenges.

2. Do the easy ones first! – If you notice a challenge that you can probably do pretty quickly, go ahead and do those first. This will allow you to spend more consecutive time working on the harder challenges that day. Also, why not? Why not just get them out of the way so you know you have at least part of the challenges done? This will better your chances at maximizing your score if you are unable to complete all the challenges.

3. Be patient! –There are times when you will not know which game or game score will allow you to complete the challenges. Look around the boards and see if someone has figured out the game score/game. If you have the time, by all means go ahead and snoop around to see if you can figure it out on your own, but asking for a little help never hurt! Also, there may be some glitches throughout the week, so please be patient with TNT, they will work to fix the problem (e.g. duplicate prizes, scores not sending, etc.).

4. Practice ahead of time – Go down your high scores list and see which game scores you could improve. The last thing you would want is there to be a challenge where you have to score 1500+ in Destruct-O-Match III, and the highest score you have ever gotten is 267! Get ready for some crazy challenges and make sure you don’t get caught being completely unprepared.

5. AAA focuses on flash games – AAA may tell you that he is the master of ALL games, but typically the focus is on Flash Games. Sorry, Cheat! and Pyramids lovers, you won’t see these types of games in the GMC. Don’t get me wrong; these games are great to play, but I don’t think it will help you defeat AAA’s challenges.

6. Relax and don’t stress out! – They want me to score what?! There is no way I will ever get that score! Are you kidding me? Is this some sick joke? Okay, maybe a bit of an overreaction, but you get the point. If you realize that you are not very good at a game, and the score is pretty high in your book, take a step back and don’t panic. *siren* May I have your attention please. Do not panic. There are many guides to games out there that you can read and get useful information out of. Once again, please do not panic *end siren* Okay, really, don’t panic and get frustrated. The more you tell yourself you are never going to get that X3 in Destruct-O-Match III, you’re probably right! Take a break (not too long of a break, you don’t want to run the day away) and step away from the game. Go on to another challenge, or if it’s the last one, go restock or play some games that aren’t affiliated with the GMC.

7. I now introduce to you, Lulu – Lulu is AAA’s cousin. The great part about Lulu being part of the challenge is that she is not a huge gamer like AAA, but loves to collect NC (Neocash) items. If you have access to the NC Mall or have some spare Neocash lying around, I would seriously look into completing Lulu’s challenges. She offers some very unique and fun prizes that aren’t available without NC. Like I said before, these challenges are not as difficult, but can still take some time, and if you are a NC collector like I am, this is a great opportunity to get some one of a kind items.

8. Domination! – I guess this isn’t really a tip, just a motivational piece. Go for the gold! Shoot for the stars! Hooray! *insert catchy motivational phrase here!* In my opinion, the best way to complete all of the challenges is to set goals for yourself. Look at that magic number and tell yourself you are going to defeat them all. Go in there with a positive attitude. AAA will try and tear you down, but don’t listen to him. You know you are good at these games, you know you have practiced, so go out and conquer those challenges!

I hope this article helps smooth your GMC experience a bit. The GMC can be a stressful time or a really fun time. It all depends on what you make of it (like most things in Neopia). Don’t get too frustrated, and let the games begin!

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